Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Herb Garden Full of Wonder!

Chapter 42: Chapter 42: Herb Garden Full of Wonder!

'This is study room… Useless! Next! This is… guest room? Next! This is… kitchen? Nex… wait a minute, is there some roasted meat in here for me to eat? I am starving now… Urgghhh… but my time is limited… whatever! Next!'
The residence surrounding atmosphere was dark and gloomy if Tang Li Xue did not have her [Night Vision], she would not even be able to see anything in front of her; combined with the quiet environment, only the sound of rain and thunder that could be heard inside the house.
If someone coward that entered this Elder Lin's residence instead of Tang Li Xue, they would already trembling in fear and piss on their pants because of this residence dreadful atmosphere.
The more Tang Li Xue looking around this empty residence, the more worried she became! So she raised her vigilance to the highest.
'Something is not right! There are countless of traps and strong guards guarding outside but why no one guarding inside the residence?!'
After passing the long dark corridor, Tang Li Xue managed to find a glass room like a greenhouse full of various kinds of plant and herb.
'Woooaaahhh… A big herb garden! Daayyyuuummm… there must be countless rare precious herbs inside!'
Tang Li Xue used her tiny furry paw to wipe her droll that flowing out of her mouth and dashed excitingly toward the closed herb garden.
Judged from some abstruse runes that carved onto the glass wall, Tang Li Xue knew in an instant that there was some kind of formation that protecting the entire herb garden. However, all of those complicated formations were useless in front of her [Ethereal Form] since she can run passed through all of those easily.
After Tang Li Xue passed through the glass wall full of abstruse runes carving and stepped inside the herb garden, she immediately smells something weird.
She instantly felt a wave of dizziness and sleepiness attacking her mind!
'Not good! Is this poisonous gas? Or miasma? Dammit!'
Though it sounds the same but it was actually different. Miasma was usually the poisonous vapor coming out from the ground, mud, or earth while poison gas was usually coming out from the special type of beasts or plants.
Tang Li Xue observed all the plants around her and she immediately realized what made her dizzy and sleepy.
[Purple Grass]
[Function: A rare herb that can be used as main ingredients for sleeping pills, anesthetic, tranquilizer, and other drugs that related to that.]
'Damn! So these herbs are the cause!'
Tang Li Xue began to hesitate… should she retreat or charge deeper?
Tang Li Xue only needs one second to decide when she imagined those countless precious rare herbs that waiting for her to pick inside this herb garden!
Tang Li Xue dashed with her full speed along with [Sprint] skill activated, her speed was unimaginable fast until her silver figure turned blurry!
It only took her a few seconds to come out from the poisonous gas area!
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief as she slowing down her speed and walking to keep an eye on her surroundings.
She immediately raised her guards up since she did not want the same things like the poisonous gas incident happened again. When Tang Li Xue imagined the consequence if she fell asleep until 'who knows how long' because of that herbs gas, she shuddered in fear.
Unfortunately, the danger usually still came even if you put your guards up to defend against it, and sometimes no one could prevent it even if you put all your guards up, like what happens to Tang Li Xue now…
An ear-splitting long scream came out so suddenly from inside the ground below where Tang Li Xue stood.
Tang Li Xue felt her head and mind explode under that deafening voice as her eyes rolled back to her head and her steps began to staggering around like a drunken fox.
That deafening sound effect multiplied greatly on Tang Li Xue because she always had her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] activated all the time as one of her passive skills.
Since Tang Li Xue's mind went blank and her consciousness also turned blurry all of those made her [Ethereal Form] broke along with her [Conceal] and [Stealth] mode!
The green flowers on Tang Li Xue's right side shook violently when Tang Li Xue's figure suddenly appeared in front of them!
All the green flowers shot out their green round seeds like a bullet simultaneously toward Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue that still has her mind blank and staggering surely cannot dodge all of those seed bullets so all of those bullets hit her tiny body hard!
-327, -256, -168, -231, -217, -179…
A long string of damage numbers reduced her current Hit Points continuously!
HP: 21,647/28,500
Tang Li Xue's tiny body flew several meters to her left side and slammed onto the giant flower that planted there.
The green round seeds that shot on her tiny body actually not only hurt her but also stick on her body, it began to crazily grow, and start to bind her!
Tang Li Xue still felt a terrible head-splitting headache assaulting her mind but she forcefully shook head to clear her mind for a bit.
'What the hell is…'
Before she has time to complain and curse about her current situation, the giant flower where she was crashed on before started to open its big ugly mouth widely and swallowed her whole body down in one gulp!
Csssssss… Ssssssshhhhh…
The moment the yellow liquid inside that giant flower touched Tang Li Xue's body that still bound by the green seeds it began to make the horrible sound like corrosive acid liquid met with meat. Well, actually the yellow liquid was indeed the corrosive acid liquid itself!
'Aaaahhhh… Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Sh*t! It hurts!'
-75, -75, -75, -75, -75, -75, -75, -75…
Again… a long string of damage reduced her Hit Points non-stop this time without any sign of stopping!
'This is bad! I must find the solution fast or I would be digested until only my bones are left behind!'