Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Fight Fire with Fire!

Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Fight Fire with Fire!

"I will go to the herb garden to quell the flame. You go to the other elders' place and bring all the available elders from our side into the herb garden too! Be quick!" Mo Chonglin ordered the guard captain in one breath and his fat silhouette vanished like a passing wind from guard captain's eyes.
The guard captain really wanted to cry but no tears came out. The injuries he got from Mo Chonglin were very severe and if he went into all of those elders' place then woke them up at these hours, they would bound to get angry and gave him a few hard slaps.
With his current critical condition, the few hard slaps from those Foundation Establishment Stage elders would probably more than enough to kill him a few more times!
Isn't this order from Grand Elder the same as telling him to go to die?!
Unfortunately, the guard captain can only resign to his fate and went to tell all those elders now since the consequence of not obeying Grand Elder's words was something even more frightening than death itself.…..….While the guard captain went to find Xiao Hei's fatty uncle, Tang Li Xue already sneaked back into the Pill Storage Room.
With her [Ethereal Form] activated, she easily passed through the room's door and entered.
'Everything proceeds according to my plan! Burn the herb garden to create a diversion, robbing the most important herb in the herb garden then while all the guards are too busy trying to put out the fire and left this room unguarded, I would go back here and sweep all the pills in this room clean! Hehehehe…'
But Tang Li Xue's laugh halted the moment she spotted the several Hell Hounds that still guarding and patrolling inside the room.
'Oh yeah… I almost forgot about these big doggies! Sigh… Oh well, let's clean them up quickly and took all those pill bottles on the shelves before all those guards notice something wrong!'
There were twelve of the Hell Hounds left since Tang Li Xue has killed one of them before. She also did not plan to fight head-on with them since it would take too much of her time! So she only had one method left to tidy them up swiftly… SNEAK ATTACK!
Tang Li Xue's transparent body passed through the shelves and she went approaching the one of Hell Hound's tail.
'You all like to play with fire, right? Then how about trying my flame with your butt?!'
[Fire Breath]!
Tang Li Xue's broke out from her [Ethereal Form] and blow out the deep blue flame from her mouth!
At first, Tang Li Xue only planned to burn the Hell Hound's ass then slowly toying it to death but who knows that Her Flame of Pride was too powerful and it turned the Hell Hound into nothingness almost in an instant not even a cinder of it left!
Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva loudly as her cold sweat began pouring out.
Hell Hound maybe belonged to the weakest grade of [Uncommon] grade beasts and its defense was pitifully low but its HP still more than 10,000! To think that her deep blue flame could finish it in one move…
'It was really the biggest wonder for me to survive when assimilating with this kind of dangerous flame before!'
Then Tang Li Xue's tiny body shuddered when she felt something inside her body conveying something to her. Something along with the lines 'Idiot! I only wanted to assimilate with you, not to kill you! Your life already forfeited the moment you entered my cage if I really wanted to kill you!'
'Damn! This flame is still alive inside my body?! How could this happen?!'
Tang Li Xue could felt that the Flame of Pride looking at her full of disdain and then it went quiet since it was too lazy to care about her shock and disbelief.
However, she did not have the time to worry about that since the rest of Hell Hounds immediately sensed one of its companions missing and they went to check it toward where Tang Li Xue still stood!
Hell Hound's fighting prowess was not high but they have a very sharp nose! They could immediately sense one of its companions missing from its smell thanks to their sharp sense of smell.
In fact, if Tang Li Xue did not have her [Conceal] passive skill activated all the time, she would be discovered by the Hell Hounds the moment she entered this Pill Storage Room!
Just like how Hell Hounds could detect from their sharp sense of smell, Tang Li Xue could also detect them using her [Enhanced Sense of Smell] along with her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing]!
She quickly put out some of her deep blue flames and activated her [Ethereal Form] back. Her body went back into invisible when some Hell Hounds came toward her, there was already no trace of her fighting or burn something.
'What? Looking for something? Hehehe… I have some surprises for you all! I hope you all like it! I call it… [Flame Arrow]!'
This was another one of Tang Li Xue's handmade skills from her deep blue flame.
All of her handmade skills have their own advantage and disadvantage so that was why she kept trying to create several of them to deal with any kind of situation.
[Fire Breath] has a terrible burning effect but did not have that much destructive power behind it.
[Fire Bomb] have an astonishing explosion effect and wide AOE (Area Of Effect) but she must compress her deep blue flame for a few seconds before she can use it.
This [Flame Arrow] was made from her deep blue flame which condensed into a solid-state. It can be used in instant like [Fire Breath] and have high penetrative power but did not have as much destructive power as [Fire Bomb].
Moreover, she can condense it at the place where she likes as long as the place still within three meters from her.
For example, right now, Tang Li Xue came out from her [Ethereal Form] and hide behind one of the shelves. Her [Flame Arrow] condensed above the three clueless Hell Hounds that still busily searching for their missing companion.
The six long blue flame arrows rained upon three Hell Hounds stabbed deep into their cranium, pierced their brains, and went out from their chin killing all three of them at once!
'Eight more to go!'
Tang Li Xue created another nine flame arrows hovering above her head aimed toward her front, ready to shot any enemies that entered her sight!
Nine flame arrows were her limit, she cannot create more than that with her current strength!
But she believes that in the future when her strength grows to the unimaginable level, she could create hundreds of thousands of blue flame arrows at once in a single snap of her finger and she did like to see how her enemies could survive from her at that time!
Tang Li Xue killed the rest of the Hell Hounds easily with her [Flame Arrow] and she took all of their beast cores then stuffed it all in her space pouch.
This was also why she did not use her [Fire Breath] to kill all the Hell Hounds since the deep blue flame would burn everything to nothingness including their beast cores!
It was such a waste to burn their precious beast cores! Although, she could be said to be quite rich now but it still did not give her any reason to be wasteful!
Tang Li Xue rubbed her two paws in excitement when she looked at the big storage room full of pills!
Hundreds of multilevel shelves full of the pills stored in the countless bottles!
'Just how many EXP I will get if I ate all of these pills?! No… No… I would not be able to finish it all in one or two days! All of these would probably enough for me to eat for several years!'
All the disciples in Asura Demon Sect would puke out several mouthfuls of blood if they heard Tang Li Xue's words. The several years' pill stock for the thousands of Asura Demon Sect's disciples could only last several years for her? Just how many did you eat every time?!
Tang Li Xue did not realize that while she was still busy storing all the pill bottles in the Pill Storage Room one by one into her space pouch, Xiao Hei's uncle already arrived at the herb garden by now!
"I will deal with this flame! All of you go and activate [Profound Soul Locking Array] now!" Mo Chonglin gave the stern command toward the chaotic crowd.
You could say that even though Mo Chonglin has a fatty body and everyone was afraid of him but he also has a huge leader charisma that could easily calm people down and made them listen to his order unconditionally.