Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Pill Storage Room!

Chapter 43: Chapter 43: Pill Storage Room!

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and bit her tongue hard to forcefully clear her mind as head-splitting headache still assault her non-stop.
She turned off her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] before using her [Rip] to tear all the roots that created by that green seeds to bind her to pieces.
After released from her binding, Tang Li Xue took out her [Recovery Pill] from her inventory system and popped it into her mouth.
Not only all of her wounds began to heal but also all of her terrible headache erased in an instant!
Since her mind functioned back to normal now it also meant that she could activate her [Ethereal Form] back again!
So Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] in an instant and her body easily passed through the giant flower's body.
But once again…
Several ear-splitting shrills once again resounding from below the ground!
Tang Li Xue also once again assaulted by the mind-blowing attack that made her mind went blank and her consciousness blurry!
Fortunately, this time she already turned off her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] so the effect of that deafening sound attack was reduced significantly than before.
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger and hatred before decided to retreat back from this terribly dangerous herb garden for now.
However, before that Tang Li Xue checked the several plants that attacked her before one by one for one second…
[Function: Miraculous herb that can be directly eaten to strengthen the eater's mind, contain hallucinogen so this herb can be used as the main ingredients to create the pill or poison that can affect the mind. Beware of its scream, it's capable to make the one that heard it went crazy!]
[Green Seed Flower]
[Function: Rare plant used as the ingredient for strong aphrodisiac working both for male and female, its seeds are also rare delicacies that can be used both as the food preservative and spicy seasoning. Be careful of its seed since this plant can shot them like a bullet as their form of self-defense mechanism!]
[Venus Man-Eater]
[Function: Rare herb used as an ingredient for cold or fever medications, its liquid can also be used as an acid poison. Use it with caution!]
'Damn! I would never think that all of them are the proper rare herbs! I thought all of them are the traps that Elder Lin set to prevent the intruder to steal any precious rare herbs from his herb garden!'
But Tang Li Xue still decided to retreat temporarily for now since she was afraid that Mandrake's ear-splitting scream broke her [Ethereal Form] like before. In fact, her mind already almost collapsed under their deafening scream right now.
So she immediately activated her [Sprint] and dashed back to the poisonous gas area, she kept running at her full-speed until she passed through the rune-carved glass wall and went back out from the dangerous herb garden.
'Sigh… I need a fire-type attack to deal with all of those horrible plants! Forget it… I will think something while looking around at the other rooms to find where that Elder Lin's are…'
Who can think that Tang Li Xue's luck turned out for better this time, she actually managed to find Pill Storage Room near that herb garden!
Tang Li Xue's breaths turned heavy as her face turned red in excitement when she saw a huge room full of pills in bottle neatly arranged on the countless multilevel shelves.
The multilevel shelves here were actually many times more than from the bookshelves in the library and the multilevel shelves also a lot taller than the bookshelves!
'Woooaaaahhhh… Is this heaven? ...….There is no need to doubt… This is heaven!'
Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in awe when she saw the countless multilevel shelves full of pills in bottles.
However, she managed to forcefully calm herself down and raised her guards back like before since she guessed that it was impossible for this kind of room filled with countless precious pills to be left unguarded!
Tang Li Xue activated her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] back and this time it really did not disappoint her since her sensitive ear that enhanced by many folds manage to catch the barely inaudible sounds of something moving.
Even though Tang Li Xue was still in her invisible mode, she still proceeds carefully and took a peek at the enemies that she would face from the multi-level shelf gap.
[Hell Hound]
[Grade: Uncommon]
[Level: 11]
[HP: 11,600/11,600]
It was the same demonic beast as the one she saw inside the coliseum area in the dome before. This kind of demonic beast did not have high Hit Points but they could deal much more damage than the average [Uncommon] demonic beast.
In short, this [Hell Hound] has high Strength stats but low Toughness stats!
But unfortunately, Tang Li Xue's sense of hearing did not only catch the sound step of one creature inside this Pill Storage Room...
'Wait a minute... one... three... seven... ten... thirteen! There are thirteen of them! Damn! Ahhhh... there are so many of them!'
In one on one fight, Tang Li Xue have 100% confidence to win but against thirteen of them at once… hahaha… you must be joking! She would not try it even if her system gave her three more lives to spare!
'So the safest way is to take them one by one swiftly! It should not be too difficult with my [Ethereal Form] but I also have another problem now… sigh… my agility and toughness stats are quite high but my strength stats are still too low without any support from the passive innate divine ability!'
Tang Li Xue added 80 of her free stats points into her Strength Stats make it reach 200, the minimum requirement for her to evolve later plus 30 from her Rank 1 Body Tempering Stage cultivation, her strength 230 in total right now.
She also added 60 free stats points into her Agility Stats to make it reach 200 too. Only leaving her with 19 free stats points remaining.
However, her Strength Stats was still far lacking compared with her Agility Stats that reach 630 with her [Innate: Agility] help ((200 * 3) + 30=630) and her Toughness Stats that reach 510 with her [Innate: Toughness] support ((160 * 3) + 30=510).
'In order to finish them one by one swiftly, I need to do two things! The surprise attack and one move filled with an overwhelming strength that strong enough to finish them if it struck their vital point! Let's buy more strength enhancement skill then…'
'First, let's buy [Greater Strength] passive skill!'
[You have gained Greater Strength ability!]
'Eeeehhh… There is a skill like this too?! BUY!'
[You have gained Deal More Damage ability!]
'Tsk… tsk… [Strengthen Muscles]… Is it going to make me a bulky fox? Meh… I hope not… sigh… a beggar can't be picky anyway… BUY!'
[You have gained Strengthen Muscles ability!]
[Greater Strength (Lv1), Deal More Damage (Lv1), Strengthen Muscles (Lv1) can be combined into divine ability [Innate: Strength] with cost 10 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]
'YES! YEEESS! YEEEEEESSSSS! I accidentally found [Innate: Strength] combination! It really came at the right time hahaha! YES! Combine it now!'
[Sorry, your current Skill Points is not enough yet!]
[You can try leveling up all the required skills to reduce the cost for the combination!]
'SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTT! Oh my God… at the time like this and I run out of my skill points?! You must be kidding with me!'