Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Robbing Everything to a Heart Content!

Chapter 52: Chapter 52: Robbing Everything to a Heart Content!

Tang Li Xue that still proceeded carefully with her [Ethereal Form] keep activating never thought that the old ancient tree was actually the last defense line for the herb garden's core area.
'So this is another heaven beside the Pill Storage Room! This… This is more than I expected! I… I cannot accept you all… but since you all insist to be taken by me then I won't be polite to you all anymore! Uwehehehehe… '
Tang Li Xue cried in joy at first when she saw the rich amount of high-quality precious herbs in front of her then she started to laugh by herself like a maniac when dashed with her full speed toward it.
Not only the scenery here was very beautiful with golden trees, a small hill full of shining multicolor flowers, crystal mushrooms that bloom under the giant white rock, and there were even several stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass] planted in the shallow handmade cave.
Tang Li Xue looked at one of the golden trees then used her [Herbalism] and [Identify] skills to scan it.
[Golden Bodhi Tree]
[Function: According to the legend, Gautama Buddha achieved his enlightenment under this tree. Increase comprehension speed by 30 times when cultivating under this tree (could only work for one week every year for one person). The Golden Bodhi Fruit from this tree could increase the overall stats and have the small chance to grant the golden body to the eater.]
'Good stuff! Tsk! If only I could bring the entire tree with me! Sigh… Whatever… the fruits are also good… But seriously only one fruit per tree and there are only three trees here?! Just how stinky are these trees?!'
If Elder Lin could hear what Tang Li Xue had thought, he would probably cough out several mouthfuls of blood in anger. These Golden Bodhi Trees were precious beyond compare but its fruits' true worth also did not lose to the trees itself!
Moreover, the Golden Bodhi Trees only bear one fruit every 100 years, and to maximize its benefit, the person who consumed the fruit usually cultivate under the Golden Bodhi Tree for one week.
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not know all of this and she only nonchalantly plucked all the three Golden Bodhi Fruits then stuffed it inside her space pouch for now. She already decided to binge it all after she successfully completed her quest and went back to Xiao Hei's room.
[Seven Elemental Flower]
[Function: Greatly increase the purity of the consumer's Qi if the consumer ate the Seven Elemental Flower's petal according to their Qi element. It can be used as the side ingredient in pill concocting to enhance the success rate of concocting that pill by 40%.]
[Side Effect: Beware! If the consumer ate the Seven Elemental Flower's petal opposite of their own Qi element, it could make their own cultivation went chaotic or even crippled the consumer! Use it with great care!]
'This flower is basically the alchemist trump card to concoct a very precious pill! Raise the success rate by 40%! That's a lot! Well, even though it is useless for me but I would rather take it all rather than let that Lin Bast*rd use it to concoct his pill!'
Again she swept all of the [Seven Elemental Flower] cleanly and stuffed all of it into her space pouch!
As for [Seven-Colored Star Grass], she already knew tried its efficacy before and knew it fully well how precious these things were. She pulled it all and stored it all into her space pouch while she kept drooling at it.
The last one was the crystal mushrooms under the giant white rock.
However, when Tang Li Xue tried to scan it with her skills…
[?????? Mushroom]
[Function: ??????]
'What the hell?! System… you just need to say it if you do not know about it! Is there a need to put that many '?' into its descrip… OH MY GOD! I… I must be dreaming, right?! Holysh*t! I really can't believe it!'
The one that makes Tang Li Xue's stunned was not the crystal mushroom but the giant white rock where it grew.
[You have acquired Crystal Moon Gem!]
She thought that she would need to search up and down to every corner of the world to find it!
Who knows that she could accidentally stumble upon it now just like how you need the money and accidentally stumbled upon one million dollars' winning lottery on the way!
'Oh My God, really… thank you very much! Finally, heaven has its eyes opened! Of course, it would be better if you can give me a divine item that can make me directly become a deity in an instant in front of me rather than this…'
Tang Li Xue stored giant Crystal Moon Gem along with several Crystal Mushroom into her space pouch too since she cannot use it now.
With this, almost all of the plants in the herb garden's core area already entered her space pouch!
Tang Li Xue still stared at the three Golden Bodhi Trees full of unwillingness. She really wanted to dug the trees out and stored it too but unfortunately, it would take too much of her time to dig it out while she was actually in a rush right now!
'Sigh… Whatever… I must be hurry! I have no more spare time! My deep blue flame should already create some commotion and all of those guards should be really busy to put out my flame right now! This is my chance to sneak inside the Pill Storage Room once again and kill all of those annoying dogs as fast as I can while all the guards are too busy to care about it! And after that…. Uwehehehehe… Is there any need to ask?'
After taking some rest to recover all of her stamina, Tang Li Xue dashed back toward the herb garden entrance following her previous track when she came here!
She also took some detour since she did not want to come across that old giant ancient tree like before!
When Tang Li Xue returned back to the herb garden's entrance, she managed to see the crowd of guards and blue-robed inner disciples tried to extinguish her deep blue flame.
'Really… Aren't they too useless?! Is there really any need to gather so many people only to put out some flames? Do they really need my help to put out all of those flames? Sorry mate but I am too busy right now! There is one more room that I need to clean up! Good luck, mate! Adios! Muahahahaha…'
Actually, it was not their fault that they cannot extinguish those deep blue flames since all of their cultivation was still at the low-rank Qi Condensation realm.
The system in the Asura Demon Sect was the same like the other sects, all the disciples need to take some missions every month and they would get Contribution Points each time they completed their mission.
The Contribution Points were used as the currency in the sect, it could be used to buy some cultivation resources, use some cultivation grounds, or buy some martial arts.
So most of the strong disciples in Asura Demon Sect usually chose to go out to complete some missions rather than stay idle inside the sect.
In other words, only the weak inner disciples that just breakthrough from the Body Tempering Stage to Qi Condensation Stage usually stay in the sect!
As for Body Tempering Stage outer disciples, the sect only used them as the odd-job laborer and they never entered any higher up sight at all.
That was why they usually do whatever they wanted like raping and robbing from each other but not any elder would care for what they did as long as they did not start to kill each other. Even if they started to kill each other, the elder would only get angry because their blood and dead body would defile the sect ground, not because the elder really cares about their life and death.
In the sect higher up eyes, Body Tempering Stage outer disciples were dispensable.
Qi Condensation Stage inner disciples were worth nurturing but not much.
Acupuncture Opening Stage core disciples were the true genius! The ones they spent most of their effort and resources on nurturing! They usually handpicked by the elder and took the elder as their master then the elder would spend all of their effort and attention to teach and train the core disciples.
Unfortunately, since Tang Li Xue never saw these true geniuses so she started to think that these incompetent Qi Condensation Stage inner disciples were the true standard disciple of the Asura Demon Sect.
Mo Chonglin's residence, inside Mo Chonglin's room…
The guard captain flung several meters backward and crashed onto the door until it was crushed to pieces! His body did not slow down, it kept flying like a bullet and smashed hard onto the wall, he planted deep into the wall as several of his bones turned to dust under Mo Chonglin's palm.
Mo Chonglin walked out from his room in relaxed manner but the dangerous aura exuded from his fat body was enough to make anyone near him trembling in fear.
"USELESS TRASH! What is your use if you cannot even guard a residence properly after having that many people under your command?! You can't ever put out such a useless flame!" Mo Chonglin's face turned ugly as she shouted angrily at the guard captain.
"Cough… Cough… Grand… Grand Elder… it… it is not… a normal flame… the color is… deep blue… and…"The guard captain tried to defend himself and explained while fresh blood keeps flowing out from his mouth.
"Wait, what did you just say?! The flame's color is deep blue?!" Mo Chonglin's expression turned grave when he heard that and he asked again.
No one really knows what the deep blue flame really was, other than Mo Chonglin since Mo Chonglin was the person that caught the flame of pride by his own hand before!