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Chapter 414: There Is Nothing Happier Than This (Ending)

Worrying that Sachin and Payton would say something to Old Master Shen, Griselda followed them
upstairs and eavesdropped outside the door.

Hearing that Sachin decided to stay independent from the Lu family, she was both shocked and

Sachin walked out of the study and caught a glimpse of Griselda. He sneered and left.

Although Griselda was angered by his attitude, she became happier at the thought that Sachin took the
initiative to leave the Lu family.

After Payton also left, she walked into the study and saw Old Master Shen angrily throwing all the
things on the desk to the ground.

"Benson, what are you doing?" she cried out in shock.

With a fierce look, he gritted his teeth and said, "Help me contact the media. I want to announce that I
have officially cut off my father-son relationship with Sachin and Payton."

"Benson, why did you do this?" Griselda pretended to be surprised, but she was indeed overjoyed.

It seemed that Old Master Shen and Sachin had made up their mind this time.

"You don't need to know so much. Just do as I ask," Benson roared.

Griselda was shocked. Then she quickly comforted him in a gentle voice, "OK. Don't be angry. I'll
contact them immediately."

With that, she quickly left the study to contact the media.

Benson fell back in his chair, and his face became gloomier.

He had to let those two brats know that they could do nothing without the backing of the Lu family.


"Brother, aren't you too impulsive?"

Payton looked up at Sachin from the rearview mirror. Although he knew Sachin had such a plan, he
was still scared when hearing him bring it up.

Sachin also looked up, and his eyes met Payton's in the rearview mirror. "Do you want Old Master
Shen to control your future?"

"Of course not." Payton curled his lips. It was better to leave the Lu family than to be controlled by his

At the very least, he and Sachin would be free in this way.


"Sachin, how can we prove that Juliet's father is innocent?"

Since they had openly offended Old Master Shen, it was quite possible that he would do something
even more outrageous to the Eltons.

Sachin already had a plan, so when hearing this question, he said calmly, "Let Grandpa help us."

Only then did Payton remember that they still had the Shen family as their powerful backing.

Perhaps the Shen family's power was not comparable to that of the Lu family. However, it gained the
upper hand with regard to military-political stuff.

As long as their grandfather was willing to show up, Payton believed that Juliet's father could return
home very soon.


As Payton had expected, after Old Master Shen showed up, Benson's plot was exposed to the public.
As a result, all the officials bribed by Old Master Shen lost their status and power overnight.

Ebenezer was also proven to have been framed. After being cleared of the charge, he regained his
previous position and continued to serve the masses.

Juliet also made peace with Payton.

When they returned to Payton's house hand in hand, they met Tracy at the door. Realizing that they
had restored their relationship, Tracy couldn't help but tease them, "You two really love each other very

Juliet raised her chin proudly. "Of course. Our love can not be easily destroyed by ordinary people."

Was she implying that she was an ordinary person?

Tracy just smiled, and she wasn't angered by her words at all. She looked at Payton affectionately and
said, "Payton, since you two are reconciled, then do your best to cherish her. Don't give up on her

Then she turned to Juliet and revealed a sincere and kind smile. "Juliet, thank you for being righteous
back then. In comparison, I was so unrighteous to covet your boyfriend and even do something that
hurt you. I need to apologize to you. I am so sorry!"

Her sudden apology stunned Juliet. "Are you acting in front of me again?"

Tracy smiled and said, "I'm not acting. I just want to give you my best wishes."

Then she took a deep breath and grinned. She sincerely said, "Payton, Juliet, I wish you happiness for
the rest of your lives."

Moved by her sincerity, Juliet said, "Thank you, Tracy."

They looked at each other and smiled, as if all the previous unpleasant memories had gone and their
friendship was restored.


Wendy went abroad before Maddox and Yayoi's wedding. Although she had given up on Maddox, it
was still a cruel torture for her to watch them get married happily.

So she chose to go abroad before the wedding.

Maddox and Yayoi saw her off at the airport and personally thanked her. Wendy only replied with a
smile, "If you want to express your gratitude, then make sure to lead a happy life."

Rosiley had been helping Yayoi prepare for her wedding, and she accidentally fainted from exhaustion.
Sachin was so scared that he directly took her home and forbade her from helping with the preparation.

This made Rosiley so depressed, but it was because of her fainting that she knew she was pregnant.

Since so many things had happened recently, she failed to notice her physical condition. This news
could be considered a pleasant surprise.

Hearing the doctor say that Rosiley was pregnant, Sachin was completely dumbfounded. He didn't
come to himself for a while, but then he appeared quite calm, as if he wasn't excited to become a

Rosiley was dissatisfied with his reaction and she felt that he disliked this unborn child.

One night, while she was still sleepy, she heard someone whispering. After opening her eyes, she saw
him talking to her flat belly with a serious look.

"Baby, I'm your father. I love your mother very much, so you also have to love her whole-heartedly. Of
course, Dad will love you too."

He had always been a strict and indifferent man. Therefore, when seeing him talk to an embryo that
had yet to take shape, she felt he was so adorable.

At the same time, her eyes were also wet. It turned out that he was also looking forward to the arrival of
this baby.

There should be nothing happier than this.


Yayoi and Maddox's wedding was held as scheduled. Both Juliet and Rosiley were amazed by the
beautiful wedding scene, and they wished to hold their own weddings.

After hearing their ideas, Payton and Sachin smiled and promised to hold a wedding that was even
better than Yayoi and Maddox's.

Led by Mr. Song, Yayoi slowly walked onto the red carpet under the flying petals.

On the other side of the red carpet, Maddox was waiting for her.

When seeing Mr. Song put Yayoi's hand onto Maddox's, Rosiley cried. She didn't know if it was
because she was touched or because she had become more sentimental after getting pregnant.

Yayoi, Juliet and she had encountered both bad and good things in the past. However, they all found
their own happiness now.

"Why are you crying?" Sachin frowned and raised his hand to wipe away her tears.

She smiled broadly, and her tearful eyes looked exceptionally bright.

She said, "Sachin, meeting you is the luckiest thing in my life."

Sachin slowly revealed a smile. With a tender and doting look, he said, "Rosiley, getting to know you is
the biggest fortune in my life."

In this vast world, it was so lucky for them to meet and fall in love with each other. This was worth
cherishing for a lifetime.

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