Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: New Items!

Chapter 31: Chapter 31: New Items!

[Gained: 3X2 Times Exp Card (1 hour), 1XSubstitute Doll, 1XGreater Lucky Sticker, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 3XSilver Lottery Ticket, 1,500 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]
'Yeeeessss! I got another [Greater Lucky Sticker]! Now I can feel more assured since I have 2 of it! And… I have 2 new items too… Let's see!'
This [Premium Cultivation Voucher] maybe an upgraded version of [Cultivation Voucher]. She did not know its function since she cannot use it for now but she will be able to use it after she formed her dantian tomorrow.
The last item was [Substitute Doll], Tang Li Xue took it out from her system inventory for her to see but her face turned into disgust as she held back her urge to threw it away the moment she saw it.
It was actually a straw doll like the one that you could usually see in voodoo magic. It was truly downright creepy. Even Tang Li Xue wanted to burn this creepy thing on the spot.
'Calm down, Tang Li Xue…Every item from the system have the miraculous effect so this creepy doll should have some miraculous effect too! I just need to find how to use this creepy thing!'
Tang Li Xue observed the creepy doll carefully for a few hours but she still cannot find any clue about how to use it.
'Dammit! Is this creepy doll can be used to curse a person like in the movie? So I need to use a strand of hair from my target or something like that to activate it? Aaaarrrghhh… This curiosity of mine would really kill me someday!'
Tang Li Xue began to consider… Should she use her own fur to test this creepy thing or should she use a strand of hair from the person he hates like that bald fatty… err… let's forget him since he didn't even have a strand of hair on his shiny bald head.
'Hold on a second… come to think of it, all of the items from the system usually have a straightforward name, that's why it never bother to explain it like the divine ability. Then this creepy doll should not be used to curse any person since its name is not [Cursed Doll] but [Substitute Doll]?! Substitute… what is it mean?'
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and decided to put a few strands of her own silver furs into that creepy looking straw doll. She decided to believe the system since if it was really a cursed item, then the system should name it so like [Bad Luck Sticker].
[Successfully bind the Substitute Doll with the owner. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes would be transferred to Substitute Doll.]
'WHUUUUUUUT?! This… This… This is such a precious treasure! And I almost wanted to use it to my enemy before… damn it! Luckily, I am smart enough!'
Tang Li Xue held the [Substitute Doll] very carefully like holding a priceless fragile herb. Very different from before when she held it like a smelly sock that she could not wait to throw it away as far as possible.
It was reasonable though since from now on all the damage that she took would be transferred to the doll. Even the most lethal skill that could kill her in one hit cannot kill her and it would only destroy the doll in her place.
Tang Li Xue put the [Substitute Doll] back into her system inventory really carefully. She even grinned foolishly each time she thinks about that creepy… NO, it was a cute precious doll now.
'Now I have another life-saving item in my repertoire other than [Greater Lucky Sticker]! What's more, it's a different type of life-saving item than [Greater Lucky Sticker] where I must activate it first to get its protection buff effect! This [Substitute Doll] could also protect my life even from the sneak attack!'
Xiao Hei did not come back that night maybe he was still busy taking care of his business with that Elder Lin but Tang Li Xue still slept comfortably and soundly without any worry since she always remembers that she had [Substitute Doll] now.
Even if someone sneakily attacking her when she was sleeping, she would not instantly die.

The next morning, Tang Li Xue opened up her eyes groggily.
Since yesterday, she already decided to wake up very early today and heading out to the fake dragon fortress before anyone.
Tang Li Xue frowned deeply when she still did not find Xiao Hei sleeping beside her this morning.
'Sigh… So he is pulling another all-nighter yesterday?! That old bast*rd Lin must be really too tired to live since he dare to toying with This Queen's concubine! This Queen will surely find that Old Lin and teach him a lesson he will never forget after This Queen finish with all of her business today!'
While she keep cursing Elder Lin in her mind, Tang Li Xue activated her [Stealth] and walked out of Xiao Hei's room then heading toward her lizard mommy.
The chatterbox lizard was very happy when it saw Tang Li Xue entered its place again but it still tried to put its act as an old wise dragon in front of her.
"Hahaha... Cough… Cough… Little lass, why are you coming back here again? Do you need to ask something from me? Come on, just ask right away, don't be shy, don't be afraid, I will never bite you… Come to think of it, actually, I only bite human hahaha…"
Tang Li Xue's expression darkened in an instant when she heard what this fake dragon talking about.
'And here I am trying to form my dantian like a human in front of you… Will it bite me on the spot if it manages to find out what I am doing? Should I think about it more and change to another place? What a headache…'
Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead with her tiny little paw.
'Whatever, I will try to explain everything first to this fake dragon! It may be wiser to tell it that I want to evolve rather than form my dantian though… Since this should be the weirdest occurrence since I form my dantian before evolving into a spirit beast and I don't even want to deal with this chatterbox's questioning later on!'
Tang Li Xue pointed her finger toward herself after that she raised her two front paws above her shoulders like a bodybuilder showing their muscle then she pointed to the fake dragon and pointed back to herself in the end.
'I… want to evolve… you…help to protect me!'
"Eh… Eh… Eh… I understand now! Hahahaha… Little lass, you really have a big ambition, didn't you? I know you have it in you!" The fake dragon laughed heartily in delight made Tang Li Xue wondering what the hell was this fake dragon talking about.
Tang Li Xue stared at the fake dragon full of doubt in her eyes.
"Hey… Hey… Hey… What kind of stare is that?! Of course, I understand it! You must be asked me to train you to become stronger, right?! You must be wanted to become stronger so you could pinch all of those filthy humans to death between your fingers like an ant, right?! Hahahaha… I know that is what you want!"
Tang Li Xue facepalmed while thinking: 'Sigh… It looks like I will need A LOT more time to explain it all to this fake dragon…'

Tang Li Xue was really sad that Xiao Hei did not come back tonight to cook her roasted meat for her dinner but at least he still has his conscience and ordered one of his subordinates to feed her.
Feng San (Xiao Hei's new aide) brought a few mice that still alive and tried to feed it to Tang Li Xue.
'Are you stupid?! Who can eat that kind of filthy things! Bring it far away from me!'
Tang Li Xue slapped Feng San's hand that held the mouse in front of her mouth then pointed at a 'roasted meat on the plate' picture on the wall.
This 'roasted meat on the plate' picture that pasted on the wall was actually used as Tang Li Xue's and Xiao Hei's code. Each time Tang Li Xue felt hungry she would come to Xiao Hei then pointed at the picture so Xiao Hei could make her favorite roasted meat for her.
Feng San's wooden face brightened slightly as if he understands something then he nodded to Tang Li Xue then went back to the kitchen.
After a few seconds, Feng San came back and put a few mice ON THE TOP OF PLATE in front of Tang Li Xue.
'You… Oh My God, You are really stupid! Can you just bring the roasted pork from the kitchen to here?!'
Tang Li Xue angrily flipped the plate full of mice then she jumped toward the picture and pointed exactly at 'the roasted meat' part on the picture with her tiny furry paw!
Feng San slapped his own forehead looking as if he realized how stupid he was before then nodded to Tang Li Xue with solemn expression like saying 'I understand! This time I will not take the wrong one!'
'Good! Now go and take a plate full of roasted meat for me from the kitchen!'
Tang Li Xue waved her tiny paw ordering Feng San to be hurry.
This time Feng San took more time, almost one hour before coming back and Tang Li Xue pretty sure that Feng San really get it right this time and ordered the chef in the kitchen to roast fresh pork or beef meat for her.
Tang Li Xue was already very starving when Feng San went back toward her room with a plate of roasted meat in his hand.
But Tang Li Xue spurted several liters of her blood out as soon as she saw what Feng San brought for her.
'I only asked you to bring me delicious roasted pork or beef meat! NOT THE ROASTED MICE ON THE PLATE!'
'Now I understand why Xiao Hei picked that traitor to become his aide before… So it was because only that one is smart enough!'