The convenient Bride

Chapter 412: Thank You for Giving up on Him

When Rosiley told Sachin about Payton's compromise with Benson, his face darkened and he
remained silent for a long time.

Rosiley could easily tell that Sachin was upset by Payton's decision.

He was burning with rage now.

She couldn't help but sigh inside. Payton indeed caused great trouble this time, for Sachin would be at
the mercy of his father now.

After a long time, Sachin slowly said, "Rosiley, ask Payton to come over."

Rosiley nodded and quickly called Payton.

After Rosiley told him on the phone that Sachin wanted to see him, Payton immediately drove over.

As soon as he walked into the living room, he noticed Sachin's oppressive glance, while Rosiley was
looking at him with sympathy from the side.

Before coming here, he had known that Sachin must get angry because of his compromise with
Benson. Therefore, he was mentally prepared for Sachin's scolding.

"Sachin," Payton called him softly.

Sachin shot a cold glance at him. After a while, he asked, "Payton, don't you believe me?"

"Of course I believe you." Payton immediately shook his head. "The person I trust the most in this world
is you."

"Then why did you return to the Lu's against my will?"

"Well..." Payton was lost for words. He had no idea how to explain it. After all, he couldn't tell Sachin
that he did something stupid out of impulse.

"Do you know that you've put me in a dilemma by doing this?"

Payton's lips twitched with embarrassment. Instead of offering an explanation, he just said, "I'm sorry."

Sachin glanced at him coldly and said, "Come back to the Lu's with me tomorrow."

Payton was a little confused. He didn't understand why Sachin intended to return to the Lu's, but he
didn't dare to ask more. He murmured, "OK. I got it."

"Sachin, why are you going back to the Lu's?" Rosiley didn't understand his intention either.

Wearing a fierce look, Sachin said with a sneer, "It's time for a showdown."

With that, he cast a meaningful look at Payton.

Payton took the hint. His eyes slowly widened from surprise, and he thought to himself, 'Is it possible
that Sachin..."

Seeing Payton's shocked expression, Rosiley couldn't help but frown. "What do you mean?"

"You'll know soon enough."

He did not tell her what was going on. Although she was curious, she did not continue to ask.

Like Sachin had said, she would know his plan soon enough.


Because of Yayoi's words, Maddox finally came to the hospital to see his grandfather.

However, he did not come by himself, but with Yayoi.

After walking to the door of the ward, Yayoi stopped and smiled at him. "I'd better stay outside. You can
go in yourself."

"Why?" Maddox didn't get her meaning.

Yayoi explained softly, "I'm afraid that Grandpa will be angry when he sees me. In that case, you will
definitely be unhappy and have a conflict with him. I don't want this to happen."

"If you don't go in, then let's go back." The last thing he wanted was to let her suffer grievances. He
would rather continue to be angry with his grandfather and refuse to see him.

Yayoi said in a low voice helplessly, "Maddox, do you know that things will get more complicated if you
do this? Go in and have a good chat with your grandfather. Perhaps he can accept me. But if you leave
like this, he won't accept me for the rest of his life. He will consider me as a bad woman and won't allow
you to see him."

"But..." He indeed felt sorry for her.

"Maddox, I understand what you mean. If you know what's best for me, just go in."

Looking at her gentle expression, Maddox said with a heavy sigh, "Alright. I will listen to you."

There was a hint of affection in his helpless tone.

"Then wait for me outside." He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. Then he pushed
the door open and walked in.

Looking at the door that was closed again, Yayoi lowered her head and smiled. Then she turned
around, wanting to take a sit on the bench next to the wall. However, after looking up, she saw Wendy

standing not far away.

After being stunned for a moment, she revealed a kind smile and looked straight into Wendy's eyes.

Wendy slowly walked over and stopped in front of her. With a faint smile, she asked, "Can you have a
talk with me?"

Yayoi smiled. "Of course."

They sat down on the bench. Wendy looked up at the white ceiling with mixed feelings.

They could hear footsteps and conversations occasionally. But most of the time, the corridor was rather

They just sat there without saying a word. After a long while, Wendy took the lead in breaking the

"Miss Song, do you love Maddox very much?"

Yayoi was a little dumbfounded by her question, but she quickly regained her composure. With a smile,
she replied, "Yes, I love him very much."

"Then will you be nice to him for the rest of your life?" Wendy continued.

"Yes," Yayoi said in a firm attitude without any hesitation.

Wendy turned to look at her with a faint smile. "Can I believe you?"

Yayoi raised her eyebrows slightly. "I don't know what I have to do to make you believe me. But I can
tell you with certainty that I love Maddox. We will be happy for the rest of our lives."

"Is that so?" Wendy forced a smile, and her eyes instantly turned red. With her head up, she blinked
her wet eyes. Putting on a bright smile, she said, "Alright. I believe you."

"Thank you." Yayoi turned to look at her and thanked her sincerely.

She saw tears fall down Wendy's cheeks. For some reason, she felt a sudden pity for her.

Perhaps it was because Wendy's feelings for Maddox were not reciprocated.

Maddox played a great role in Wendy's life, but she had to separate from him in the end. Yayoi thought
she might not even understand how distressed Wendy was.

Wendy raised her hand to wipe away her tears. Then she sniffed and turned to her. "Yayoi, I love
Maddox, so I want to see him happy. Since he finally chooses you as his life-long partner, I am willing
to give up on him."

As she spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks again. Raising her hand to wipe them, she continued in a
chocked voice, "I give you my blessing. You two must lead a happy life."

Wendy must have mustered up her courage to make such a decision. Yayoi couldn't help but shed
tears. She smiled gently and said, "Wendy, thank you for giving up on him. Maddox and I will definitely
be happy."

Wendy almost sobbed her heart out. This time, she really needed to say goodbye to her beloved man.
Old Master Shen had been in distress these few days, but Maddox didn't soften his attitude at all.
Therefore, she finally realized that everyone would get hurt if things continued like this.

Therefore, after thinking hard for a long time, she finally decided to give up on Maddox and end her
unrequited love for him.

After telling Yayoi about her decision, she indeed felt relieved. However, she was still tortured by
distress and sadness.

Yayoi had no idea how to console her. She took out the tissue from her bag and gave it to her. Then
she raised her hand and patted Wendy on the back gently as a comfort.