Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 25 - Chapter 25: Moon Fox VS Flash Bat!

Chapter 25: Chapter 25: Moon Fox VS Flash Bat!

The gear in Tang Li Xue's head was spinning at full speed.
This was not in the game where she can spam her skills hoping it to hit the enemy and her enemy was also not some dumb AI from some Action RPG game!
[Uncommon] grade beast's intelligence already quite high although still cannot be compared to humans but it could still be compared to a dolphin at the very least. However, their battle instinct was surely better than most humans.
Tang Li Xue already tried to copy the Flash Bat's flight ability but she failed in the end.
Well, it was actually not its ability but more like the skill it gained from its body parts so since Tang Li Xue did not a pair of wings, she cannot copy flight!
This principle also applied to fishes. Tang Li Xue can copy its [Swim] skills but she cannot copy its ability to breathe underwater since she did not have any gills.
Tang Li Xue also already took [Ice Bolt] into consideration but her enemy this time was not a dumb Ice Wolf that stood still while spraying countless sharp icicles like before but a very fast-moving beast that could move freely in the sky.
And her [Ice Bolt] was not a sniper rifle with a proper telescope and she was also not someone trained in sniping a moving object!
In short, her probability to hit her fast-moving target was smaller than a blind man trying to score bullseye in the darts game.
However, that was not an excuse for her to surrender and admit defeat! She managed to formulate a working strategy in a few seconds.
'Okay... It's simple! I only need to target its wings, right?! Easy!'
Without hesitation, Tang Li Xue opened her skill list panel and used one of her skill point to buy [Jump] skill!
'Here it comes again!'
This time Tang Li Xue did not stand still or trying to dodge it like before since she knew it was useless then she decided to charge forward toward the Flash Bat instead with her full speed!
HP: 2,300/4,500
This crash was a lot harder than before and the damage she received also higher. The recoil was so nasty that it made her tiny furry body threw high in the air instead of rolled on the ground like before.
Tang Li Xue forced to gulp down the fishy taste of her own blood on her mouth back to her throat while shook her head to clear the dizziness on her mind.
That nasty crash was not only affecting Tang Li Xue but also the Flash Bat!
It forced to halt its movement for a few seconds and flap its wings to stabilize itself from the crash recoil.
Tang Li Xue skillfully flipped her body on the mid-air and shot out her [Ice Bolt] toward the stunned Flash Bat.
The [Ice Bolt] shattered into pieces when it hit the Flash Bat's wing! The Flash Bat did not hurt at all but its flight turned shaky because of it!
While Tang Li Xue's body smashed to the ground after shooting the [Ice Bolt] from the mid-air but she gritted her teeth to withstand the pain and charged one again using her full speed toward the Flash Bat!
The Flash Bat panicked a bit and swiftly flapping its wings to fly higher and keep its distance from Tang Li Xue.
But Tang Li Xue already long anticipated that!
The [Jump] skill effect was the same as [Dash]. It did not give the user the ability to jump since everyone can jump but it enhanced the height of her jump twice higher!
Tang Li Xue came toward the Flash Bat like a comet and the Flash Bat never thought that Tang Li Xue can jump that high so it did not have enough time to dodge.
Tang Li Xue's sharp fang sunk into the Flash Bat's left-wing tightly and she started to spam her close combat skills repeatedly toward Flash Bat's right-wing!
[Sharp Claw]!
[Sharp Claw]!
[Sharp Claw]!
[Sharp Claw has increased to Lv2]
The Flash Bat could no longer tolerate Tang Li Xue's assault and they started to plunge to the ground together.
Tang Li Xue still persistent with her [Rip] skill and not let the Flash Bat's left-wing out of her mouth even after both of them crashed onto the ground.
'Aren't you great at fighting in the sky? Now I bring you to the ground! What can you do here, hah! Hah!'
Tang Li Xue's strength was getting stronger on the ground since she could stand using her 3 her furry paws and use 1 of her remaining paws to hold the Flash Bat down!
She ripped the Flash Bat's left-wing apart using her [Rip] skill!
[Rip has increased to Lv2]
The rest of the fight was easy since without flight the Flash Bat already losing most of its mobility and its attacking skill was only [Bite].
'Fuuuuuuh... Oh my God... I swear this is my hardest fight since I reincarnate until now!'
Actually, the element of surprise from the [Ice Bolt] was playing a very crucial part for her strategy if she already used it since the start of the battle, that Flash Bat would already wary for it and would not startled until it lost balance like that.
'Eh... what is that?'
Tang Li Xue picked a black marble from inside the Flash Bat.
After a quick search on her [Immortal World's Newbie Guide], she managed to find that the black marble was actually a beast core.
The beast core has the same use as the human's dantian. Dantian was used to store the human's Qi while the beast core was used to store the beast's Vitality Energy.
'Isn't that mean that this thing contains a lot of EXP? Let's try it then...'
Tang Li Xue popped the black beast core into her mouth. In the instant Tang Li Xue swallowed it down, the black beast core melted in no time, and the great amount of energy erupted from inside Tang Li Xue's body but it instantly converted into EXP by the system.
[Congratulation! You achieved level 8, +15 Stat Points, +3 Skill Points]
'Ooooh! Good stuff! If only I am strong enough to slaughter all the little critters inside this pagoda... How many levels will I get by eating their beast core?!'
But it was only her wishful thinking forgets about defeating all of them, just defeating one already took too many of her health and stamina.
She ate another one of [Recovery Pill] leaving only five in her system inventory.
While waiting for her injury to recover for a few minutes, Tang Li Xue started to think about how she could explore that dark place full of little critters...
After thinking hard and cannot find another solution, Tang Li Xue started to look around the thousands of skills registered inside the skill list panel and she manages to find an interesting skill that completely suitable for her current circumstance.
'Sigh... There is even a skill like this... I should learn it since long time ago!'
[Night Vision] ability!
'Definitely BUY!'
[You have gained Night Vision ability!]
With this ability, all of her problem to explore this weird pagoda was solved.
Tang Li Xue waited two hours to make sure all the little critters inside the weird pagoda went back to sleep while she recovered her stamina back to peak.
She activated her [Stealth], [Silencer], [Odorless], and [Night Vision] skills before opened the pagoda's gate.
She started to explore the pagoda full of vigilance but with her new skill [Night Vision] along with her [Silencer], she was sure everything should be okay now.
The windowless pagoda was not that vast but it was packed full with Flash Bats if not hundreds then there were at least thousands of them inside here clinging on all over the wall and ceiling.
Yes, just like the usual bats that sleep clinging on the cave's ceiling, Flash bats also like that but it could also sleep clinging on the wall.
Tang Li Xue shuddered in fear and horror when she recalled that she was chased like a flood by all of these little critters at the same time before.
The smell of urine and feces was stinks so badly here! It was really a torture for Tang Li Xue's sensitive nose and it almost made her fainted several times already.
After an hour or so, Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after she finished exploring the weird pagoda. She did not forget to close the door after finish it.
'Ah, ah, ah…. Sleepy! I want to sleep so badly! 2 more buildings to go and I will go to bed immediately after all of these exploration things over! Let's make it haste!'
The second building was a big dome just like a baseball stadium, Tang Li Xue's lips twitched violently when she saw this giant-sized building.
'Just how much the time I will need to explore such a huge building?! Sigh…'
Tang Li Xue was learning from her previous experience now. She did not waste any more time and activated all five of her infiltration skills.
[Trail Cover]!
[Erasing Presence]!
She could only sustain for more or less two minutes when she activated all five of them like this but she needs to do this at least to scout the situation inside the giant dome first before hiding back again to rest and recharge her stamina.
This was the safest way that she could think for now.
Different from the weird pagoda from before, the double-door gate in this huge dome was open wide and inside also very bright.
But Tang Li Xue did not drop her guard at all, on the contrary, she raised her guard even more since this place opened wide and bright, that also means there were people inside.
And Tang Li Xue's guess was correct this time since even before she could step inside the gate, she could already heard many people shouting from inside.
'This… This place is actually…'