Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 28 - Chapter 28: Promise

Chapter 28: Chapter 28: Promise

Without waiting for the chatterbox fake dragon to stop its preaching, Tang Li Xue put some gesture to show to the fake dragon.
Tang Li Xue pointed at the thick chain that bound the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard, pointed back at herself then make a breaking gesture in the end.
"Ehh… You, little lass want to release me?! Pfffft… BWAHAHAHA… So… So funny…BWAHAHAHA!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard laughed out loud until all of the chains that bound it shook violently as if it was hearing the funniest joke.
"Listen up little lass, all of these chains are forged from the rare precious metal. Forget about your tiny little claws, even if Core Formation Stage human hacking it with an ax for hundreds of times still won't be able to put any dent on it!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard sighed in resignment while shaking his head.
After hearing that, Tang Li Xue started to run around and searching for something.
"Oy… Oy… Oy… little lass, what are you searching for? Ah, I know! Is it a key? You are searching for the key, aren't you? Then it is futile… that bald fatty is the one that keeps it!" The fake dragon said it while keep staring at Tang Li Xue that still running around.
'Damn! So this chain's key is on that Xiao Hei's uncle? Then it's impossible for me to take it for now! Sh*t… why is it like this?! Isn't RPG's law always stated that the key definitely stored in the same building?!'
Tang Li Xue thought that she could release this big old fake dragon and escape together from this sect but it looks like that this idea was not feasible anymore since she did not have any more way to release this fake dragon!
Nevertheless, Tang Li Xue was still pretending to frantically search for the key now, her true motive was to explore all the small rooms and the area around the fake dragon to finish her quest.
[Quest Completed]!
[Reward: Level +3(+1), Skill Point+45(+11), Stat Point+9(+2), 150(+38) Deity Coins]
[Congratulation! You achieved level 11, +45 stat points, +9 Skill Points]
[Your level reached maximum cap! +1 level will be stored for later use!]
[Congratulation! You have reached level 11! 2nd evolution menu available!]
'Yeeeeeessss! Thank God! At last, this quest completed! But this system is really stingy… why I don't get any additional reward now?! Sigh…'
'Forget it! The most important thing is I can evolve once more now… or not… since if I evolve to a demonic beast and form my beast core then Xiao Hei or another human with higher cultivation than me can force me to sign the master-servant contract… sigh… what a bad luck!'
Tang Li Xue sat back again in front of the fake dragon after exploring… err… searching around but she finds that the fake dragon put on its dumbfounded expression once more.
'What's wrong with this mental fake dragon now?'
"You… You… What happen to you? Little Lass, I can feel that you got stronger suddenly without doing anything other than running around!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard asked suspiciously while brought its giant head closer to Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue panicked a bit, she was afraid that this fake dragon finds out about her secret so she immediately put sleepy act and yawned since she was also afraid that the fake dragon would blabbering non-stop and not let her leave.
"Uh… Oh… Maybe it's only my feeling… Cough… Well, I will gift you something as our first meeting gift!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard raised its large claw and moved it toward Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue reflexes kicked in and she wanted to retreat back but after thinking that this fake dragon did not have any intention to hurt her, she quickly relaxed back.
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard giant claw's tip touched Tang Li Xue's forehead gently.
The blinding crimson light engulfed Tang Li Xue in an instant if someone saw this scene, they would probably be thinking that The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard actually cursing Tang Li Xue.
[You have received (Winged Lizard Blessing)]!
'What the hell is this?'
"Listen up, little lass! With this, no human weaker than me can force you to sign the master-servant contract from now on! Of course with the exception if you sign it voluntarily yourself! Let's see… since I am practically invincible under Nascent Soul Stage so no human below Nascent Soul Stage can force you!"
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explained while nodded satisfied that Tang Li Xue obediently trust it.
But if Tang Li Xue ran in fear then The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard would not bother to give her its blessing anymore or explain it.
'Seriously?! WOOOOAAAAAHHH! With this, I don't need to worry about becoming a slave of other people! You… You are so kind! Too bad you are a chatterbox and ugly…'
"Do not be too happy yet, Little Lass! What if the human that cannot force you to submit to become their pet decide to kill you in the end out of anger?" The fake dragon words were like splashing cold water to the happy Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue instantly became sulk again.
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard realized what it did and panicked a bit then it tried to cheer Tang Li Xue up again.
"Uhhh… Sorry, little lass… It was not my intention to… How about this… If you manage to release me someday then I promise that I will become your mount! How about that?"
Tang Li Xue's dim eyes shone brightly like a pair of blue stars in an instant!
'WHUUUUUUAAAAAAAT???!!! Become my mount? This… this is serious, right?! You do not lie to me, right?! Holysh*t! A fox like me riding a dragon! Woaaah, so dreamy! I… I cannot wait anymore! Uwehehehe…'
Tang Li Xue was still drowning deep in her fantasy and grinning by herself.
"But remember… you should be careful too! Do not force yourself and risk your life to get the key! It will be futile if you get caught while you are trying to steal it!"
The fake dragon chatterbox mode triggered again and it kept reminded Tang Li Xue again and again.
Tang Li Xue felt annoyed but her heart also warmed up while thinking: 'Maybe…this is how having a mother should be… keep nagging and worry about me…'
Tang Li Xue always felt like she was an orphan in her previous life since her mother died when giving birth to her and her father ran away leaving only his debt behind.
While in this life, she was once again alone without any parents beside her.
Tang Li Xue waved her paw toward the fake dragon saying goodbye for today while promise to it that she would come again later with her gesture.
After Tang Li Xue left the fake dragon's fortress, someone came out from nowhere inside the fortress near the fake dragon.
"Is that Yun-er's pet? What a smart and interesting fox?!"
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was opened up its mouth in surprise and quickly turned its giant head toward where that sound comes from.
It found out that the sound came from a wrinkled old man with long white beard and white hair. But the creepiest was not even the fake dragon and Tang Li Xue knew know how long this old man entered this fortress?!
Did he came before or after Tang Li Xue enter the fortress?!
No one knew!
Not even the strong Red-Eyes Winged Lizard?!
The person that the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard hated the most, Xiao Hei's grandfather, Mo Chanming.
Mo Chanming's expression was kind and humble with a gentle smile that keep plastered on his face all the time but in this entire Asura Demon Sect, only The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard knew how cruel and heartless this old man was.
"I wonder what are you and that fox talking about for so long?" Mo Chanming turned his head and staring at The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard actually cannot talk and it communicated with Tang Li Xue directly into her mind using [Telepathy] while Tang Li Xue communicated with it using her gesture, that was why Mo Chanming cannot hear any words the two of them.
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard stared back at Mo Chanming full of disgust and pretended to not hear anything.
The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard lowered its giant head back to the ground, it completely ignored Mo Chanming, and went back to sleep.
Mo Chanming did not get angry since The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard reaction toward him was always like. He only turned back his gaze toward where Tang Li Xue heading back to with his usual creepy gentle smile.

Tang Li Xue's head was really hurt right now. There were many things that she must do from thinking about her escape plan, should she steal the fake dragon's key and release the fake dragon before escaping, to how she will handle her own evolution.
'Whatever… to hell with all those things! What I want and need the most right now is to lie down comfortably on my warm and cozy pillow (Xiao Hei's body) then fell asleep!'
But after she went back to Xiao Hei's courtyard, before she was entering his room…