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Chapter 399: Marriage Registration

After a long wait, Mr. Song finally spoke.

"Maddox, Yayoi is still a little girl."

Mr. Song's words suddenly struck Maddox that Mr. Song was loath to part with his daughter.

So, he patted his chest and promised, "Mr. Song, don't worry. I will be good to Yayoi for the rest of my

“Everyone will say nice things.” Mr. Song glanced at him coldly. "Vito said the same thing before. But in
the end, he hurt Yayoi. So, such a promise is meaningless."

Maddox was silent.

Mr. Song sighed and continued, "How time flies! When Yayoi was born, she was just a little baby. Now
she is going to be a

mother. As her father, I feel so wistful.”

Mr. Song's tone was filled with reluctance and affection for his daughter.

Maddox was moved and said with a slight smile, "Mr. Song, I will love Yayoi as much as you do. I will
never let her suffer.”

His sincerity pleased Mr. Song. Mr. Song finally laughed, "Maddox, I believe that you will do what you
said. So..."

Pausing for a moment, Mr. Song continued, "My greatest wish is that you guys will be happy all your

After he got Mr. Song's blessing, a smile brightened Maddox's handsome face, "Thank you, Mr. Song."

"You still call me Mr. Song?" Mr. Song squinted up at him.

Maddox immediately reacted and called out happily, "Dad."

Mr. Song smiled with satisfaction. He believed that Maddox could give his daughter happiness.

Although it wasn't a special festival, there were still many people who registered for marriage. Maddox
had used his

connections, so that they didn't have to queue up. After taking photos, they directly filled in the
information. After asking about their wishes, the staff began to enter the information and print the
marriage certificate.

The staff stamped the marriage certificate. Maddox and Yayoi looked at each other and smiled. Their
faces beamed with happy and sweet smiles.

They were married. They were legal couple from now on.

"Congratulations." The staff handed them two marriage certificates.

Yayoi did not know how she got out of the city hall. It felt like she was stepping on the clouds.
Everything was so unreal and it

was like a dream.

Sitting in the car, Yayoi opened the marriage certificate and looked at the photo on it. In the photo, their
heads were almost

leaning together, and there were smiling with undisguised happiness.

Maddox leaned over and said proudly, "Look, we're a perfect match!"

Hearing this, Yayoi couldn't help but laugh. She turned around and was about to complain that he was
too narcissistic.

But just as she turned her head, he kissed her on the lips. He raised his hand to clasp the back of her
head, deepening the kiss.

The atmosphere in the car gradually became ambiguous as they kissed each other.

Suddenly, the telephone shrilled, breaking the atmosphere.

Maddox did not want to leave her soft lips. But the bell kept ringing. He had no choice but to mutter a
curse and let go of Yayoi.

Then, he took his phone. He paused when he saw the call reminder.

Yayoi raised her hand and ran it through her disheveled hair. Seeing that he didn't answer the phone,
she asked curiously,

"Maddox, why don't you answer it?”

Maddox recovered form astonishment and smiled at her, "It's Matt.”

With that, he answered the phone.

When Yayoi heard that it was Matt, she was nervous. No one in the Shen family agreed to Maddox
being with her. Matt should also call for this.

She quietly watched as Maddox answered the phone. Maddox did not say anything. Yayoi did not know
what Matt said. But

Maddox's expression got serious. She felt a little nervous and uneasy.

Maddox hung up, hesitated for a moment, and then turned to Yayoi and said, "Grandpa is hospitalized."

Yayoi was shocked, "How did this happen?"

"It is said that he heard that I was going to get married. He was so angry that he fainted.”

"How could this be?" Yayoi panicked. If it was really because of their marriage that the old man fainted,
she would never feel at ease forever once something happened to him.

Maddox was also in a disturbed state of mind now. He had been determined to marry Yayoi. So, he did
not think about his

family's feelings. But just now, Matt angrily scolded him on the phone and said that his grandfather was
in bad condition.

Was this God's punishment for his insistence?

"I'll go with you to the hospital.” Seeing that he was guilty, Yayoi gently held his hand and said in a soft

Maddox looked up at her and forced a smile, "Yayoi, I'm sorry. I had intended to take you to celebrate
our registration. But


Yayoi shook her head. "It's OK. Grandpa is more important. We have plenty of opportunities to

Maddox caressed her cheek and said, "Thank you."

Yayoi smiled gently. But when Maddox turned to start the car, her smile faded away. She turned to gaze
pensively through

the window.

She didn't know if anything else would happen on this trip to the hospital.

But she had to face it sooner or later.

Old Master Shen was so angry that he was hospitalized. Not only Matt and his wife were in the
hospital, but Sachin and Payton were also there.

When Maddox saw them, he was surprised. "Sachin, you guys are here too.’

Sachin nodded and glanced at Yayoi, who was beside him. It was uneasy to tell from his face what he
was thinking.

"Brat!" Matt rushed forward and punched Maddox.

"Matt!" Edith cried out in surprise. It was already too late to stop him.

Maddox didn't dodge and took the punch.

Yayoi put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She looked at Maddox with pity,
who was cocked his head to one side.

When Matt raised his hand and was about to punch Maddox again, Sachin warded him off and looked
at him sharply, "Matt, it's enough."

Sachin was the oldest among his peers. So, everyone was somewhat afraid of him.

After he said that, Matt withdrew his hand in embarrassment. But he still pointed at Maddox and
scolded, “Brat, if it were not for Sachin's words, I would have whacked you today."

"Maddox, how are you?" Yayoi stepped forward and saw his swollen cheeks. She felt so distressed that
the rims of her eyes were red.

Maddox smiled, trying to placate her, and whispered, "I'm fine. Don't worry.’

How could he be fine with his face swollen like that??

Yayoi raised her hand and caressed his wounds. Maddox gasped in pain and his expression changed,
which scared Yayoi.

She quickly withdrew her hand and tears pulled down her cheeks.

Maddox quickly comforted, "Yayoi, I'm fine. Don't cry."

However, Yayoi could not hold back her tears at all. She did not know whether she was crying because
Maddox was beaten or because their relationship was not supported by his family.

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