Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 36 - Chapter 36: Stalking Others!

Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Stalking Others!

After playing around with Tang Li Xue for a while then cooked some delicious roasted meats for her, Xiao Hei took closed-door cultivation training in the secret room.
It looks like 'the fastest way for the cultivators to improve themselves was through life and death experience' was not a lie since Xiao Hei's improved like a comet each time he recovered from critical wounds such as now or in the Moonlight Forest before.
Tang Li Xue also didn't want to waste her time to dilly-dally around so she went around training all her infiltration skill so it could reach mastered level sooner.
But when she went patrolling around Xiao Hei's courtyard randomly, she noticed one of Xiao Hei's people acted rather suspiciously.
Yes, he was one of the people that looking after Xiao Hei's last night, Feng Er!
Tang Li Xue frowned as she quickly decided to follow that Feng Er while still she still in her stealth mode and all of her infiltration skills turned on!
She can activate all of her infiltration skills including [Stealth] continuously for almost one hour now anyway so she did not need to be so cheap and select a few of her infiltration skills to activate it along with [Stealth] so careful to conserve her stamina like before.
That Feng Er was also very cautious, he checked his surroundings several times to ascertain that no one following him then began to quicken his step but no matter how careful he was, he would never realize that there was an invisible and untraceable fox following behind him.
'How suspicious?! Is he following Xiao Hei's order to deliver a secret message now or he also… Whatever, I will follow him for now! I will find out the answer in the end anyway!'
However, this Feng Er was not only clever but also very careful and slippery! He even made several turns at every corner almost make Tang Li Xue lost his track.
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger. She began to reconsider whether she should keep follow Feng Er or give up since this guy was so slippery! She would probably lose him sooner or later if it continues like this!
'Follow him at all cost! How could I give up half-way like this?!'
Tang Li Xue opened her skill list window and bought several useful skills to track Feng Er's movement.
[You have gained [Enhanced Sense of Sight ability!]
[You have gained Enhanced Sense of Smell ability!]
[You have gained Enhanced Sense of Hearing ability!]
With [Enhanced Sense of Smell], Tang Li Xue's nose was much sharper than a dog now! Tracking Feng Er with his scent that still lingering on the air was a piece of cake for her now!
[Enhanced Sense of Hearing] made Tang Li Xue's fox ear so sharp that she could easily hear Feng Er's almost inaudible step sound!
Not to say [Enhanced Sense of Sight] made Tang Li Xue could see each of that Feng Er's movement so clearly!
With all of these new skills, Tang Li Xue could easily find Feng Er's track and silently follow him from distance!
However, Tang Li Xue once again amazed with this Feng Er's cautiousness, he even sometimes stopped at the crossing and hide behind some large building several times while holding a poisonous dagger in his hand ready to kill any of his stalkers if he found any of it.
In fact, if Tang Li Xue did not have all her infiltration skills plus her [Stealth] skill, she would already be discovered by this Feng Er.
Fortunately, each time Tang Li Xue caught up with Feng Er, he could not see her and find any of her traces so he gradually let his guard down.
With her [Enhanced Sense of Sight], Tang Li Xue managed to see Feng Er gave a tiny slip of paper to the patrolling guard that went out from the restroom secretly when they passed by each other then the two of them heading toward different directions without saying anything like they don't know each other at all.
'The hell! Now which one I should follow? The guard or that Feng Er?'
After a moment, Tang Li Xue decided to follow the guard instead now! She really wanted to know, where that tiny slip of paper would end up in the end?!
Once again Tang Li Xue embarked on her journey to stalking people!
From Feng Er to the guard…
From the guard to the disciple that passing by…
From that disciple to the servant that sweeping the floor…
'What the hell is this?! This is more like the beggar sect information network in novel or movie, right?!'
After that servant finished sweeping the floor, he was heading to the food storage then brings a cart of food ingredients to the kitchen.
Tang Li Xue that always stood near that servant realized that he inserted that tiny slip of paper inside one of the cabbages before throwing it inside the cart.
In the kitchen where all of the food ingredients will be made into proper food to eat, Tang Li Xue once again keep looking after that cabbage with that tiny slip of paper inside it.
'Should I take that piece of paper and gave it to Xiao Hei as evidence? No… It will only alert the mastermind if it went missing suddenly! It's better if I see it first where this piece of paper will reach in the end… after that… Well, I will think it later after that…'
When cutting all the cabbages one by one, the chef silently took out the tiny slip of paper and hid it in his sleeve. In the end, after he finished preparing all the dishes, he took out a pair of chopsticks and then POP…
The chef pulled one chopstick in two and stuffed tiny slip of paper in the tiny hole inside the chopstick before he joined it back into one like before.
'YOUR MOM! So the chopstick even has this kind of function?! To hide the secret message?!'
Tang Li Xue did not know that this tiny hole inside the chopstick could even be filled with deadly poison! When someone using that chopstick, the deadly poison inside would be secretly expelled out from the tip of the chopstick to the food that it touched!
Imagine if all the foods already confirmed clean without any poison then which people will confirm their chopstick be free from the poison too? None!
But this small trick would be useless for the people like Xiao Hei that already knew all kinds of these small tricks since little from his father and grandfather.
Unfortunately, no one could probably guess that this kind of chopstick could be used to deliver secret letters like this too!
Several servants took all the dishes that the chef already prepared with several trays and they went out of the kitchen.
Tang Li Xue followed that several servants silently behind them with all of her infiltration skills plus her [Stealth] continuously activated.
Until all of the servants entered a big courtyard with a pool full of golden carps and adorned with beautiful plants.
Tang Li Xue wanted to follow them and enter too but her instinct screaming her to stop so she instinctively stopped while looking at the gate with her sight that already enhanced with [Enhanced Sense of Sight] ability.
Tang Li Xue's body trembled slightly as she felt her cold sweat began to leak out from her forehead when she read the nameplate above the entrance of the large house.
'DAMN! Isn't this that bald fatty's house?! Then that Feng Er is… ANOTHER TRAITOR!'