Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: (Spoiler Title at the Bottom of This Chapter)

Chapter 41: Chapter 41: (Spoiler Title at the Bottom of This Chapter)

Since Tang Li Xue already confirmed that no one inside this dark library and it was quite safe, she decided to turn off her [Ethereal Form] and took some rest to alleviate her exhaustion and sat on the library's floor.
'Just ten minutes is enough for me to rest… and also I need to think about what I need to do now! This huge residence is really killing me! My quest would be over once I get lost in here… especially if I use my [Ethereal Form] to pass through the wall one after another… it will make me easier to lose my way!'
Tang Li Xue did not waste any of her rest time, she immediately started to browse her skill list window to find any useful skill that could help her out of her current predicament!
She did not find any skill that fit with fit her requirement except one skill called [Mapping].
Tang Li Xue decided to buy that [Mapping] skill without any hesitation which cost her one Skill Point.
'I thought this [Mapping] skill is a barely useful skill that makes me remember a place that I have ever visited before but I was wrong! It seems this [Mapping] skill is actually like a mapping system in the RPG games… it can automatically make a complete layout of the place where I have ever seen before in my mind and in the layout is in 3D!'
For example, the back courtyard that she already passed through before, it was already made into a complete layout with her [Mapping] skills and imprinted in her mind including all of the traps in it. The same things also applied to this library.
'This skill is quite awesome! Sigh… All of the skills from the system are so useful that it makes me hard to choose!'
-1,637 (taken by [Substitute Doll])
HP: 28,500/28,500
Tang Li Xue's tiny body flung several meters and crashed to the bookshelf!
'Dammit! Who the hell dare to sneak attack me?!'
But Tang Li Xue's body shuddered in fear and shock when she saw what attacked her!
It was a floating white skeleton covered with a black tattered robe and holding long death scythe made from white bones.
Actually, its appearance looks really like a ghost if not for the status that appeared when Tang Li Xue glanced at it, she would really believe that this library was truly haunted.
'Or… not… a ghost… This useless pile of bones is really good at scaring people away!'
[Species: Yin Specter]
[Grade: Uncommon]
[Level: 16]
[HP: 12,500/12,500]
However, Tang Li Xue still exhausted to death and she could barely move now so how can she fight back against this fake ghost!
Tang Li Xue could only grit her teeth in the unwillingness and popped [Stamina Pill] into her mouth.
She actually did not plan to use any of her pills from her system if not really necessary since all of the pills from the system were incredibly precious and she did not even manage to get more of it in the [Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]!
Actually, she was afraid that she would not be able to get more pill supply even from the future package, and the only way for her to obtain it would be from the lottery ticket!
But she has no other choice now…
Tang Li Xue instantly recovered all of her stamina after she swallowed the [Stamina Pill] even any trace of fatigue completely erased from her body!
'What an awesome pill! Again, as I expect from the system!'
But before thinking about what she would do in this situation, Tang Li Xue swiftly took out her [Substitute Doll] from her inventory system and pulled a few strands of her silver furs from it!
[Successfully unbind the Substitute Doll from the owner. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes will not be transferred to substitute doll anymore.]
Tang Li Xue quickly sighed in relief when she read the message from the system.
'I will be damned if I wasted my precious [Substitute Doll] against this pile of bones!'
Tang Li Xue inspected her [Substitute Doll] for a moment and she found a shallow scratch on its body where Yin Specter slashed her before but fortunately, there was no serious damage so Tang Li Xue did not mind it and stored it back into her inventory system.
The Yin Specter looks angry when Tang Li Xue stood up as if nothing happen and playing with a straw doll in front of it so it flew toward her once more and swung its bone death scythe toward her!
Tang Li Xue did not panic, she calmly activated her [Ethereal Form] and turned invisible made the bone death scythe passed through her body without dealing any damage.
Yin Specter looked around, it cannot find Tang Li Xue's trace at all so it turned invisible once again like before!
'Eh… That fake ghost can also use [Ethereal Form]? Meh… impossible… of course not, it's probably just a skill similar to my [Stealth] before!'
Tang Li Xue still feels very angry with that Yin Specter for ambushing her and she really wanted to take revenge right here and then but she also realized that she had limited time.
It would take too much time and effort to kill this Yin Specter since it's able to turn itself invisible. Moreover, Tang Li Xue also predicted that she would need to fight eventually later in Elder Lin's room or resources storage room so it was better for her to save more time and energy for now!
'Fake ghost, you are lucky that This Queen is very busy today if not you would already be turned into a pile of broken bones in a few seconds! Humph!'
Since Tang Li Xue did not know which one was south, north, east, or west then she started to visualize everything in her mind.
'If the back courtyard is the south and this library is the center… then let's check what room is in the north, east, and west of us one by one!'
Chapter 41: Ghost in the Library!