The convenient Bride

Chapter 411 Why Should I Forgive Him

Juliet cried and ran out of the company. The people who knew her were all surprised and confused.

But soon it got back to Rosiley.

Juliet cried?

Rosiley frowned. Off the top of her head, she thought it was because of Payton.

But Juliet avoided her calls several times.

She realized that something was wrong and hurriedly went upstairs to ask Payton what was going on.

When the elevator reached the floor where the general manager's office was on, the door opened and
she saw a woman waiting for the elevator.

Her eyebrows knitted together in a little frown. Then she slowly walked out of the elevator, her eyes
fixed on that woman.

The woman smiled at Rosiley and strode into the elevator. Then she reached out to push the button.
The door slowly closed, blocking Rosiley's view.

Rosiley stood in front of the elevator and stared thoughtfully at the closed door.

Payton walked out of the office and saw Rosiley. He frowned and walked over.

"Rosiley, what are you doing?" Payton asked.

Hearing this, Rosiley turned her head and asked pointedly, "Who was that woman?"

Stunned for a moment, Payton realized why she asked that, so he smiled, "A friend."

Friend? Rosiley slightly raised her eyebrows and asked, "Did Juliet come to you just now?"


"Did she also see that woman?"


Rosiley narrowed her eyes and gave him a sharp look. "Payton, is there something going on between
you two?"

Payton fell silent.

Rosiley suddenly widened her eyes and exclaimed, "Payton, don't scare me like this!"

Payton smiled and apologized, "Rosiley, sorry I let you down."

His apology caused her desperate. She was lost for words.

The Payton she knew was a one-woman man, so she did not believe that he would cheat on Juliet.

"Payton, look into my eyes and tell me if you have anything to do with that woman."

Payton laughed, "Rosiley, what's the point?"

"Cut the crap. Just tell me." Rosiley rolled her eyes at him in displeasure.

Her eyes were clear and vivacious as if she could see through anyone. Payton was afraid that he
would be seen through because of guilt.

He smiled, "Rosiley, no need. I didn't lie."

Rosiley stared fixedly at him. After a long time, she asked, "Have you returned to the Lu's?"

Payton nodded, "Yes."

"Then you already know?"


Rosiley stared at him for a while and then said, "I'm sorry, Payton. It is between me and Sachin, but
you and Juliet got in trouble."

Payton smiled, "Rosiley, you don't have to apologize. I don't think of it as a bother. This is what I should
suffer as a Lu."

"So, you compromised?" Rosiley asked tentatively.

Payton smiled and remained silent.

There was bitterness and helplessness in his smile. Rosiley understood his position, but she could only
sigh, "Payton, your compromise will not change anything but only make your father go further and
reduce your brother to a more difficult position."

Rosiley understood that he was doing this for Juliet, but he was too impulsive. He didn't even discuss it
with her or Sachin.

And, of course, his father would be pleased.

As he realized what was happening, Payton panicked. "Rosiley, I ... I have no choice."

Rosiley smiled comfort to him. "I understand your feelings. I don't blame you."

He did it already. It was too late even if she criticized him.

It should be a priority to tell Sachin about it so that he would be prepared for what might happen next.


Rosiley couldn't reach Juliet on her phone, so she went to the Elton's.

When the servants saw Rosiley, they were so excited as if she was a lifesaver. They said anxiously,
"Miss Rosiley, go upstairs to see Miss Elton. She locked herself in her room as soon as she came
back. Mrs. Elton had been trying to convince her but she insisted she wouldn't open it."

Hearing this, Rosiley hurriedly ran upstairs.

"Juliet, what exactly happened? Don't scare me."

As soon as she arrived, Rosiley heard Mrs. Elton knocking on the door. She looked quite anxious.

"Mrs. Elton." She walked over.

Mrs. Elton turned her head and said pleasantly, "Rosiley, there you are."

Rosiley nodded, "Mrs. Elton, let me have a try."

Mrs. Elton knew that Rosiley was Juliet's good friend. Even if Juliet was unwilling to tell her, she would
tell Rosiley.

Thus, Mrs. Elton moved aside and Rosiley walked up.

"Juliet!" Rosiley shouted through the door.

But there was no response.

She continued, "Juliet, open the door. I know the truth. What Payton said is not true. Do you want to

"What happened to Payton?" Mrs. Elton asked in confusion.

Rosiley turned around and smiled, "He is fine. They two are going through a rough patch."

That really hit Mrs. Elton. She nodded, "I see. No wonder Juliet locked herself in her room as soon as
she returned."

"So, Mrs. Elton, I'll try to persuade her. You can go do your thing."

Mrs. Elton understood what Rosiley meant. She smiled, "OK, then I'll let you two talk. I'll get on."

Noticing Mrs. Elton coming downstairs, Rosiley shouted to Juliet, "Juliet, Payton has his reasons. It has
something to do with your father. Do you want to hear it?"

The door was unlocked.

Rosiley smiled as she pushed open the door and walked in.

Then the door was closed again.


Rosiley told Juliet all about Ebenezer and the Lus. Juliet was stunned for a while before she said, "Is
this true?"

"It's true," Rosiley smiled apologetically. "Juliet, I'm very sorry. If it weren't for me and Sachin, Ebenezer
wouldn't have suffered so much, and Payton wouldn't make a decision like that."

Noticing Rosiley was very guilty, Juliet smiled and shook her head. "Rosiley, it's none of your business.
Don't say sorry. It's not your fault, but Payton's father's. His father is too cruel."

Speaking of which, Juliet got furious. How could a father play dirty to threaten his son?

Her whole world view had been rocked!

"Then can you forgive Payton?" Rosiley asked tentatively.

Juliet turned down the corners of his mouth and said, "He didn't do anything wrong. Why should I
forgive him?"

Rosiley laughed. It was great that the relationship between Juliet and Payton was not affected.