Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Let This World Burns!

Chapter 49: Chapter 49: Let This World Burns!


Tang Li Xue's eyelid trembled slightly as she slowly regained her consciousness.
She opened her eyes suddenly and jumped up in fright then started to check her own limbs and body.
'Fuuuh… Thank God, I am still alive! I thought I am really done for this time… It looks like my luck in this life is better than my luck in my previous life.'
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and she quickly opened the system window to check her current status…
[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]
[Grade: Common]
[Level 2 (Samaritan)]
Cultivation Level:
Rank 6 Body Tempering Stage
Cultivation Technique: Body Tempering Stage Secret Manual
Elemental Spirit: Flame of Pride (Embryo)
Martial Arts: None
Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon (Fireball)], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form]
HP: 8,120/49,750
Strength: 243 (+180)
Agility: 237 (+180)
Toughness: 300 (+180)
[Skills: Rip (Lv3), Sharp Claws (Lv3), Sprint (Lv4), Identify (Lv5), Herbalism (Lv3), Jump (Mastered), Night Vision (Lv4), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Lv4), Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Lv4), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Lv4), Shared EXP (Lv2), Climb (Lv3), Mapping (LV2), Greater Strength(Lv1), Deal More Damage(Lv1), Strengthen Muscles(Lv1)]
Stats Point: 19
Skill Point: 2
[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 5x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 1XSubstitution Doll, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 2xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xBronze Lottery Ticket, 4xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 2,158 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]
'Elemental… spirit? What the hell is this? And… how can I use this thing? Whatever… Let's forget it for now. My current HP is only 8,120 left?! What a close call! Dammit… really… I have almost been killed by this little flame critter!'
But Tang Li Xue quite pleased with her current cultivation level, it already reached Rank 6 Body Tempering Stage. She only needs to level it up 4 more ranks to awaken her Martial Soul!
Besides that, her basic Toughness stats also reached 300 pushing her maximum HP to reach almost 50,000!
'All of this because of that strange flame tempering my body from inside out… really not bad at all! Sigh… it looks like 300 Toughness stats already reached the maximum capacity for the body tempering method using that flame if not the total amount of my Toughness stats should be higher than 300! So I can only raise it higher only with my free stat points now?'
Tang Li Xue once again decided not to think about it for now and started to think about her currently most annoying problem…
Her current Health Points were too low!
Moreover, this was not in the game! In the game when HP dropped too low it would not impair her movement at all but in reality when her HP dropped too low, it means that she was critically injured and her movement would be severely impaired!
Right now she cannot even activate her [Sprint] skill and her speed dropped to one-tenth from usual!
Fortunately, all of her wounds were burn wounds if it were incision wounds, she would already bleed to death by now!
'What a headache… and… I ALREADY USED UP ALL OF MY RECOVERY PILLS TOO?! How great?! Sigh… Now, what should I do?!'
In the end, Tang Li Xue decided to open her skill list window and search for some kind of healing skill like regeneration or something like that…
She managed to find one called [Self-Healing] skill and she used one of her Skill Point to buy it from the skill list.
[You have gained Self-Healing ability!]
After observing it for a while, Tang Li Xue found that this [Self-Healing] ability effect was not that great. It only heals her about 1% of her maximum HP every 10 seconds. In other words, this skill actually heals her 497 HP every 10 seconds.
'Well… It is better than nothing I guess… Let's move on then! I am afraid that my time is almost up!'
Tang Li Xue did not know how long she went unconscious so she decided to use her [Ethereal Form] first to get out from this safe room and see the situation outside first.
Tang Li Xue's mouth twitches violently when she scanned her current surrounding and found that the sturdy safe room full of heat protection before already melted and deformed beyond recognition like now.
'It really is a wonder that I could survive under that intense flame… I really cannot imagine it, even this thick iron room become like this!'
Tang Li Xue passed through the deformed thick iron round door and went back to the Pill Storage Room.
Like usual several Hell Hounds were patrolling around the room, twelve of them to exact since Tang Li Xue killed one of them before.
'Should I kill all of them now? With my stats increased so much, dealing with them one by one swiftly should not be a problem… but it would be bad if we make a loud sound or ruckus like before and… NO! I have a better plan than that hehehe… let's head back to Herb Garden first!'
Tang Li Xue decided to let them be for now and her transparent silhouette passed through the Pill Storage Room's door easily like the fog. She was shocked to find that unlike before, many guards actually stationed outside the Pill Storage Room now to guard it.
'Dammit! Luckily, I make the correct judgment now and not make any rash move! Or it would be nasty if all of these guards rushing inside when I busying myself fighting with all of those big doggies!'
With her [Ethereal Form] along with her [Conceal] passive skill activated no one could notice her even all the guards that guarding outside the Pill Storage Room so Tang Li Xue could still move around rather easily.
Tang Li Xue ran back to the Herb Garden and fortunately, all the guards only stationed in front of the Pill Storage Room's door and no one guarding the Herb Garden.
Tang Li Xue stood in front of the Herb Garden's glass wall but she did not barge in recklessly like before since she was already fully aware of the dangers of the horrible plants inside.
'By the way, how could that whatever mandrake find me when I have my [Ethereal Form] and [Conceal] activated last time?'
She thought really hard and find out there were two things that her skills cannot completely conceal.
Intent and breathes!
If she stared at someone with intense murderous intent, there was a certain chance that someone could realize it and find her if that person was an expert. But it was impossible for those stupid plants to use this kind of advanced skill to detect her.
So the most obvious one was the other one: breaths.
Even with her [Ethereal Form] and [Conceal] activated, she still needs to breathe, right? Those mandrakes must be using this fact to track her precise location and launch that horrible scream when she stood close to it!
'So how could those mandrakes track me using my breaths? Maybe they are sensitive to the airflow near them or maybe they could detect where the amount of the oxygen around them decreasing? Whatever… that is not important! The point is I only need to hold my breaths when I approach them later! Hehehehe…'
Since Tang Li Xue already knew what she needs to do, she stopped hesitating and passed through the thick glass wall.
The first plant section was the poisonous gas section planted full of the Purple Grasses!
'Let this world… err… this garden burns! Muahahaha…'
Tang Li Xue's [Fireball] skill exploded and the flame started to spread around so swiftly burning the Purple Grasses into nothingness one by one!
'Eh… Eeeehhhh… Wait a minute… This… This deep blue flame is pretty familiar! Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!'
Yes, Tang Li Xue's [Fireball] was no longer crimson like the Hell Hound's version but become deep blue like the Flame of Pride!