Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 33 - Chapter 33: Deity Coins' True Function!

Chapter 33: Chapter 33: Deity Coins' True Function!

When night came, Tang Li Xue hurried back to Xiao Hei's room and sat on the top of the bed.
She immediately checked on how to awaken her martial soul but disappointed soon when she found out that she must reach the peak of Body Tempering Stage first before she can awaken her martial soul.
The reason was simple. Anyone needs a strong body to awaken their martial souls since the strong body would act as the martial soul vessel.
But Tang Li Xue did not mind it that much since she would definitely awaken it sooner or later. She quickly switched her interest to the item that could only be used when she has her own dantian like now, [Cultivation Voucher]!
'Now I can use this cultivation voucher! I wonder what its function actually for?! Is it to increase my cultivation in an instant? Hohoho... Then I would gladly try to use it right away!'
[Cultivation Voucher has been activated! You can choose any cultivation/martial art manual you want!]
Tang Li Xue became a bit disappointed when she heard that the [Cultivation Voucher]'s function was only to trade it with one cultivation/martial art manual from the system.
'Meh... Better than nothing I guess… Let's see what this system has in stock!'
[Dragon Soaring Spearmanship]
[Southern Cross Sword Style]
[Base Cultivation Secret]
'WOW! Not bad at all! I thought it would sucker manual like iron shirt, basic-swordsmanship, or something like that! As This Queen expected from the almighty system!' Tang Li Xue's mood turned more cheerful as she browsed through the cultivation/martial art manual catalog.
[Indestructible Vajra Body Method]
[Lightning-Chasing Step]
[Burning Sun Sword Skill]
[1st chapter of 72 Earthly Transformations]
'Oh My God! Uncle Sun 72 Earthly Transformations! Sssssshhhhhh… Calm down, Li Tang Xue… Err… Tang Li Xue, it's only the first chapter and I still have the [Premium Cultivation Voucher] for later use!'
'And it would be futile if I trade it now but I can't cultivate it right away! It will only be collecting dust in my inventory system! The best choice should be a lowest-rank manual but I can cultivate it right now to quickly raise my current strength!'
Tang Li Xue quickly calmed herself down and suppressed her greed then continues to look at the catalog.
[Body Tempering Stage Secret]
'Uuuurrrggghhh… Sounds laaaameeee! But only this manual that fit with my current situation! Sigh… look at this [Pangu Golden Body], [Guanyin Pure Heart Sutra], [Dragon Emperor's Water Controlling Method]… All of them sound so cool and OP but here I am choosing the worst one!'
Tang Li Xue even considered stealing the Body Tempering Stage Manual from Martial Repository but that place was different from the public place like the farm. Such an important place like Martial Repository should have many strong elder level people that guarding it.
Then Tang Li Xue also considered asking Xiao Hei for help but thanks to her lizard mommy that warned her again and again that all humans were extremely vicious so she must always extremely cautious toward all humans and asking human cultivation manual to Xiao Hei at the time like this would only make him suspicious toward her.
In the end, Tang Li Xue rejected both of those ideas and steeled her resolve to choose [Body Tempering Stage Secret] manual from the system.
[Are you sure you want to choose the Body Tempering Stage Secret manual? Yes/No]
Tang Li Xue gritted her fangs and chose 'Yes'!
In an instant, her mind felt like exploding when all the information about the Body Tempering Stage Secret manual rushed into her brain.
This kind of knowledge injection was actually the most efficient way to transfer any manual since anyone will instantly remember everything about it in their mind and they would never forget it again unless someone powerful erasing their mind completely.
'Ok… Let's see what this manual all about is?!.......... Connecting the energy between heaven and earth… Wait… wait… with what? USB cable? Wire cable?'
'Store the energy of heaven and earth in the body...… Do you think my body is a battery or something?! How the hell my body can store the energy?!'
'Use the energy of heaven and earth to temper all the body parts from inside out...….. Do you think my body made from iron or steel?! Temper?! With energy?! How?! You must be tempering your head with a heavy hammer first before writing this kind of manual!'
Tang Li Xue felt an incredible urge to smash this manual writer's head so badly. She already wasted a precious [Cultivation Voucher] but now she can't even understand even a thing from this manual!
[Do you want to comprehend Body Tempering Stage Secret manual with cost 30 Deity Coins? Yes/No]
'This… So this is how to use the Deity Coins?! Let's try it then… I have more than 2,000 Deity Coins anyway! YES!'
When Tang Li Xue chose 'Yes' and spent her 30 Deity Coins, it was as if all the fog that covered [Body Tempering Stage Secret] manual in her mind instantly cleared and she could understand all of it without anything feels amiss.
'What a magical feeling! It feels as if I already learned all this [Body Tempering Stage Secret] before and now I only need to repeat all the process once again!'
Tang Li Xue breathes instantly become heavy and she immediately dashed to the nearby bookshelf inside Xiao Hei's room.
She took one book randomly and opened it up. Like usual, she cannot read anything since all books were not written in English or Chinese but in Immortal World's language.
Moreover, all the words like some symbol that written in the cursive font. Tang Li Xue thought in her mind that she wanted to learn this language.
[Do you want to comprehend Lightwind Continent's Language with cost 10 Deity Coins? Yes/No]
Once again, Tang Li Xue felt an odd feeling washed her mind but it was different from when she received [Body Tempering Stage Secret], she felt really comfortable now when the fog inside her mind cleared up.
Tang Li Xue looked at the book content again and now she could read all of it like it was her first language that she ever learned.
'Oh My God! This cheating learning ability is the one I always dreaming of! Awesome! If I got this cheating learning ability in my previous life all the academicians would kneel before my learning speed!'
Tang Li Xue was really excited when she found out about this Deity Coins' true function and she wanted to take another book from the bookshelf to learn it but before she could do that…
The room's door absurdly opened and Xiao Hei entered the room and he was shouldered by his two subordinates Feng Er (Second Wind) and Feng San (Third Wind). (Feng Yi = First Wind)
These two people, Feng Er and Feng San were the same as Feng Yi, they were the part of Xiao Hei's personal guard that he personally trained. However, unlike Feng Yi that was already training with Xiao Hei since little like his own brother, these two only trained by Xiao Hei a few years ago.
But that was not important right now because the scene in front of Tang Li Xue right now was truly made her heart screaming in panic and fright.
Xiao Hei's chest cave in like something powerful hit him from his front before, almost all of his internal organs inside his chest should be crushed, and he even bleeding from his seven aperture.
'What…what has exactly happened to Xiao Hei?! Her Xiao Hei should be very strong! How could he become like this?!'