Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Strange Safe Room!

Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Strange Safe Room!

The seven Hell Hounds opened their mouth and shot their [Fireball] skill toward Tang Li Xue that still stood in the middle of their siege.
Tang Li Xue also did not stand idle. Looking at the current situation worsened for her, Tang Li Xue decided to dash toward one of the Hell Hounds!
'Dammit! Are you all a pack of dogs or a pack of wolves?! How could you all cooperate with each other so neatly?!'
Tang Li Xue decided to not use her [Ethereal Form] this time since in her [Ethereal Form] she would receive twice damage from the elemental attack and the Hell Hounds [Fireball] was the fire elemental attack!
Tang Li Xue also opened her mouth and shot her [Fireball] toward the Hell Hound in front of her.
The two fireballs collided and exploded, although Tang Li Xue's [fireball] a bit weaker than the Hell Hound's [Fireball] since her current strength was lower but she manages to neutralize the Hell Hound's attack.
Fortunately, she already replaced her [Ice Bolt] skill with their [Fireball] skill with [Mirror of the Moon] before. If not she would not be able to neutralize Hell Hound's attack with the fireball explosion effect.
But there were another six fireballs shooting toward her from 6 different directions!
Tang Li Xue dashed with her full speed along with her [Sprint] skill activated toward the Hell Hound whose attack she had already neutralized before.
Six fireballs were chasing after Tang Li Xue with the speed faster than her running speed!
Tang Li Xue started to sway her body right and left, her running way changed from straight into the zigzag pattern. Her high agility stats granted her body with high flexibility so she could easily change her running pattern without decreasing her speed at all!
One after other fireballs almost hit her but it failed in the end and landed randomly near her then exploded!
Sometimes it exploded behind her, and the other exploded beside her! However, Tang Li Xue still remains untouched by all of those fireballs!
Tang Li Xue arrived in front of one of the Hell Hounds but she still did not slow down her speed at all!
The Hell Hound put its battle stance, prepared itself to battle with Tang Li Xue head-on.
However, the Hell Hound would never think that as Tang Li Xue almost crashed into it, she immediately use her [Jump] skill and took a high leap above the Hell Hound's head!
Tang Li Xue instantly activated her [Ethereal Form] the moment she used her [Jump] skill, she makes it as if she completely disappeared in front of the Hell Hound.
The seven Hell Hounds puzzled by Tang Li Xue sudden disappearance and they looked around them full of vigilance trying to find where Tang Li Xue was.
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue already decided to not play around with all of them anymore…
'With all of these commotions, all of those guards who are guarding outside should be realized that something happened here and they would probably come to check this room soon … I should hide first for now! It's not like that those dogs could tell the guard about me, right? Hehe…'
Tang Li Xue slipped back silently to where she was before and used her [Fireball] once more to burn the Hell Hound's body that she killed before.
'It is better to play safe than sorry! It would be bad if those guards noticed that there is an intruder slipped in here!'
Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] back and run deeper inside the Pill Storage Room.
Not long after that, just like what Tang Li Xue had predicted. There were tens of patrolling guards entered the Pill Storage Room to check what happened inside.
Well… the sound of those Hell Hounds barking and their fireballs exploding everywhere was so loud that it something like this was bound to happen.
"Unit 3, 4, 5 spread and check all the corners of this room! Unit 1 and 2 block the door! Kill anyone suspicious on sight!" The guard captain commanded with a solemn tone.
"YES, CAPTAIN!!!" All the guards answered in unison and started to follow their captain order.
However, no one realized how nervous their captain actually was…
'Godd*mn it! If something bad really happens or something is missing from this Pill Storage Room, my head would probably leave my neck on the next morning! I hope nothing bad happened here…'
After spending 10-20 minutes searching at every corner of Pill Storage Room, they still did not manage to find anyone inside.
"Report, Captain! There is no one inside but we find one dead Hell Hound! The hell hound died because of fire!" One of the guards saluted and said to his captain.
"Is there some pills missing from this room?" The guard captain asked again.
"No, Captain! But we found several shelves fell on five Hell Hounds made them cannot move and wounded! But after we count it, nothing is missing! The all pill's bottles also remain intact, nothing damaged! We also already helped the Hell Hounds out and treat their wounds!"
The guard captain sighed in relief when he heard that and said: "so nothing is missing or broken… It's good… everything is good… then how about the dead Hell Hound? Do you find the reason why it died?"
"Yes, Captain! Other than burns, we also find several vague traces of bite and claw wounds from the Hell Hounds dead body! We guess that it died because…" The guards hesitated on what he wanted to say.
"SAY!" The guard captain shouted.
"We guessed that it died because they fighting among themselves!" The guards started to sweat profusely.
The guard captain frowned but this Pill Storage Room was like a safe-deposit box. Other than one sturdy door filled with mechanism and locking array, there was not even a window or a vent here so how could the intruder silently enter and leave from here as he wishes.
Furthermore, there was nothing missing from this room at all so the only conclusion was only the Hell Hounds fighting among themselves and accidentally kill one of them��
But all of these Hell Hounds were the elites that handpicked by the beast trainer and received years of intense training… so how could they fight amongst themselves just like today?! It did not make sense at all! This probability was also very thin!
The guard captain had a terrible headache about this… but he really cannot find any other reason since that Hell Hound died because of fire or bite and claws, not because of weapon or human's attack!
In the end, the guard captain decided to search the entire Pill Storage Room a few times before ordered 2 of his units to guard this Pill Storage Room from outside!
Well, he certainly did not trust his subordinates enough to order them guarding inside Pill Storage Room that was full of precious pills.
"Remember! Do not go inside this room without my permission! Especially the thick iron door inside this room! Do not ever touch it! Do you understand?!" The guard captain gave a harsh warning to his subordinate before leaving them and continues his job to patrol around outside the residence.
The guard captain actually did not know what actually stored inside the thick iron door. It was not his problem anyway since he did not have enough authority to go inside there. His superior only warned him to not touch it.
'Well, it's not my business anyway! With all of those multiple high ranked locking array and dangerous inscription carved on that thick iron door, I really sure no one can pass that door without the key and proper secret direction… Haha…" The guard captain laughed and resumed his duty as usual.

Unfortunately, the guard captain's guess was wrong this time since he would never think that there was a certain fox with a divine ability to pass through all material objects directly without touching it!
And Tang Li Xue that used her [Ethereal Form] to pass the thick iron door just now was actually in extremely dire straits right now!