Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 34 - Chapter 34: Tang Li Xue’s Rage!

Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Tang Li Xue’s Rage!

Feng Er and Feng San placed Xiao Hei on his bed then they took medicine storage box from the nearby cupboard. They took several pills and feed it all to Xiao Hei that still lied down limpidly on the bed.
However, before Xiao Hei could gulp all the pills down, he puked all of it out along with a huge amount of blood to the ground beside the bed.
Tang Li Xue was really worried that Xiao Hei could not hold on himself any longer so she quickly ran to Feng San and pull a [Recovery Pill] out from her system inventory.
She climbed into the top of the bed but cannot come closer to Xiao Hei since Feng Er and Feng San surrounded him still trying hard to stabilize Xiao Hei's condition.
Tang Li Xue jumped to Feng San's shoulder this time and tried to give the [Recovery Pill] to Feng San so he could make Xiao Hei ate it.
But Tang Li Xue found out something incredible instead…
"Xiao Bai, please do not disturb us now! Our master is in critical condition! So please go play alone at the corner of the room for now!" Feng San said to Tang LI Xue but his voice has a hint of anxiousness and annoyance.
Tang Li Xue dumbfounded and thought: 'Is this person too dumb to look at what I am holding or… I will think about it later! I must feed this [Recovery Pill] to Xiao Hei right away now!'
Tang Li Xue activated five of her perfect infiltration skill [Stealth], [Odorless], [Silencer], [Trail Cover], and lastly her [Erasing Presence]. She turned completely invisible and undetectable then she jumped beside Xiao Hei that still lied down on the bed.
Feng Er and Feng San were too occupied with Xiao Hei's critical condition now so they did not realize that Tang Li Xue's presence completely disappears from the room in that instant.
Feng San opened Xiao Hei's mouth once again to feed him the medicine pills from the medicine storage box once again and Tang Li Xue took that chance to feed Xiao Hei her potent [Recovery Pill].
Now Xiao Hei already ate the [Recovery Pill] from her, she did not need to worry about him anymore. As long as Xiao Hei did not stop breathing, he would be completely recovered when the morning came.
Just in a few seconds after eating [Recovery Pill], its efficacy already proved by itself. Xiao Hei stopped cough and the blood that keep flowing from his mouth and his other apertures also stopped.
Xiao Hei's face was pale like a corpse before but now it began to regain its rosiness bit by bit. His chest that caves in also started to restore very slowly but it makes sense though since the pills need to regenerate all of his internal organs that already crushed and mend all of his bones in his chest.
Feng Er and Feng San sighed in relief when they saw Xiao Hei's condition already stabilized and he already started to recover.
Tang Li Xue jumped and slapped the back of Feng San's head with her tiny furry paw. When Feng San's attention shifted toward her, she started to point at Xiao Hei and pointed to herself.
'What happened to him? Explain it to me?!'
Feng San already interacted with Tang Li Xue several times before like giving her food or drink when his master was too busy to take care of her and he understands that Tang Li Xue was his master favorite pet and she also very smart. It also made sense if she worried about him and asked what happen about her master.
Feng San was hesitatingly looking at Xiao Hei then to Tang Li Xue back and forth. In the end, he was afraid that Tang Li Xue would make a fuss about it then throw a tantrum so he yields and told her all about it.
While Feng San explained everything, Tang Li Xue listened carefully but she also experimented with something in front of him.
Tang Li Xue took out several items from the system's inventory like [Stamina Pill], [Recovery Pill], and [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] then put it in front of Feng San's eyes.
At first, Tang Li Xue was really afraid that doing this would expose her system but she already 70-80% sure so she still gritted her teeth and decided to try it in the end.
And there it is... Feng San did not find anything strange and staring at Tang Li Xue as usual!
'All the items from the system is invisible from all the people other than me?! As I expected from my OP system!'
Another amazing feature from the system that Tang Li Xue's manage to discover, if it was another time, she would giggling and dancing happily when she discovers it.
But right now she did not have any mood to celebrate or feel happy about it since Feng San's story made Tang Li Xue's very very angry.
In short, Xiao Hei went to Elder Lin's place again today to negotiate but he did not only find Elder Lin's alone but also his fatty uncle there.
Xiao Hei asked Elder Lin some time for a private discussion about resource distribution but Elder Lin said that the fatty uncle was his best friend and the fatty uncle also insist on listening to their discussion saying that they do not need to mind him.
In the end, Xiao Hei forced to discuss resource distribution with Elder Lin in front of his fatty uncle. Not because his fatty uncle forced him but because Xiao Hei's faction was in dire need of cultivation resource since their stock almost exhausted.
With that bald fatty sat so near and protecting him, Elder Lin became even more daring than before and he keeps greedily pressuring Xiao Hei for more made Xiao Hei fuming with rage.
Elder Lin even said something like 'What you don't like it? I never force you to give all your ingredients and materials to me...', he even said 'If you don't like it then scram! Ask another alchemist to concoct your pills!'
As the person that held the highest authority in this Asura Demon Sect, the 'Patriarch', how could Xiao Hei not get angry in front of Elder Lin's naked provocation?!
Xiao Hei moved to slap Elder Lin's face but with his fatty uncle sat closely beside Elder Lin how could he (fatty uncle) let Xiao Hei do that to his people!
That bald fatty uncle defended Elder Lin while Xiao Hei wanted to teach Elder Lin a lesson so the two of them fought fiercely!
But their cultivation was so far apart, Xiao Hei only at Foundation Establishment Stage when his fatty uncle already at the peak of Core Formation Stage!
The fatty uncle's attack was very vicious and he really intended to kill Xiao Hei's for real but as the hailed genius, Xiao Hei would not lose so easily, he even manages to last for several tens of moves from his uncle lethal attacks before getting seriously injured.
If not for Xiao Hei's grandfather that came so timely to stop their fight, Xiao Hei would already reunite with his long-dead father in netherworld now.
'BLOODY HELL! THAT DAMN BAST*RD! How dare he injuring This Queen's favorite concubine?! REALLY LOOKING FOR DEAD!'
Tang Li Xue's eyes squinted dangerously as the cold aura that she emitted from her small body made even Feng San shuddered in shock.
'This intense cold aura and cruel expression... Why do I feel this cold aura so familiar? Oh yeah! It's almost the same as the young patriarch!' Feng San thought as he slowly withdraws himself to the corner of the room out of fear.
'SO SCARY! Even the young patriarch's pet has the same demeanor as him! So that's why young patriarch really treasured this fox!' Feng San and Feng Er thought at the same time.
But Tang Li Xue did not have any time to spare for the two of them as her brain already started to think about how to take revenge for her Xiao Hei.
'Before hitting the dog, you must look at its owner first! Since you dare to hurt This Queen's future concubine then This Queen would teach you an unforgettable lesson on what is 'do not want to live but cannot die' means?!'