Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Enraged!

Chapter 47: Chapter 47: Enraged!

'Flame of Pride? Embryo? What the hell is this thing anyway?!'
While Tang Li Xue pondered about it, her Health Points keep dropping rapidly and she felt her consciousness started to blurry.
Tang Li Xue felt all of her blood almost evaporated even all of her skin was burn and her meat almost roasted.
She gritted her teeth and she immediately popped one [Recovery Pill] into her mouth to recover all of her burn wounds.
'I only have 3 more [Recovery Pill] now! Sigh… I should use it more carefully from now on…'
Tang Li Xue stopped hesitating and then she chose 'No' in the end.
Yes, you did not read it wrong… she really chose 'No' nonchalantly, happily, without any doubt.
'Joking with me?! What do you mean by assimilated? Does it mean to let me accept this scourge and let it enter my body? Hahaha… NO! I already stood more than ten meters away from that tiny flame and it almost roasted me inside out! You say that you want to assimilate with me? Entered my body and burn it from inside? Dream on!'
Tang Li Xue even started to imagine that 'assimilate' actually means she would swallow that whatever flame into her stomach and she started to shudder in horror…
'This system is really crazy! Did you know how hot that little flame is?! Why don't you ask me to swallow the lava instead?'
Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue and she started to look around the safe room again to find the exit.
Unfortunately, something Tang Li Xue had never expected was actually happening in front of her eyes now!
The flame of pride that Tang Li Xue reject before started to tremble in anger and the temperature inside the room started to rise more and more rapidly!
It felt that Tang Li Xue actually sullied its pride by rejecting it!
Although still in embryonic form, the flame of pride already quite smart and it actually had 11-12 years old child intelligence.
It knew that it was a high ranking flame spirit!
All creatures should plead it to assimilate with him/her, not the contrary!
Even when that old alchemist was pleading to assimilate with it and brought all kinds of precious herbs and divine pills to nourish it, it still refused so adamantly!
'Assimilate with alchemist and used as a tool to concoct pills every day? What a joke! No way!' The flame of pride thought.
That was why each time Elder Lin tried to forcefully assimilate with the flame of pride, it immediately tried to self-destruct!
A flame of pride was not only an arrogant flame but also gallant and brave!
It realized that its ability would truly shine in battle!
It should be used by the greatest hero!
The symbol of valor that makes all of the greatest hero's enemies trembling in fear each time they see its light!
Actually it also reluctant to choose the fox girl in front of it, the fox girl was too weak for its taste but at least she was far better than that old alchemist from before.
At least it detected an untaintable pride and bravery in this fox girl's pure soul, unlike that cowardly alchemist that concoct the pills inside his room all day.
Also if it was not locked up in this room without any other candidate to meet, it would not choose this weak and fragile fox!
But now she even dares to reject its request to assimilate?!
The flame of pride once again shuddered in anger as it thinks: 'No matter what I will make you assimilate with me!'
Then all of the floating divine pills started to flew toward Tang Li Xue with astonishing speed just like pellets.
-275, -281, -267, -279, -264…
'Arrrgghhh… Ouch… ouch… ouch… what the… dammit! Is it angry? What kind of logic is this? You are angry because I refuse to eat… err… assimilate with you?!'
Just now she ate one [Recovery Pill] to completely restore her Health Points and heal all of her burns and wounds but now all of these tens of divine pills keep attacking her like a rain of bullet made her Health Points plummed down once again even faster than before.
Tang Li Xue also bared her fang in anger, she opened her mouth and crunch several divine pills that she managed to catch in her mouth.
'You all only pills designed to be eaten! Do you all really think that you are the real bullet of something?! Take this… Take thisssssss… What you all can do other than enter my stomach?!'
[EXP gained!] [All stats +1]
[EXP gained!] [Strength +3]
[EXP gained!] [Agility +2, Toughness +1]
Tang Li Xue stunned when she saw a long list of stats up after she gulped down several divine pills in her mouth.
'Damn! All of these things are really good stuff! Unfortunately, these pills' essence almost dried up if not its efficacy should be more potent than this! Come… come… all of you come and let Mommy Tang taste you! Muahahaha…'
Tang Li Xue did not care about all the damage she received. Each time the divine pills attacked her, she opened up her mouth and crushed several of it in her mouth then swallows it into her stomach happily.
Not only her stats were rising rapidly, but she also got EXP continuously! With her [EXP Share], all of the EXP she gets now did not add to her level but to her cultivation and since her cultivation level was pitifully low right now, it rises so rapidly in a short time!
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 2 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 3 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 4 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
After receiving a countless hail of attacks, Tang Li Xue coughed out several mouthfuls of blood to the ground but it quickly evaporated because of how hot the room was.
She also started to feel even dizzier and nausea then she started to lose control of her own body as it feels weaker and weaker.
[Warning! HP dropped into a critical level!]
HP: 8,300/36,500
'What?!! Sh*t! Because of how addictive these pills are, I almost forgot about my own Health Points!'
Tang Li Xue sighed as she popped one more [Recovery Pill] into her mouth, now she only had 2 [Recovery Pill] left in her inventory system.
Her Health Points recovered so swiftly that it was full only in a few seconds. All of her previous burns and wounds also vanished without a trace.
HP: 36,500/36,500
Since the divine pills still attacking her, she also resumed eating them again and again. Their number quickly dwindled considerably, Tang Li Xue also manage to level up her cultivation twice before the last pills entered her mouth.
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 5 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 6 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
However, when Tang Li Xue opened her mouth to eat the last pills that flew toward her, the flame of pride also flew toward her mouth with the speed even faster than pills!
Forget about closing her mouth, Tang Li Xue did not even have any time to react at all when the flame of pride entered her mouth!
[Assimilation with Flame of Pride (Embryo) begin! Time remaining until completion: 02:59:56.]
The truth was actually not far from what Tang Li Xue had imagined before when the flame of pride entered her, the extremely high temperature was rising even more intense and it really roasted her body from inside out!
'Cough… cough… cough… oerrrgh… oeeeergggghhh… get… get out of my body, you scourge! You bully! I already rejected you before! What flame of pride?! Fart! You should be called the flame of shamelessness instead! Arrrgghhhh… HOT… HOT… SO HOOOTTTTT!'
The flame of pride trembling in anger when it sensed Tang Li Xue's thought and it started to rise its temperature even more!
Her Health Points were actually started to drop even more rapidly than before when she fought with the divine pills!
-1275, -1221, -1197, -1150, -1102,…
'Dammit! Am I really going to die here?'
Tang Li Xue realized that she actually facing the most dangerous situation in her entire life now!