The convenient Bride

Chapter 403: Get Her Out of Here

Old Master Shen wasn't a serious old man as Rosiley had imagined. To her surprise, he looked gentle
and benevolent.

Rosiley couldn't understand why such a kind person would be so cruel to his grandson.

She walked up and greeted him, “Grandpa.”

Old Master Shen smiled from ear to ear, "Come here, girl. Let me take a look."

Following his words, Rosiley walked over. The old man looked at her appearance carefully. The more
he looked at her, the

more he liked her.

He looked up at Sachin and said, "Sachin, the girl has wonderful facial features. You two are perfect

Old Master Shen was always worried that his always cold grandson would be a celibatarian. But now, it
seemed he had met

the one.

Sachin walked over and held Rosiley’s hand. He smiled and teased the old man, "Grandfather, when
did you become an

expert on Physiognomy?”"

Old Master Shen squinted at him, "Grandpa knew nothing about Physiognomy. But I have lived for so
many years, I have my

way to judge people's character. For example...."

He frowned and thought, "Maddox's girlfriend, the Song girl...What's her name again? Never mind. She
looked petty,

completely unsuitable for Maddox."

Hearing this, Rosiley frowned. Just as she was about to speak up to defend her friend, her hand was
suddenly squeezed.

She turned to look at the man beside her and saw him shaking his head gently.

She bit her lip and swallowed the words.

"Grandfather, isn't it too hasty to give such an evaluation just by looking at the appearance?” Sachin
asked seriously.

The old man snorted coldly, "Without a good appearance, how could she has a better character?”

This was simply looking down on Yayoi. Rosiley couldn't bear it and asked, "Do you know Maddox's

She stared at Old Master Shen, wondering how he could say such hurtful words without knowing about
the person.

"Rosiley, I don't need to know Maddox's girlfriend, nor do I want to know.’

Rosiley sneered, "If you don't want to know about Maddox's girlfriend, then what makes you say that
she's a petty girl? How

can you say that she's not good inside?”

"How could you speak with such an attitude?” Matt let out a dissatisfied voice.

"Are you questioning me now?" Old Master Shen frowned.

"No, I'm just asking.” Rosiley looked at him calmly.

Sachin remained silent. He looked at Rosiley quietly and believed that she could deal with his

"You are just asking me?” Old Master Shen laughed, then stared at her sharply, "What is your
relationship with Maddox's


"She is my friend." Rosiley replied.

Old Master Shen nodded, "I see. So, you want to be a lobbyist?"

"No, I just want to ask some questions."

“If your question is about that woman, then you don't have to ask me.” Old Master Shen didn't want to
talk about it anymore

and said, "Sachin, you guys can go home. I'm tired, and I need to rest."

How could Rosiley let this go? She had to do something for Yayoi today.

She took a deep breath and said directly, "Sir, you should try to get to know Yayoi. You will find that she
is a very good girl.

To be honest, she is really a beautiful, filial and kind girl.”

"I can judge how she is by myself. There's no need for you to say.” The old man was a little angry.

Rosiley didn't feel the slightest bit afraid. "Grandpa, you have to get close to someone before you know
they are good or

bad. How can you tell her character by just looking at her?"

"Sachin, get her out of here!" Old Master Shen completely lost the joy he had when he first saw

Sachin frowned slightly and said on Rosiley's behalf, "Grandfather, Rosiley was right. Maddox is a
grown man. He has the right to choose his own life, so I hope Grandfather can think about it.”

Then he turned to Rosiley and said, "Rosiley, let's go.”

Rosiley knew that the old man was stubborn, and she might not be able to convince him for a while.

“We're going back." Rosiley politely nodded to the sulky old man before leaving with Sachin.

After they left, Wendy, who had been quiet the entire time, said, "Grandfather, don't be angry. Sachin
and Rosiley didn't mean to say such things."

Old Master Shen looked sullen, “They said it on purpose. They are trying to piss me off.”

"Grandpa, you know that Maddox has been close to Sachin since he was young. He must have asked
Sachin to persuade you." Matt analyzed.

Old Master Shen snorted heavily, "That brat knows that only Sachin can persuade me.”

Hearing this, Wendy became anxious, "Grandfather, what you mean by this is.... Are you going to listen
to Sachin and Rosiley?”

Old Master Shen saw that she was panicking and laughed, "Wendy, don't worry. Grandpa isn't that old
yet. How could I listen to them?"

Wendy heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

"Grandfather, do you think Maddox will compromise this time?" Matt asked.

"He has no choice but to compromise unless he really wants to see me die from anger.”

This time, Old Master Shen was determined to let that brat Maddox marry Wendy.

"Grandpa is really stubborn.” Rosiley sighed helplessly and turned to look at the scenery flashing past
the car window. A faint worry lingered between her eyebrows.

"If it was something else, there might be room for change, but this is about Maddox and Wendy's
marriage. I'm afraid it's hard to convince him." Sachin was also somewhat helpless.

Rosiley turned to look at him, "What should we do now? Do Maddox and Yayoi have to break up with
each other?"

Maddox and Yayoi had already registered their marriage and even had a child now. The happy life is
around the corner.

How could such a wretched trouble not be resolved smoothly?

“There might be another way." As matters stood, Sachin could only say this.

Rosiley heavily sighed, "I'm afraid Yayoi won't be able to wait.”

Yayoi had already thought of breaking up with Maddox, so she might really bring it up.

In this way, things would become even more complicated.

"Then you need to persuade her. As long as they firmly stay together, I believe Grandfather can't really
tear them apart.”

Sachin wanted to take this risk. He believed that grandfather he knew would not be so stubborn as to
be unreasonable. There

would always be a day when his heart would soften.

“Alright.” Rosiley sighed again.