Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 39 - Chapter 39: Infiltrate Elder Lin's Residence... Begin!

Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Infiltrate Elder Lin's Residence... Begin!

Tang Li Xue tried to activate her [Ethereal Form] and her space pouch also went invisible like her body.
'Eeeh… So when I activate my [Ethereal Form], this space pouch is also following me and become ethereal too? But… why? So strange… since it's also solid material then should it pass through my body like another solid object?'
When Tang Li Xue started to think about it, the invisible space pouch passed through her body that was still in [Ethereal Form] then dropped onto the ground, its invisibility also canceled and it went back to the usual space pouch like before.
Headache… So it went back to how good her control over this [Ethereal Form] in the end! The same as how she could choose to stand on the top of the table or to pass through it and drop down to the ground…
There's no doubt that this [Ethereal Form] was a super OP divine ability but it also put too much emphasis on great control, calculation, prediction, experience, then countless trial and error to make it a fearsome ability.
But from this, Tang Li Xue concluded that the smaller or lighter the items were, the easier for her to carry it with her when she activates her [Ethereal Form].
Since Tang Li Xue already trained herself on using [Ethereal Form] for a few days, she only needs a few minutes to adapted and let her space pouch follow her when she activated her [Ethereal Form].
Now Tang Li Xue only needs to wait until the sky went dark since she did not have any other work, she could only absentmindedly look at her skill list window looking for some useful abilities that she would be needed later amongst thousands of them.
'Come to think about that traitor Feng Er… what should I do next? Tell Xiao Hei about her? Meh, the key problem is actually not 'how I should tell him' but 'would he believe what I will tell him later'!'
Think about it… If a wild fox that you have found from the forest a month ago told you that your trusted person was actually a traitor! Would you believe it? Of course not!
Even if Xiao Hei half-believe in her words and keep his distance from that Feng Er, would he believe it if she also told him that several people by his side was actually spies or traitor too? Again, no!
Then let's imagine if Xiao Hei believes her words once again then what? He would only search for some evidence before executing them! Not looking down on her Xiao Hei but with that cunning uncle of his, it was almost impossible for Xiao Hei to find any concrete evidence about them being his uncle spies even if Xiao Hei flipped all their houses upside down!
'Wait a minute…' Tang Li Xue that lazily lying down on the bed before suddenly stood up as she realized something.
'I am so stupid! There is no need for me to make the move first for now!'
'Think about it… If I manage to succeed in my quest this time and I also manage to take all the resources in Elder Lin's possession… that bald fatty would probably go insane and panic, he would instructing all of his subordinates and spies to find out who is the one that took his resources! If at that time I tell Xiao Hei about it… Uwehehehe… then we can easily find some irrefutable proofs of them being the spies and traitors of that bald fatty in one single swoop!'
Tang Li Xue slammed her tiny paws on the bed in excitement but she forgot that she still opened her system's skill list window in front of her so she accidentally slammed her paw onto it!
[You have gained Shared EXP ability!]
'Damn! I make a mistake! What the hell with this useless skill?! Sigh… Whatever… it just one skill point anyway… Eh… It took 5 skill points to buy it?! So expensive only for this useless skill?! F*ck! I just wasted my precious skill points for nothing!'
Tang Li Xue felt very irritated but she forced herself to calm down and check the new skill that she accidentally acquired just now.
[Shared EXP status:]
[Level: 100%]
[Cultivation: 0%]
'What the hell is this?! Wait a minute����� don't tell me that this is…'
Tang Li Xue's breathes heavier as she tried to set the [Shared EXP] parameter with her trembling tiny paw.
[Shared EXP status:]
[Level: 0%]
[Cultivation: 100%]
'IT WORKS! Now let's rob… Cough… Cough… l mean let's take a patrol to maintain justice!'
With Tang Li Xue's current strength, she was the small tyrant for all outer disciples. Even Qing Wu that already at the peak of Body Tempering Stage was beaten by her to the point his martial soul shattered and he would need a few years to recover his wounded soul.
Fighting for cultivation resources would always happen in every part of every sect so it did not take long for Tang Li Xue to rob… errr… to stop some outer disciples from fighting while confiscated their Body Tempering Pills as their punishment.
Tang Li Xue took the bottle full of Body Tempering Pills back to Xiao Hei's room.
'Please… Let this work! Or I will be damned if I must cultivate step by step like normal people!'
Tang Li Xue popped the Body Tempering Pills one by one into her mouth.
[EXP gained!]
[EXP gained!]
[EXP gained!]
Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment when she did not manage to have any breakthrough in her cultivation after almost consumed all of the Body Tempering Pills.
'Sigh… So it's only my imagination huh… what a pity! I thought that this [Shared EXP] would give my EXP to my cultivation rather than to my level…'
But when Tang Li Xue popped the last Body Tempering Pill into her mouth…
[Congratulation! Your cultivation breakthrough to Rank 1 Body Tempering Stage!]
'YEEEEEESSSS! Check status!'
[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]
[Grade: Common]
[Level 2 (Samaritan)]
Cultivation Level: Rank 1 Body Tempering Stage
Cultivation Technique: Body Tempering Stage Secret Manual
Martial Arts: None
Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon (Ice Bolt)], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form]
HP: 14,500/14,500
Strength: 120 (+30)
Agility: 160 (+30)
Toughness: 60 (+30)
[Skills: Rip (Lv2), Sharp Claws (Lv2), Sprint (Lv2), Identify (Lv5), Herbalism (Lv3), Jump (Mastered), Night Vision (Lv2), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Lv3), Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Lv3), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Lv3), Shared EXP (Lv1)]
Stats Point: 259
Skill Point: 7
[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 5x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 1XSubstitution Doll, 5xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 2xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xBronze Lottery Ticket, 4xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 2,158 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]
'All stats +30 not bad at all! If I reach the peak of Body Tempering Stage that means I would get all stats +300! Awesome! I wonder why Qing Wu is not as OP as me?!'
The answer was simple because not all people would get stat boost as many as her since she cultivates Body Tempering Stage Secret Manual from the system after all!
The stats boost that she gets from that manual was actually the maximum stats boost that the Body Tempering Stage cultivator can get when they are in that stage!
Of course, since there had a pro, there also had a con! The cons were that this Body Tempering Stage Secret Manual actually very hard to cultivate! This was also why Tang Li Xue stuck in her cultivation all this time!
'But my toughness still lacking and I can only maintain [Ethereal Form] for ten minutes or so… Let's raise it then!'
Tang Li Xue put 100 of her free stat points into her toughness stats increased it to 160! She was originally planned to raise her toughness stats so she can get more stamina to sustain her [Ethereal Form] but who knows that…
HP: 28,500/28,500
'Holysh*t! 28,500! Muahahahaha~~ who dare to say that fox is fragile now? I, the future Queen of Moonlight Forest is now as tanky as those giant demonic beasts! Muahahahaha~~'
Actually, her current high HP was mostly thanks to her [Innate: Toughness] divine ability that tripled her toughness stats but when she added 100 points it did not mean that her HP increase would almost triple from the previous amount too since her HP also increased during her level up and not all of it come from her toughness stats.
Without her knowing the sky was already dark outside so Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and [Sprint] then dashed toward Elder Lin's residence.
The current Tang Li Xue was already quite strong compared to before so she was a bit underestimate this current 'hard' difficulty quest but she actually forgot something very very important!
The system always calculated and adjusted the difficulty with the current circumstance along with Tang Li Xue's current strength and her growth!
So if the system judged that the quest was 'hard' difficulty for Tang Li Xue then it means no matter how strong she became it would still 'hard' for her to complete it!
Unfortunately, the current Tang Li Xue still did not realize this fact and measure this Elder Lin's 'hard' difficulty quest as the same difficulty as the farm exploration from before and she would surely regret it later!