Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Kill and Run!

Chapter 44: Chapter 44: Kill and Run!

'Whatever... My strength and agility should be enough to finish one of them then hide with [Ethereal Form]! Then I will target another one again with the same method until no one left uwehehehe...'
Though there were thirteen Hell Hounds in total, but their position was totally scattered in the Pill Storage Room. It was like they already trained to do so and guard their own territory to prevent any intruders or thieves sneaking in.
With her [Ethereal Form] still activated, Tang Li Xue's invisible body easily passed through the nearby shelf and she sneaked closer to the one of Hell Hounds.
Tang Li Xue deactivated her [Ethereal Form] after she managed to approach the Hell Hound and she pounced to it an instant then bite its neck with her [Rip] skill!
The Hell Hound did not even have any time to react at all before it wailed in pain as its neck bit by Tang Li Xue!
Tang Li Xue tore the flesh from the Hell Hound's neck using her [Rip] skill. Hell Hound's neck was bleeding profusely but that wound still did not enough to finish it.
'Dammit! I knew my strength is still not enough to kill it in one attack! Now what?! Retreat or continue?! ....... At least let me kill this one!'
Not only Tang Li Xue's strength was not high enough but her body size also too small so it also makes that her small mouth was incapable to tore the larger chunk of flesh from the Hell Hound's neck.
Blood kept flowing out from Hell Hound's mouth but its eyes turned red from anger and hatred as its intense killing intent emitted out from its body.
The Hell Hound opened its mouth wide and BOOOM~!
Shooting out fireball as large as a soccer ball toward Tang Li Xue!
Tang Li Xue used her [Jump] skill to dodge toward her left side while activating her [Mirror of the Moon] copy ability.
[Mirror of the Moon] Active!
Copy start!
Name: [Fireball] Type: Active Skill
Copy completed!
'Yeeeeesssss! What a coincidence?! Now I have a flame-type attack to deal with those annoying plants guarding that herb garden later! Uwehehehe…'
With Tang Li Xue's current high agility, the Hell Hound's movement was only as slow as a turtle on her eyes. She could attack the Hell Hound 4-5 times while the Hell Hound only manages to attack her once.
She mainly targeted the Hell Hound's eyes to blind it and tore the flesh on its neck, again and again, to make it bleed more heavily.
"Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!"
In only a few seconds after the Hell Hound that Tang Li Xue's faced wailing, five of its pack came running to help it!
Tang Li Xue knew that she cannot delay it anymore so she dashed toward the wounded Hell Hound in front of her with all of her speed and her [Sprint] skill activated while it still blinded by her attack before and use her [Sharp Claw] to its neck as her finishing blow!
With Tang Li Xue's full strength plus her full speed, her [Sharp Claw] managed to rip the Hell Hound's arteries on its neck this time and killed it.
Tang Li Xue only dared to do this because the Hell Hound's eyes were still blind since she used her [Sharp Claw] to attack its eyes before if not the Hell Hound would definitely shot its [Fireball] at her again like before when she ran toward it and Tang Li Xue that pounced toward the Hell Hound with her full speed would be like a bug flying toward the flame!
After successfully killing one Hell Hound, Tang Li Xue did not stop her feet from moving and still ran with her lightning speed since the five Hell Hounds were still chasing behind her tail right now!
Hell Hound was the strength type demonic beast so their speed was not high. With Tang Li Xue's high agility stats, it should not be a problem for her to outrun them all. Let alone she also has her [Ethereal Form] that equipped with perfect stealth, Tang Li Xue could easily slip away and escape from them anytime she wants.
BUT Tang Li Xue has another plan stored for them!
She did not use her [Ethereal Form] at all, she even deactivated her [Sprint] skill halfway, and purposely lower her running speed so all of those five Hell Hounds could catch up to her!
Unfortunately, those five Hell Hounds behind Tang Li Xue did not know it and still frantically chasing after her. They even kept increasing their running speed more and more to trying catching up to her.
The five Hell Hounds keep getting closer to Tang Li Xue steadily…
Five meters…
Three meters…
One meter…
Half meter…
Tang Li Xue sneered at them as she ran toward a dead end! There were only tall shelves on her right, left, and front so she definitely has nowhere to go now!
Or so those five Hell Hounds thought…
Tang Li Xue still ran toward the shelf in front of her despite she already saw it since from far! She only separated by half-inch from that shelf before she crashed into it…
However, she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] and her body turned invisible then her body passed through the shelf in front of her like a cloud of smoke.
The five Hell Hounds was not that stupid, they also quickly put the brakes on their run before they crashed onto the shelf.
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue would not be a fox Tang Li Xue if she did not take this chance to kick them down!
She deactivated her [Ethereal Form] after passed though the shelf then used her [Sprint] and [Jump] along with all of her strength to push the shelf toward the five Hell Hounds.
The five Hell Hounds that just barely managed to put the brakes on their run did not have any more time to dodge the shelf that already tilting toward them.
The tall shelf that Tang Li Xue pushed to fall down also brought the nearby tall multilevel shelves to fall one by one like domino.
After a few seconds, Tang Li Xue still stunned when she saw many tall multilevel shelves fell down because of her action.
Fortunately, all the pill bottles made from the special durable ceramic so not even one of them shattered like a vase.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she saw that, she already treat all of these pills and its bottles as her own belonging now so if it shattered or the pills inside those bottles damaged, she would become so frustrated and angry.
"Grrrrrrr~~ Grrrrrrr~~ Grrrrrrr~~ Woof! Woof!"
Another seven Hell Hounds was running toward her again!
'Oh no! I made all of my surrounding shelves fell down so I cannot use them as my cover to hide anymore!'
Since the surrounding shelves fell down, the narrow place where Tang Li Xue stood before become more spacious.
The seven Hell Hounds use this space to their advantage and besiege Tang Li Xue from all directions!