Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: What Lies Beyond This Round Door?!

Chapter 46: Chapter 46: What Lies Beyond This Round Door?!

Twenty minutes ago, before all the guards breaking into the Pill Storage Room…
Tang Li Xue with her [Ethereal Form] still activated entered deeper into the Pill Storage Room.
The gear in Tang Li Xue's mind spun faster as she pondering her next plan.
If she took the pills bottle in this room as many as she could now then all the guards would realize that there was an intruder manage to slip in this residence and they would become wary!
Soon all guards outside would enter this residence and conduct full-scale searching order. It would not only make her a lot harder to move around, but Elder Lin's will also put up his guard up, and who knows that fatty uncle would even come here to protect Elder Lin.
In short, her mission would become impossible to complete!
So her plan was simple!
She would not take anything in this room for now. Just let those guards think that those stupid dogs fight each other then they kill one of themselves in the end!
She already burned the Hell Hound's body that she killed before anyway.
With the dead Hell Hound's body burned so badly, all of those guards would not be able to recognize that all of those claws and bite wound was actually from a fox and not from the other hell hound. So she would be safe for now!
'So I only need to hide for one or two hours inside this… uh… safe-deposit box… or safe-deposit room? Whatever room this is… until all the guards lowered their guard again and I would slip back to the herb garden then…. Hehehehe…'
Tang Li Xue stopped her step when she spotted the round thick iron door. There were countless tiny abstruse runes carved on the entire round door and the wall. All the carved runes also emitting a faint pure golden light, the dangerous pressure coming from the round door was making as if it warned the people that looking at it that no one can touch it.
'Wooooaaahhhh! My instinct tells me that this place definitely used to store the most precious stuff! Is this the place to store divine pills? Or the most precious herbs? Uwehehehe… ENTER!'
Tang Li Xue guessed that those shiny runes carved on the round thick iron door were some kind of high-ranked lock or safety mechanism. Unfortunately, all of those things were completely useless to stop her!
Tang Li Xue jumped toward the round thick iron door with her [Ethereal Form] and her invisible body easily passed through all arrays and locks.
Tang Li Xue's instinct was right and this room used as the place to store Elder Lin's most precious stuff! However, his most precious stuff was not like what Tang Li Xue imagined it to be!
Searing heat devoured Tang Li Xue's tiny body the moment she entered the safe room and her [Ethereal Form] instantly broke when the extremely high temperature roasted her furs and skins!
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as she tried to activate her [Ethereal Form] once again and retreat from this scalding room but no matter how hard she tried, her [Ethereal Form] break almost immediately the moment she activates it without giving her any chance to go back and passed through the round door once more like before!
Then why Tang Li Xue could pass through the round door from outside?
The answer was simple, it was because the array function carved on the thick round door did not only used to lock the door and prevent the outsider from touching it but also serving as a form of protection for the thick round door from the extreme heat!
So the reason why Tang Li Xue could pass through the door easily from outside before because the round door was not hot at all if the round door also scalding hot like this room then Tang Li Xue's [Ethereal Form] would be broken the moment she touched the round door.
-65, -65, -65, -65, -65, -65, -65…
'Dammit! I can't use my [Ethereal Form] to escape! I must find another way to escape from this room as soon as possible! If not I would become a roasted moon fox when morning comes!'
Tang Li Xue held the scalding heat that kept assaulting her body and began scanning this room carefully trying to find a window or a vent for her to escape!
It turns out that this room was not the room to concoct pills like she guessed the moment she stepped inside but a genuine safe room full of precious treasures!
[Earth Core Herb]
Function: Miraculous herb that can only grow near the earth's core, can be used to greatly enhance the internal organ durability and muscle strength.
[Nine-Petals Heavenly Sun Flower]
Function: Miraculous flower that contains a boundless supreme Yang element.
[Bone Tempering Marrow Cleansing Mushroom]
Function: Miraculous mushroom that can temper the bones and expel the impurities hidden in the marrow.

Tang Li Xue almost drooled the moment she saw precious rare herbs tagged as miraculous medicine scattered on the floor of this room!
'Unfortunately, all of them almost dried up this high degree temperature… Wait a minute… something is wrong here… why that Elder Lin stored all of those super precious herbs inside this broken hot room knowing that something like this would happen? It is as if… as if…'
As if he gave all of these miraculous herbs to nourish something inside this room…
Tang Li Xue's scalp went numb the moment she thought about that as she decided to raise her vigilance to the max in an instant!
Tang Li Xue looked around the safe room and when she raised her tiny head, she found that there were tens of golden pills floating above the room like several groups of bees. It looks like these golden pills were the same like those herbs, these miraculous pills also used as nourishment for something inside this room!
However, Tang Li Xue did not have any chance to mind about those miraculous golden pills now…
Since she saw the true cause of the extremely high temperature inside this room…
'What… the… hell… is… that…'
On the top of the mysterious altar at the end of the safe room…
It was actually a deep blue flame only as big as a pinky!
However, Tang Li Xue did not know why this deep blue flame actually made her heart palpitate not only with fear and terror but also with respect and admiration!
Yes, only as big as a pinky but it was more than enough to make this entire safe room made from the thick unknown metal almost melt by its temperature!
'A tiny flame?! But… what a strange feeling I have…'
Tang Li Xue did not know why but at this moment she could felt the heart beating from the tiny flame!
When Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes met with this deep blue flame, she immediately felt a strange connection.
She could clearly felt…
The deep blue flame's arrogance…
[The Flame of Pride (Embryo) asked to be assimilated by you, do you want to accept it? Yes/No]