Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 40 - Chapter 40: Trap and Gamble!

Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Trap and Gamble!

Pitter… Patter… Pitter… Patter…
The rain began to fall from the night sky when Tang Li Xue arrived at Elder Lin's residence.
Elder Lin's residence was actually no less luxurious and big than Xiao Hei's uncle. It was also signified how important Elder Lin in that fatty uncle's eyes.
Not only that, but the number of guards placed at this Elder Lin's place was also simply astounding!
'As I expect from that cunning uncle… He must be afraid that Xiao Hei sent some assassins to take revenge against Elder Lin or steal the abundant resources from Elder Lin's place! Unfortunately, all of these guards are useless against me! Uwehehehe…'
Although the rain was still pouring down heavily, it did not affect Tang Li Xue's movement or her [Ethereal Form] divine ability at all!
With her [Enhanced Sense of Sight] plus her [Night Vision], she did not have any difficulty moving with high speed in the dark!
Moreover, she also supported by her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] and [Enhanced Sense of Smell] for detection!
In fact, she already discovered several black-clothed men hiding in the shadow. Of course, all of these black-clothed people's intentions were not to assassinate Elder Lin, on the contrary, all of them must be fatty uncle's shadow guards that assigned to guard Elder Lin secretly.
'Mufufufu… Patrolling guards? Useless! PASS!'
Tang Li Xue dashed pass through all the patrolling guards effortlessly.
'Shadow guards hiding in the shadow? Easy! PASS!'
All the hiding shadow guards can't even see and feel her presence so how could they stop Tang Li Xue! So once again, Tang Li Xue passed them easily.
'Huh… are those traps? Pffft… Such an old fashioned trap! That's futile! PASS!'
There were several very thin silk wires connected with several bamboos, the purposes of these traps were that if the intruder accidentally touched it would make loud sounds to alarm all the guards.
However, Tang Li Xue could even pass through the solid wall with her [Ethereal Form] let alone this kind of traps! So Tang Li Xue once again passed through all of them like the wind.
Each time she passed an obstacle, Tang Li Xue's confidence became more and more swelling! In the end, she felt too complacent and it would be proof to be fatal in this kind of delicate quest just like now because one small mistake would be enough to mess it all up!
'Eehhh… What is that? Another trap? No problem! PAAA… AAAAAAHHHH!'
Tang Li Xue only looked at other thin silk wires several meters in front of her but before she reached there, her tiny furry body dropped down!
Bwooooosh~~! Plop!
Another classic trap: deep trap hole full of sharp spikes!
Fortunately, Tang Li Xue was still in her cheat-like [Ethereal Form] mode so all of those sharp spikes passed through her body harmlessly.
'Tsk… another old trap! But how could I didn't find it before?.......Illusion? They are using an illusion to cover it now? Tsk… Tsk… Now how could I go back to the surface? Even my [Jump] skill cannot reach that high!'
In the end, Tang Li Xue decided to buy [Climb] skill from her system that cost her another 1 Skill Point then used it to climb back up from the deep hole to the surface.
'Haaaiiissss… Maybe it will be easier if I infiltrate from the front gate using my [Ethereal Form] rather than sneaking from the backside like now… Whatever… It is already too late to turn back now! I already entered too deep into his courtyard! Rather than taking the detour, I prefer to face it head-on since it is faster and saving more time!'
Tang Li Xue could only sustain her [Ethereal Form] for less than thirty minutes so she knew she must be quick!
'Rather than dilly-dally around being too careful and waste too much time... Let's just push it through bravely forward! CHAAAARRGEEEE!'
Tang Li Xue's dashed forward to Elder Lin's residence with her full speed along with her [Sprint] and [Ethereal Form] activated!
'Uaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhh... climb! Again... CHAAAAARGEEEEE!'
'Hooooooguuuuuffff... climb! Again... CHAAAARGEEEE!'
She dropped down into several trap holes again and again but she did not mind it at all and climb back up again and again!
'Fortunately, there are no traps like landmines, or I will be really damned!'
Actually, there ARE the traps like landmines in that courtyard but the mechanism was a bit different from her previous world. It was called 'Exploding Talisman' and as its name suggested, it would explode if someone touched it!
Fortunately, Tang Li Xue always have her [Ethereal Form] activated at all times since she entered this Elder Lin's courtyard so all the traps that required touching to trigger it like Exploding Talisman were not triggered until now if not she would probably be torn into pieces or exploded into dust already!
'Hosh... Hosh... Hosh... At... last... finally... I... arrived...'
Tang Li Xue was running pass through the wall in front of her then she immediately slumped down in exhaustion as she breathes more heavily than before after that.
But even after she lied down on the floor for a few minutes, she still could not alleviate her exhaustion. In fact, she became even more exhausted since her [Ethereal Form] still chipping her stamina bit by bit each second passing.
In Tang Li Xue's prediction, she should be moving around in her [Ethereal Form] for less than ten minutes but under constant extreme situations like tonight when she needed to use [Night Vision], [Climb], and [Sprint] along with her several enhanced sense skills continuously, Tang Li Xue realized for the first time that she was too overestimating herself!
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and decided to check her surroundings first!
It seems she entered a big room full of tall bookshelves that filled with countless books from new to old.
'I am in the library now, huh... Should I rest for a bit here?'
However, Tang Li Xue did not know why but her feeling became even more unsettled even when she knew that she was in the library and not in some tightly guarded room now.
Tang Li Xue observed her surrounding carefully, it was very dark in this library but with her [Night Vision] she could saw everything as clear as day.
While walking around and observe, Tang Li Xue's mind was still thinking for the reason why that bald fatty placed so many efforts in protecting this place now?!
Tang Li Xue squinted her fox eyes when she thought the reason...
'That bald fatty probably put all of his rare precious herbs and materials here so Elder Lin could concoct all of them into pills for all the people in his faction! That is the only reason why he placed all of his people here to guard this place even going as far as putting those dangerous traps!'
Tang Li Xue smirked as her confidence shown in her expression.
'Then this is a gamble between Xiao Hei's uncle and me!'
Yes, this was a gamble between them!
If Tang Li Xue really managed to rob all the resources in this Elder Lin's place and get her revenge to that Elder Lin then she would deal a very heavy blow not to that Elder Lin but also to that fatty uncle and his faction at once! Flipping the situation between Xiao Hei and his uncle in one move! in a single night!
Of course, it was not easy at all since her movement also limited by the time! She only has several hours to find Elder Lin and to take all of those resources into her pouch! If not, the morning will come and it would make her harder to move around and who knows if that cunning fatty uncle would come here too in the morning?!
AND Tang Li Xue also did not have any information about this residence's blueprint, not even one bit! So she must explore all the rooms in this residence one by one to find where Elder Lin was and where he stored all of his resources...
'Sigh... headache!!! Also which direction am I heading now? East, west, south, or north?........ Aaaarrrrggghhhh... This place is really making me crazy!!! And I am very tired now! I want to go rest so badly!'