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Chapter 408: The Reason Wasn't So Simple

Yayoi chuckled softly when Wendy mentioned Maddox's grandfather pretending to be sick and said,
"Miss Wendy, no matter what the case is, you have deceived Maddox. It is normal for him to be so

"I know," Wendy said anxiously, "I understand that Maddox should be angry, but Grandpa also knows
that he is wrong. They are family, so how can there be any everlasting enmity between them?"

Seeing how anxious she was, Yayoi pursed her lips, pondered for a moment, and said, "Alright, I will
persuade Maddox to go see his Grandpa."

Seeing that she agreed, Wendy's face was filled with joy as she thanked him gratefully. "Thank you,
Miss Song. Thank you...."

"Don't thank me," Yayoi waved her hand and said, "I will try to persuade him, but I can't guarantee

Wendy said, "It's okay. I know Maddox will definitely value your advice."

Yayoi smiled and did not say anything else.


When Yayoi told Maddox that Wendy came to meet her, he was shocked. He grabbed her shoulder and
asked anxiously, "Did she do anything to you?"

Yayoi said helplessly, "Can you let me finish?"

"Go ahead."

"She just asked me to persuade you to visit Grandpa. I heard that Grandpa can't even eat for a few

After saying that, Yayoi looked at him calmly and saw that his expression was obviously uneasy. Then,
he relaxed his grip and said indifferently, "That's none of my business."

Although he seemed to be indifferent, Yayoi knew that his grandfather was more important to him than
his parents.

Thus, she stepped forward and gently said to him, "Maddox, pretending to be sick was his fault, but he
did it for your good. And he does love you very much...."

"Love me?" Maddox interrupted her and turned to look at her with a mocking smile, saying, "He wasn't
doing it for my good. He just wanted to satisfy his own selfishness."

Yayoi gently stared at him for a while and said, "Maddox, Grandpa is old. He can't eat for a few days
and his body will collapse sooner or later. Are you really willing to see your loved ones hurt?"

Maddox pouted and remained silent.

Seeing this, Yayoi continued, "Grandpa is just a stubborn old man. He is principled, but you can
bargain, and there are many things that can be discussed. Grandpa really loves you, and he has seen
your determination and attitude. I believe if you go talk to him, he will compromise."

Maddox looked at her earnest expression and asked, "Don't you hate him?"

"I don't hate him. He's your grandfather, and he's also my grandfather. So, I won't hate him." Yayoi

She could help Wendy to persuade him, and she could also be so generous to say that she did not
hate him. She had always been so kind, which was the reason why he loved her so much.

He gently hugged her, stroked her soft hair with his palm, and said softly, "I will go see Grandpa."

Yayoi slowly curved her lips, with her eyes filled with affections.


Because of her father's case, Juliet was not in the mood to go to work. She asked her father's
colleagues for help but was euphemistically rejected.

She couldn't help but feel that the interpersonal relationships were too weak. When a man was rich and
powerful, everyone would curry favor with him. However, when something bad happened to him, no
one would come to help.

Juliet was especially irritated as she was rejected again today. She directly grabbed the beer on the bar
counter and took a swig of it.

The cold liquor slid down her throat and into her stomach, causing her to feel burning. She frowned and
felt extremely uncomfortable.

However, at the same time, she felt an inexplicable sense of pleasure.

Then, she raised her head and drink it again.

She wished she could get drunk and wake up to find that everything was just a dream.

Her father was not taken away, and her family was still perfect.

Thinking of her father and those who were unwilling to help, she couldn't help but feel angrier. And she
kept drinking until she became totally unconscious.

When Payton received the phone call from the bar, his face was filled with shock. However, after
hearing what they had told him, his expression instantly went gloomy.

How could she come here and drink at this point of time?

As soon as he walked into the bar, he saw her lying on the bar counter. He frowned and quickly walked

She closed her eyes and frowned, looking particularly uncomfortable.

After seeing her, the anger in his heart gradually subsided and turned into a long sigh.

"Why are you so drunk?" He muttered as he helped her up.

However, she was so drunk that she couldn't stand up. He could only carry her and walk steadily
towards the exit of the bar.

He gently put her on the soft bed, then turned around and walked into the bathroom. When he came
out, he had a twisted towel in his hand.

He used the soft and warm towel to gently wipe every corner of her face. His eyes were filled with
affections as he looked at her.

"Idiot, why didn't you come to meet me when you were in a bad mood. It's dangerous to drink alone."
His gentle tone was with a trace of dissatisfaction.

Her father's case had dealt her a great blow, and now they had no evidence to exonerate him.

And things didn't go well with Sachin. Lane told him that many people were unwilling to get involved in
this mess, which made it even more troublesome.

He thought that someone was intentionally retaliating against Mr. Elton, but now, it seemed that the
reason was not so simple.

If someone set Mr. Elton up on purpose, then this person's power should not be small.

Who on earth could make Sachin feel helpless?

In an instant, a person's name popped up in his mind. His hand stopped moving, and his pupils slowly
dilated. He couldn't believe it.

There was no one else but that person who could cause such a difficulty for Sachin.

That person was their father, Benson.

Other than him, Payton couldn't think of anyone else.

Payton frowned, with his eyes filled with doubt. Why did his father do this?

He remembered that Benson had asked him to return to the capital, but he refused. Moreover, Sachin
and Rosiley had said that their father intentionally wanted to control him to restrain Sachin.

So, was Mr. Elton's case the first step in his plan?

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