The convenient Bride

Chapter 402: Remember We're Still Here

"Sachin." Rosiley walked to Sachin and looked up at him, “Are you finished?"

Sachin looked at Juliet and Yayoi and nodded, "Yes, we're done."

“Where is Maddox?" she looked over his shoulder at the ward and frowned.

"Grandfather is talking to him.” Payton replied. He looked at Yayoi with a trace of pity. "The situation
may not be good.

You'd be prepared.”

“What do you mean?"

Juliet pinched his arm discontentedly. Payton exclaimed in pain and quickly explained, "The doctor said
that Grandfather's

condition is not very good. He may not have much time left.”

Juliet was stunned, “How could it be?”

None of them had expected that it would be so serious.

Rosiley looked worriedly at the silent Yayoi and asked Payton, "Did grandfather say anything?"

"He said..." Payton glanced at Yayoi with some hesitation. "He wants..."

This got on Juliet's nerves. "Just say it!" She said.

Payton gritted his teeth and said, "Grandpa wants to see Maddox and Wendy get married while he's
still alive."

All of them fell into a deathly silence at this.

After a while, Juliet cursed and said indignantly, "Doesn't he go too far? How could he threaten his
grandson like this? Is his grandson's happiness less important than that so-called promise?"

Payton shrugged helplessly, "Unfortunately, Grandfather thinks highly of friendship and promise.”

Rosiley frowned, "Sachin, is there nothing we can do?"

Sachin looked at her apologetically. "Rosiley, there were some things that we couldn't control. I can't
say anything in this


"But....” Rosiley bit her lip, unwilling to let things go like this.

Everyone fell into silence again with a heavy heart, except Yayoi. She chuckled softly.

The others turned to look at her.


Rosiley and Juliet looked at her with concern.

Yayoi stared at the closed hospital door. She was only one door away from Maddox, but at this
moment, she felt he was so far away.

She put on a faint smile and mumbled, "It’s not a good ending after all."

"Yayoi, don't think like that. As long as it isn't settled, everything could change." Rosiley walked over to
hug her shoulder

and comforted her.

"That's right. That's only what Old Master Shen said. Maddox didn't agree." Juliet agreed.

Yayoi smiled bitterly and lowered her head. He was Maddox's grandfather, his closest relative. Was he
going to do that for her?

They loved each other, but if the love would harm their family, she would rather give it up. Because she
did not want him to carry the unfilial stigma and spend the rest of his life regretting it.

Maddox didn't look good when he came out of the ward.

"Maddox." Rosiley looked at him worriedly.

Maddox forced a smile. Then, his gaze fell on Yayoi, who had her head lowered. There was a
complicated emotion in his eyes.

He softly said, "Yayoi."

Yayoi knew that he had come out, but she did not dare to look up at him, fearing that the moment she
saw him, she would

burst into tears.

Just hearing his gentle voice, she felt her throat tighten with sadness. Her beautiful lips twitched in a
forced smile. "Yes, I'm here."

"Sachin, Rosiley, I want to bring Yayoi home first." Maddox turned to look at the couple.

Rosiley knew that they were going to talk about this. She nodded and said, "You guys go home first.
We'll go home later."

Maddox held Yayoi's hand and took her to the elevator.

"Maddox." Rosiley suddenly called.

Seeing Maddox and Yayoi turned around, she continued, "Maddox, no matter what happens,
remember that we are here for you."

A sincere smile gradually appeared on Maddox's face. He was touched by her words.

Then he tightened his grip on Yayoi's hand and strode forward with a faint smile.

Rosiley's words were like a warm spring breeze that blew past his heart that was filled with haze. In an
instant, the haze

dissipated. He knew what he should do.

Watching them walk into the elevator, Rosiley pursed her lips and looked back at Sachin. "Sachin, do I
need to go in and visit Grandpa?"

"Do you want to go in?" Sachin asked.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "As a courtesy, since I'm here, I should visit him."

Sachin smiled, "Then let's go in together."

Rosiley nodded and turned to look at Juliet. "Juliet, do you want to come with me?"

Juliet shook her head like mad and refused, "No. Hell, no.”

She and Payton were only dating. She didn't prepare to see his family. And she did not want to meet
the Shens.

Payton hugged Juliet close and said with a smile, "Rosiley, forgive us. Juliet and I will also go back


Since Juliet was not willing to go in, they wouldn't force her.

Rosiley followed Sachin into the ward.

Apart from Wendy and Edith who she had met before, there was Old Master Shen and Maddox's elder
brother Matt.

Old Master Shen sat against the pillow. His hair was white and his face was covered with wrinkles. His
deep-set bright eyes

showed that he was in good spirits.

Edith was surprised when she saw Sachin bringing Rosiley in. But she quickly calmed down, looking at
Rosiley quietly.

Matt was confused to see his cousin Sachin bring a woman in and asked, "Sachin, who is she?"

"This is my wife, Rosiley.” Sachin glanced at him without any emotions.

Edith and Matt were both shocked at his answer.

Heavens! The stone-cold Sachin was actually married?!

Wendy, who was sitting beside the bed, was also shocked. She never thought that Yayoi's friend would
be Sachin's wife.

"When did you get married, Sachin?” Old Master Shen was surprised instead.

When facing his grandfather, Sachin's indifferent expression became gentle. "It has been a while. I
forgot to tell you about this. I'd like to take this opportunity and bring Rosiley over to visit you."

Old Master Shen looked at Rosiley, who was beside Sachin and revealed a satisfied smile. "What a
beautiful girl. No wonder

you liked her and even married her.”