Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Assimilation and Tempering!

Chapter 48: Chapter 48: Assimilation and Tempering!

The Flame of Pride entered Tang Li Xue's body deeper and deeper until it arrived at her dantian.
From her dantian, the Flame of Pride started to spread to all of her meridians, blood vessels, including to all of her bones and muscles.
The Flame of Pride started to temper every part of Tang Li Xue's body from inside out with its scorching temperature.
Right now, deep blue flame covered Tang Li Xue's entire body, it looks fascinating beautiful but the danger that she faced right now was actually very high.
Tang Li Xue tried to use her current strength to resist the deep-blue flame that spread on all of her body and the rate of her Health Points decreasing was reduced a lot but when she tried to resist it this way, it also made her stamina decreased more rapidly too!
'UUUUUUUUAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH… Is this your best shot, scourge flame?! You tiny little flame wants to burn this Queen?! Dream on!'
The Flame of Pride became even more enraged by Tang Li Xue's mocking!
The deep-blue flame burned even fiercer and hotter until it forming a swirl of flame with Tang Li Xue at its center.
Of course, Tang Li Xue was not fool enough to provoke the Flame of Pride without any reason. There were three reasons why she was doing this!
The first reason was…
[Flame of Pride is tempering your body! Toughness +1]
[Flame of Pride is tempering your body! Toughness +1]
[Flame of Pride is tempering your body! Toughness +1]
Yes, even though the assimilating process with the Flame of Pride means Tang Li Xue's body keeps burning but it also tempering her body with its extremely high temperature!
The second reason was…
-1032, -995, -951, -903, -886, …
Tang Li Xue also did not know why but the burning damage that her body received from the Flame of Pride keeps decreasing over time, maybe because her Toughness stats become higher and higher or maybe because her resistance to flame or heat increased more and more.
She was also aware that three hours to assimilate with Flame of Pride was too long! She only has 2 more [Recovery Pill] and the burning damage she received over three hours would probably kill her even if she used all of her [Recovery Pill] sparingly.
So Tang Li Xue decided to gamble with her life and provoke the Flame of Pride, again and again, not only to increase her toughness stats and her flame resistance but also to speed up their assimilation process! This was her third reason.
Tang Li Xue realized that her Health Points dropped again to the critical level and her stamina also exhausted so she immediately popped one [Recovery Pill] and one [Stamina Pill] into her mouth!
'URRRAAAGHHH…Haah… Haah… Is this all you got little flame?! Hahaha… Too weak! You must be the lowest bottom ranking flame! All you can do is making people itch with your warm temperature! You probably cannot even boil the water with your pathetic heat!.....'
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as she felt all of her sweat, tears, and blood started to evaporate under the flame of pride extremely high temperature!
She started to felt her eyelid grew heavier, her consciousness also getting more and more blurry.
The deep-blue flame that swirling around with Tang Li Xue at its center becomes even more concentrated and its blue light also becomes more dazzling!
The swirling flame exploded upward making a big pillar of blue flame even the sturdy iron safe room full of heat protection array started to melt at astounding speed!
Tang Li Xue felt that she cannot hold on anymore, she tossed her last [Recovery Pill] and all of her [Stamina Pill] into her mouth as her last struggle before she fell unconscious under the great pressure of scorching heat and the pillar of flame.
No one actually aware of this matter and all of them only knows that the temperature at the Elder Lin's residence rises rapidly tonight.
All of the guards that guarding the Elder Lin's Residence have pretty high cultivation, they usually never sweating even if they stood under the sun for all day but tonight their sweat started to pour out profusely!
Even Elder Lin that still busily concocting pills in his room did not aware that his most precious flame already assimilated with another person… err… another fox.
No one knows how many sacrifices that Elder Lin bear to get this Flame of Pride embryo, other than the fatty uncle Mo Chonglin.
Elder Lin was a well-renowned alchemist if he received Xiao Hei's offer to concoct pills along with Mo Chonglin's faction and Xiao Hei's grandfather's faction, he would gain more profit from all of them! He could even accept any offer outside Asura Demon Sect too and gain even more profit if he wanted to!
Then why Elder Lin would become Mo Chonglin's personal alchemist now and only concoct pills for Mo Chonglin's faction? Is it makes sense if he only sold his services to only one specific person rather than to all people? It was obvious that he could get more benefits if he sold his services to more people!
The real reason for this was because Mo Chonglin offered this Flame of Pride to Elder Lin! Elder Lin agreed to work under Mo Chonglin for 100 years and they even already signed a contract agreement.
Assimilating with high ranking flame was the biggest dream for all renowned alchemists including Elder Lin!
The low-ranking flame was born at least every one hundred years.
The mid-ranking flame was born every one thousand years.
Then for the high-ranking flame? Even waiting for one hundred thousand years, no one could guarantee that someone could find it!
Imagine it… for this high-ranking flame, the Flame of Pride, Elder Lin willing to work under Mo Chonglin for 100 years! He had to concoct Pills for Mo Chonglin's faction every day and night only to get his hand on this Flame of Pride!
But Elder Lin still did it happily since he thought he got a big bargain here… since he only needs to work for 100 years to get a high ranking flame that no one could get even if they wait for a hundred thousand years!
Even though the Flame of Pride rejected him for now and almost self-destructed when he tried to forcefully assimilate with the Flame of Pride but all of these did not make Elder Lin's down, Elder Lin still believe that someday the Flame of Pride would yield to him under his constant coaxing.
Elder Lin did not even hesitate to pour all of his resources, all of his precious rare herbs, and divine pills in his possession to nourish the Flame of Pride. Just like a caring father keep feeding a healthy supplement to his own son and watching his son grow up just so his son could accept him as the father.
Unfortunately, all of those efforts were fated to be in vain because his beloved Flame of Pride already assimilated by the small fox that accidentally entered his safe chamber.
If Elder Lin really knew about this, he would probably not only vomiting out all blood in his body and went crazy, he would probably also commit suicide on the spot without any need for Tang Li Xue to do anything at all.
Too bad that these two did not know anything about this right now…