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Chapter 404: Frame

When it rains, it pours. Yayoi's trouble had not been resolved, Juliet got a problem.

Mr. Elton was taken away by the Discipline Inspection Team because of corruption and bribery. Rosiley
was shocked when

she heard this. In her mind, Mr. Elton was an integrated person. How could he do such a thing?

When Rosiley arrived at the Elton Villa, Juliet was comforting her crying mom.

"Mom, Dad is not that kind of person. I believe he will be home soon."

Juliet did not believe that her father would contravene his principles, let alone in the anti-corruption

"Juliet... if your father..." Mrs. Elton cried so hard that she couldn't finish her words.

"Mom, don't think too much about it. Believe Dad. He'll be back soon." Juliet patted her mother's back
and held her in her


Seeing that Mrs. Elton was so sad, Rosiley felt sorry for her. She walked over and called softly, "Mrs.
Elton, Juliet."

Juliet and Mrs. Elton looked up at her.

“Rosiley.” Juliet forced a smile at Rosiley.

Mrs. Elton wiped her tears and managed a smile. “Hello, Rosiley.”

Rosiley felt terrible for them.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Elton and Juliet. Mr. Elton will definitely come back safely." Rosiley knew that this
kind of consolation

seemed pale and powerless, but at this moment, she could not say anything else.

Juliet stared at Rosiley for a while, then turned to her mother and said softly, "Mom, I have something
to talk to Rosiley. I'll

be right back."

Mrs. Elton nodded, "Well, you girls go."

Rosiley looked at Juliet doubtfully and saw Juliet getting up and pulling her towards the backyard.

When they reached the backyard, Juliet released her hand and turned her back to Rosiley.

“Juliet, anything you want to say to me?" Rosiley asked.

"Rosiley..." Juliet turned around and looked at her with a hesitant expression.

"Juliet, is there anything you can't say between us?” Rosiley smiled.

Juliet took a deep breath and said, "Rosiley, can you ask Mr. Sachin to help my father?"

It turned out that it was because of this that she found it so difficult to speak.

Rosiley smiled and said, "Juliet, after I knew the thing, I had asked Sachin to help investigate what
happened to Mr. Elton."

Rosiley shook her head, "Don’t mention it. Mr. and Mrs. Elton treat me so well, I should do something
for them."

Juliet looked at her with tears in her eyes. This was the friendship between their three. No matter who it
was, the other two

would always do their best to help.

"So..." Rosiley held her hand tightly and gave her a relieved smile. "Don't worry, I believe Mr. Elton will
definitely not do that

kind of thing. We're gonna clear his name."

Juliet nodded, tears streaming down her face.

Rosiley's eyes also went wet. She wiped away Juliet’s tears and said helplessly, "Silly, you are the
strongest of the three of

us. Why are you crying?"

"Rosiley" Juliet threw herself into her embrace, crying so hard that she could not help herself.

Juliet was afraid that her anxious mother would feel worse. So she had been forcefully suppressing her
own sadness.

Right now, in front of the concerned Rosiley, she couldn't help crying.

Rosiley gently patted her back. She didn't say much but quietly stayed by her side.

"Father still took action.”

After Sachin heard Lane's report, a serious expression appeared on his handsome face.

It was strange that Juliet's father was suddenly prosecuted for being corrupt and bribed anonymously.

When Rosiley asked him to look into it, he immediately asked Lane to investigate.

And this investigation proved his assumption.

"What should we do now?" Lane's expression was also somewhat grave. He was clear about how
complicated the Lu

family's situation was. He was also clear why Mr. Benson took action against the Eltons this time. He
wanted to use Mr. Payton to restrain Mr. Sachin.

Sachin's eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a trace of sharpness. "He went too far. Does he think that he
can do anything he

wants in Benin City like in the Capital?"

Sachin laughed coldly. Then he looked at Lane, "Go and visit Juliet's father."

Lane nodded, "Alright, I'll go now."

The anonymous informant needed evidence to prosecute Mr. Elton. So where was the evidence?

The Discipline Inspection Team moved even faster than Sachin. They took Mr. Elton away and
interrogated him. Mr. Elton

insisted that he did not take bribes and they had arrested the wrong person.

Therefore, they applied for a search warrant and conducted a thorough search of the Elton Villa.

A lot of cash was found, all bundled up in a bundle, a total of which was at least 10 million.

The cash was piled on the coffee table in the living room. When Juliet and Mrs. Elton saw the pile of
cash, they were

completely shocked.

They never thought that there were such a large amount of cash in their house.

Rosiley looked at the pile of cash with a solemn expression. Could it be that Mr. Elton was really
embezzled? Did they

believe the wrong person?

If Mr. Elton really took advantage of his position to take bribes, then no one would be able to save him.

"This is not our money.” Mrs. Elton reacted and shouted at the people from the Discipline Inspection
Team, "We don't have

so much money. You framed us."

"If it's not your money, whose money is it? This was found here.”

The leader of the discipline inspection team coldly leered at Mrs. Elton and said to his team, "Take a
picture, and ask

someone over to count the numbers.”

Then, he said to Mrs. Elton, "Mr. Elton can't escape this time. You'd better be prepared.”

Mrs. Elton was dumbfounded and nearly fainted. Fortunately, Juliet and Rosiley supported her in time.

They helped Mrs. Elton sit on the sofa. Seeing her mother in a daze, Juliet didn't care about her own
feelings. She held her

mother's cold hand tightly as she turned to the people from the discipline inspection team and said, "My
father has been in power for so many years and always does his best. Everyone in Benin can see that.
If he is really corrupt, I have nothing to say. But if not, please clear his name.”

Juliet knew her father. He was an honest and respectable person and could never do such a thing.

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