Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 35 - Chapter 35: Planning Carefully Step by Step!

Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Planning Carefully Step by Step!

Feng Er and Feng San were watching over Xiao Hei's condition for the entire night. They even constantly checked his condition for every ten minutes or so but they were stunned silly by Xiao Hei's recovery each time they checked him.
"Is... Is this the legendary Divine Pills that can restore any wounds in a few hours?! Young Patriarch is really an amazing person! He can even get his hands on this kind of divine medicine!" Feng San held the pill's bottle that he gave to Xiao Hei like holding precious jade and stared at it full of amazement before carefully put it back to the medicine storage box.
Tang Li Xue snorted in disdain when she saw how Feng San treats that worthless medicine like a peerless treasure. But she quickly forgets about it and started to plan her next moves.
'Tsk... I am still so angry with that bald fatty and old Lin! Don't worry Xiao Hei! A gentleman said that ten years is not too late to take revenge but This Queen is a woman, not a gentleman so for This Queen, ten years is too long! This Queen will promise to take revenge for you within one week!'
[Quest: (Avenger) Enter Elder Bai's room and teach him a lesson that he will never forget for his entire life!]
[Difficulty: Hard]
[Requirement: High Infiltration Skills!]
[Reward: Level +3(+1), Stat Point +90(+23), Skill Point +18(+5), 150(+38) Deity Coins]
[Time Remaining: 167:59:46]
'......System... It is actually only a figure speech! You know... You don't need to take it too seriously... really...'
Tang Li Xue was almost spurting out several litters of blood from her mouth when she saw another 'Hard' difficulty quest appear once again in her system after she finished one yesterday.
'Sigh... Whatever... Since it's true that I really want to take revenge for Xiao Hei...'
Then which one of them she should target first? Xiao Hei's fatty uncle? Nah, he was too cunning and strong for now.
Tang Li Xue decided her first target would be that 'Elder Lin' immediately. He was an alchemist so his martial arts should be suck so badly since he was always cooping in his room to concoct pills every day.
This 'Elder Lin' also the main source of her Xiao Hei's resource problem, he was clearly an Asura Demon Sect's alchemist but he dares to refuse the patriarch's order and even rebuked him openly in front of his subordinates.
However, that fatty uncle should also assign many strong people to protect that Elder Lin secretly since Elder Lin was an important asset for the fatty uncle now. Moreover, there should be also countless traps placed at Elder Lin's place to prevent any intruders.
In Tang Li Xue's current state, it was almost impossible for her to successfully entering the room where Elder Lin was unnoticed.
But that did not mean that Tang Li Xue has no other way to enter it!
[Ethereal Form]!
'If I can get [Ethereal Form] divine ability, I definitely can enter Elder Lin's room!'
Elder Lin was at Formation Establishment Stage so Tang Li Xue cannot defeat him yet... however, she also did not have any intention to kill him with her own hands because she has a far better plan to make Elder Lin suffer.
But even if Tang Li Xue managed to learn [Ethereal Form] divine ability soon, she also would have a new problem crop up... Stamina!
Tang Li Xue could only activate all 5 of her infiltrations for two minutes more or less... if she activated [Ethereal Form] later, how long her current feeble stamina could hold on?
One minute? Thirty Seconds? Or maybe even less?!
So Tang Li Xue's aim right now was to enhance her stamina!
'I have 38 Skill Points now... If I manage to push 4 of my infiltration skills to 'mastered' level with my level 2 [Stealth] I only need 21 Skill Points to combine them into [Ethereal Form]. I still have 17 Skill Points left, enough for me to buy [Greater Stamina], [Greater Defense], and [Greater Health] then combine them into [Innate: Toughness]! BUY ALL ALL 3!'
[You have gained Greater Stamina ability!]
[You have gained Greater Defense ability!]
[You have gained Greater Health ability!]
[Greater Stamina (Lv1), Greater Defense (Lv1), Greater Health (Lv1) can be combined into Divine Ability[Innate: Toughness] with cost 10 Skill Points. Do you want to combine them now?]
[You have gained Divine Ability (Innate: Toughness)]
[Innate: Toughness]: the effect of Toughness status will be tripled.
'Uuuurrrgghhh... With this, all my Skill Points saving would be depleted... but eehhh... Wait a minute... That Lin bast*rd is a renowned alchemist so he should have many pills and valuable rare herbs! If I manage to take all of those when I entering his room... Uwehehehehe...'
Thus Tang Li Xue's goal added one more other than avenge her Xiao Hei, she also wanted to steal all Elder Lin's resources!
Tang Li Xue decided to experiment on how long she could activate her 5 infiltration skills at once now while waiting for Xiao Hei to regain his consciousness.
The result of the experiment even surprised Tang Li Xue herself, she thought with her new divine ability [Innate: Toughness] that tripled her toughness status it means she could activate it for six minutes but she realized that she was wrong.
She could actually activate it for almost an hour nonstop!
With this Tang Li Xue's stamina problem already solved and she only needs to grind her infiltration skills to 'mastered' level then combine it into [Ethereal Form]!
The next morning, Xiao Hei regained his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.
Xiao Hei slowly stood up while Feng San and Feng Er quickly went to his side and quickly held his hands to help him but Xiao Hei stopped them.
Xiao Hei really astonished as he rubbed his chest that got hit by his uncle yesterday but he did not feel any hurt at all. It was almost like yesterday's defeat was just a dream but when he looked at Feng San and Feng Er worried expression, he finally confirmed that he really was defeated, critically wounded, and almost been killed yesterday.
Then Xiao Hei remembered that the same things already happened before in the Moonlight Forest.
He also almost died before in Moonlight Forest but somehow he recovered completely the next day.
Xiao Hei ignored his own condition and his two subordinates then went crazy searching for something with a panicked expression on his face.
The noisy sound awoke Tang Li Xue that fell asleep on the bench an hour ago.
'What happens, Xiao Hei? What are you searching for so early this morning?'
Xiao Hei sighed in relief like his heart has been freed from a huge burden when he saw Tang Li Xue was alright in front of him.
But when Xiao Hei saw many of Tang Li Xue's dried blood sticking on her fur then he remembered that in Moonlight Forest before Tang Li Xue also has some dried blood sticking on her fur when they first met.
In that instant, Xiao Hei felt extremely touched as his heart tightened and painful when he saw Tang Li Xue's dried blood.
Xiao Hei immediately concluded that it was impossible for such a powerful healing power to not have any repercussions or backlash to the user.
Xiao Hei embraced Tang Li Xue and gently pet her while saying: "Silly, Xiao Bai… There is no need for you to do so much for me! Look at how much you bleed for me!"
Tang Li Xue puzzled at first but she immediately got it when she heard Xiao Hei's words.
'Eeeerrrr… Actually, this blood is not because of you but because I formed my dantian before… Whatever just gives me more extra large roasted meats from now on uwehehehe…'
"But… I won't say thanks to you!" Xiao Hei said while laughing after checking that she was alright and healthy like usual.
'Oiiii! Are you kidding with me? At least you need to thank me for my limited potent [Recovery Pill]?!'
"Because between family members, there is no need to say any thank you!" Xiao Hei gently kissed Tang Li Xue's furry forehead.