The convenient Bride

Chapter 413: Break off Our Father-Son Relationship

Maddox walked into the ward. Hearing the footsteps, Old Master Shen thought that Wendy had
returned, so he turned around and said, "Wendy, you..."

He broke off in mid-sentence.

The moment Old Master Shen saw Maddox, a hint of joy appeared on his face. However, he pulled a
long face and asked coldly, "Why did you come here?"

"I came to see you."

Maddox walked to the end of the bed and looked straight at his grandpa.

"Are you here to see if I'm dead?" At the thought that this brat hadn't come to see him for several days,
Old Master Shen became furious.

It was wrong for him to pretend to be sick, but he didn't expect Maddox to be so stubborn and even
refuse to come visit him. This made him so angry and sad.

Maddox frowned slightly. "Grandpa, do you really have to be so snippy?"

Old Master Shen snorted. "It's all because of you."

Old Master Shen must be so happy that Maddox came to see him, but he pretended to be fierce.
Realizing this, Maddox couldn't help but chuckle. "Grandpa, since I've come to see you, let's have a
good talk, okay?"

Old Master Shen glared at him. "Alright. I'll listen to you."

Maddox smiled helplessly. Why did his grandfather always say something against his own will?


After Maddox had a sincere talk with Old Master Shen, the latter reluctantly agreed to let him decide his
own marriage.

"Grandfather, since you've promised me, don't go back on your word." Maddox wanted to get Old
Master Shen's assurance again.

Old Master Shen was a bit unhappy. "Brat, when did I break my promise?"

Maddox immediately smiled flatteringly. "Grandpa, of course you always keep your promises."

"That sounds better." Old Master Shen rolled his eyes at him and continued, "Actually, you have to
thank Wendy. When we two were at odds, it was she who advised me to agree to your marriage with

Hearing this, Maddox raised his eyebrows in surprise. Could it be that Wendy did this out of good
intentions? After all, she once deceived him with his grandpa. It was hard for him to believe that she
could be so kind.

Seeing Maddox look at him with unbelieving eyes, Old Master Shen knocked on his head with great
strength. Maddox couldn't help but cry out in pain, "Grandpa, why did you hit me?"

Old Master Shen looked at him coldly. "Stop complaining, you brat. Wendy and I did deceive you
before, but she really agrees to give up on you this time. Also, she has decided to go abroad to
continue her studies."

Really? Maddox was still doubtful. After all, as the old saying went, once bitten, twice shy.

"If you don't believe me, just ask her yourself."

At this point, Old Master Shen sighed heavily. "Wendy is such a sensible girl that I feel sorry for her."

Maddox pursed his lips tightly and frowned with a thoughtful look.


Yayoi yawned and then turned to look at the door that was still closed. Frowning, she wondered why
they had a talk for so long.

Just as she was thinking this, the door suddenly opened and Maddox walked out.

Yayoi felt startled for a while, and then she quickly stood up and watched him walk to her.

"How's it going?" she asked anxiously.

Maddox raised his eyebrows. "Have a guess."

Looking at his relaxed expression, she asked tentatively, "Did everything go smoothly?"

Maddox smiled. "Yes."

Hearing this answer, Yayoi finally felt relieved. "It's good to hear that."

Then she pointed to the ward and asked, "Should I go in and see Grandpa?"

"No need. When he comes home, you two can meet officially."

Maddox leaned over and pinched her cheek. "Let's go home now."

Since this matter had been settled, he was in a particularly good mood. Now, he just wanted to hurry

Yayoi had wanted to tell him about Wendy's decision, but since Maddox was so anxious to go home,
she said with a smile, "OK. Let's go home."


When Griselda saw Sachin and Payton return together, she was a little shocked, but she quickly
composed herself. Wearing a friendly expression, she said to them with a smile, "Since you two are
back, your father must be very happy."

"Where's my father?" Payton asked.

"He's upstairs in the study."

Upon hearing the answer they wanted, Sachin and Payton ignored her and directly went upstairs.

Since their attitude was so indifferent, Griselda's face immediately fell. With a malicious look, she
watched them go upstairs.

Benson was practicing calligraphy. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he scolded in a cold voice, "I've
said that no one is allowed to come in when I'm practicing."

However, Sachin and Payton didn't stop until they walked straight to the desk, as if they didn't hear
Benson's words.

Noticing that something was strange, Benson slowly looked up. Seeing that it was his two sons, he put
on a surprised look, but he then quickly calmed down.

Lowering his head, he continued with his practice. Then, he asked calmly, "Why are you both back?"

Taking a look at Sachin's stern face, Payton hesitated for a moment before saying, "Dad, we have
something to tell you."

Benson glanced at them and said, "Just be direct with me."

"We came here today to ask you to let the Eltons off," Payton stated his intention.

"If you want me to let them off, then you should ask your brother if he will listen to me or not." Benson
glanced at Sachin who hadn't said a word since he came in. "However, I think your brother insists on
disobeying me."

Payton pursed his lips tightly and turned to look at Sachin. He was at a loss as to what to say.

"If I say I am willing to obey you, will you let the Eltons off?"

Hearing this, Benson stopped writing. He looked up at Sachin and asked suspiciously, "Are you willing
to listen to me?"

He knew the character of his son best. Sachin had been stubborn since childhood and would never
give in easily.

Was he going to yield for the sake of his own brother today?

However, Sachin revealed a sneer and his face became even colder. "It's fake. I will never listen to


Although it was within his expectation, Benson still flew into a rage. He directly banged the brush
heavily on the table. The ink splattered and stained the words he had just written.

Sachin wasn't intimidated by his angry behavior at all. With a sneer, he said word by word, "I just came
here today to tell you one thing. Stop regarding yourself as the center of the world, and don't try to
control me and Payton."

Benson glared at him, with his hands trembling with anger.

"Also, from today onwards, Sachin and I will stay independent from the Lu family. We are no longer
members of the Lus, and we don't want anything from this family. Leave your property to your other two

After saying this, he shot a cold glance at Benson and turned around to leave without any hesitation.

"Sachin! As long as you step out of the gate today, I will break off our father-son relationship!" Benson
shouted angrily.

Sachin paused and turned around. "I can't wait."

With that, he strode away without even taking a second look at his father.

The worst thing still happened.

Looking at Benson, who was trembling with anger, Payton sighed helplessly. He wanted to say
something, but he stopped on second thought.

He made a bow to Benson and then also turned around to leave.