Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: The Inextinguishable Flame!

Chapter 51: Chapter 51: The Inextinguishable Flame!

That thing… or maybe that creature in front of Tang Li Xue's eyes was a gigantic ancient tree with dense twigs and leaves. It also has several giant branches that acted as its hands while its dense robust roots that planted firmly on the ground helped it walks exactly like a giant octopus walking on the ground.
Tang Li Xue quickly activated her [Ethereal Form] back as soon as possible the moment she saw this gigantic old creature as all of her sensors screaming danger.
And… as Tang Li Xue expected, the moment she activated her [Ethereal Form] back countless dense sharp roots full of murderous intent shot out from underground pierced everything they touched!
Fortunately, Tang Li Xue already activated her [Ethereal Form] back on time so the dense sharp roots only passed through her ethereal body harmlessly if she were late even for one second, she would be pierced over by those countless sharp roots.
'Holysh*t! What the hell are you?! I did not even bother you, right? Wait a minute..... Maybe it becomes irritable because of my flame?'
Tang Li Xue deduced that this old ancient tree somehow could detect that the blue flame that burning its forest… err… herb garden now was actually coming from her. That was the main reason why it tried to eliminate her on sight.
'But really… just how vast is this f*cking herb garden is?! Rather than calling it herb garden, calling it herb forest seems more appropriate!'
Actually, it was making sense since the herb's supplies from this herb garden were used to support the entire Asura Demon Sect's people before. If the herb garden was too small then the herbs from this garden could only be used to support several people at most.
While keep cursing this herb garden… or this herb forest in her mind, Tang Li Xue tried to check the gigantic ancient tree status…
[Species: 100,000 Years Old Ancient Treant]
[Grade: Rare]
[Level: 25]
[HP: ??????/??????]
'Damn! Its grade is the same as that fake dragon! Definitely, a tough nut to crack! It's so troublesome to deal with it and my chance to win is also very slim. Better play safe than sorry… Let's just take a bit detour… it cannot detect me anyway when I am still in my [Ethereal Form]!'
Actually, not only her chance to win was next to none but she was surely courting death if she tried to fight against it!
Do not look at its level only at level 25, because the grade was actually far more important than level!
No matter how high the level of [Uncommon] grade plant or beast, it has already fated to never win against [Rare] grade even if it only level 1.
Not to mention that the probability for [Uncommon] grade to possessed a divine ability was quite low, only at 10% - 15%. While [Rare] grade has more than 50% chance to get a unique divine ability.
Of course, the case of a [Common] grade creature possessed several OP divine abilities and could jump to fight the creature one higher grade than it like Tang Li Xue was a unique one and only...
But it was not entirely impossible, actually if the [Uncommon] grade creature could possess an OP divine ability and its opponent was the weakest kind of [Rare] grade in level 1 without any divine ability, the [Uncommon] grade creature also has a small chance to win although it would be an arduous fight.
The Ancient Treant became more irritated and it roared full of anger because it cannot find Tang Li Xue's trace.
It started to smash everything on its sight with its gigantic branches and stomped the ground continuously made the entire herb garden trembled furiously like having the terrible earthquake.
'What a stupid plant! Is it really want to find me or make this entire herb garden collapse?! Let's just ignore it! I am afraid something bad would really happen so let's be quick and heading to the core area!'
While taking a bit detour to avoid that stupid insane old treant, Tang Li Xue found two problems in her ability that she needs to resolve later.
First, her mind was not strong enough to support her to use her deep blue flame in her [Ethereal Form]. In other words, the moment she tried to use her blue flame, her [Ethereal Form] would be canceled.
Yes, she actually could use it but unfortunately, her mind was not strong enough to support it! It was as if she tried to resolve the hard math problem with her right hand while drawing a complicated blueprint with her left hand at the same time only to find she messed both of them.
The second problem was her stamina! Again, it was back to stamina!
Even though her Toughness Stats increased to almost double from before, using Flame of Pride drained her stamina more than she expected! In fact, it was actually far more exhausting than her [Ethereal Form]!
'Is it really normal for the flame user to get exhausted so quickly?! And my [Stamina Pill] depleted when I really need it the most like now… sigh…I really don't want to rest while this gigantic insane tree still on my sight! Whatever… I will try to rest for a while later after I go deeper into the core area!'

While Tang Li Xue headed deeper into the herb garden, all the guards were already running around frantically to take water from the nearby well or bathroom to extinguish the raging flame that still burning fiercely on the herb garden periphery.
"Calm down! For those with spatial ring store all of those water in the well and bring it here! You, come here! Are you stupid?! Why are you running around like a headless chicken?! Go! Find guards, disciples, or elders… ANYONE with ice or water type Qi and bring him here! NOW!" The guard captain did not panic even in this critical situation, he calmly shouted around, and gave his command to all of his subordinates.
The panicked guards quickly calmed down when their captain calmly instructed them, as the veteran guards that already pass countless arduous training, they worked swiftly and efficiently.
In a few minutes, the team of the people with ice or water type Qi quickly assembled along with all of the guards with the several gallons of water inside their spatial rings.
The guard captain also knew that this deep blue flame was not the normal flame if not it would already be extinguished by them long ago. That was why he waited for all of these people assembled first before using the water inside the spatial rings along at the same time for the maximum effect.
"On my mark! Ready… GO! Release all the water! Shot all your water and ice Qi toward it!" The guard captain gave the signal and all the guards release all the water inside their spatial rings then the water type Qi cultivator controls the water and shot it all toward the deep blue flame.
While the ice type Qi cultivator used all of their strength to bring the flame temperature lower so it could extinguish easier with that huge amount of water!
Who would have thought that the moment that huge amounts of water touched the deep-blue flame all of them evaporated in an instant!
The deep blue flame was not even decreasing in the slightest!
On the contrary, it was raging even more fiercely!
The high-temperature water vapor that the huge amount of water they sprayed out before even blowing back toward them made the weaker guards or disciples screaming in pain as the extremely high-temperature water vapor scorched their body!
Even the strong guard captain started to sweat profusely as the surrounding temperature keep rising sharply!
All the guards and their captain could only stare at the deep-blue flame spreading rapidly and keep getting bigger each passing second.
It was as if the deep blue flame was actually alive!
The noble and arrogant blue flame actually stood tall and mocking them for their futile effort to extinguish it!
"Captain… it… it doesn't work… at all… What… what we should do now?" The vice guard captain asked the captain with the quivering voice.
"Sigh… There is no other way… Keep repeating what we are doing before! I give the right to command them to you for now!" The guard captain ordered then he turned around.
"But captain… sigh… Alright… Where do you want to go, captain?" The vice guard captain asked. In fact, he really did not want to hold the right to command at the time like this since if something went wrong then he would be the first person that would be executed.
"I will report this to the Grand Elder!" The guard captain answered with a firm tone then used his light body techniques and dashed toward Mo Chonglin's residence.