Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 54 - Chapter 54: Mo Chonglin’s True Prowess!

Chapter 54: Chapter 54: Mo Chonglin’s True Prowess!

Mo Chonglin stared at the deep blue flame that was burning down the herb garden with a solemn expression on his face.
At first, he did not dare to believe that the deep blue flame in the herb garden was actually the high-ranking flame he had given to Elder Lin before, but now he had confirmed it with his own eyes!
"It is impossible for Elder Lin to burn this Herb Garden!" Mo Chonglin held his chin and started to think.
"So the most possible scenario is the Elder Lin himself had a hard time assimilating with the high ranking flame I gave him before and he stored it somewhere safe later on… but today an intruder sneaked in and manage to tame the deep-blue flame then assimilate with it!" Mo Chonglin calmly deduced and said with his chilling tone.
We could see from his deduction that almost all of his guesses were actually correct, he even guesses it all in an instant! Mo Chonglin's reputation as the most cunning and powerful Grand Elder was not only an empty title!
"What happened before it's not important anymore!" Mo Chonglin fearlessly approached the deep-blue flame and his gesture also still very relaxed.
"What I need to do right now is to put out this flame and lock down this place completely! I am pretty sure that the intruder is still inside this residence or even inside this herb garden!" Mo Chonglin stared at the burning deep blue flame with a gloomy expression.
"If I can catch him as soon as possible, I could still forcefully extract that high-ranking flame out of his body!" Mo Chonglin sneered coldly with a hint of frightening murderous intent hidden deep inside it as he started to think about how he could torture the intruder later and made them regret it for life.
Mo Chonglin slowly raised his hand as his violent Qi made the ground in the herb garden started to tremble.
With the single wave of his hand, his surging Qi made all the deep blue flames along with the ground where it burns flew upward.
Then Mo Chonglin only made a simple grabbing gesture with his right hand and all the deep blue flames along with the soil started to swirl, in a few seconds the deep blue flames and the large amount the dirt compressed into a tiny ball.
Mo Chonglin slowly exhaled and his violent Qi quickly retracted back into his body, the tiny little ball made from the dirt and blue flames quickly crumbled into dust as the deep blue flames also died out.
If Tang Li Xue saw what Mo Chonglin did, she would be dropped her jaw in shock and trembled in fear of how powerful this Xiao Hei's fatty uncle was!
This was the true proof that no matter how fancy or OP that ability was, it would only become a paper tiger without the true strength to back it. On the contrary, just like what Mo Chonglin did just now, true strength did not need any fancy or OP skills to show it up, it just needs a few gestures to overpower everything!
Even Tang Li Xue's inextinguishable deep blue flames were no more than a fancy toy in front of Mo Chonglin, he could easily pinch it between his finger to put it out!
Mo Chonglin frowned while he thinks deeply. "The reason for the intruder to burn the herb garden is to get rid of all the dangerous plants intended to prevent someone from sneak in… OH NO! The core area! Hopefully, the guardian can hold the intruder from entering it!"
Mo Chonglin executed his flawless body light techniques and his body vanished in an instant from the herb garden entrance.
His fat body did not obstruct his movement at all as he flew like a gushing wind toward the herb garden's core area.
On his way, he also found several deep blue flames that still burning and spreading around inside the herb garden but he could easily put it out in a second.
All of these blue flames could delay him for a few seconds at most.
In a few seconds, Mo Chonglin already spotted the 'guardian' he spoke of before. It was actually the 100,000 Years Old Ancient Treant that Tang Li Xue's met before!
The Ancient Treant actually still roared full of anger and rampaging around aimlessly like before since it still could not find Tang Li Xue's trace until now.
Mo Chonglin's expression turned darker the moment he saw how the Ancient Treant's act. It looks like he really put too much faith in this stupid thing before!
Not only it failed to stop the intruder, but it also rampaged around and ruined a large number of precious herbs and plants in the herb garden without any good reason!
Mo Chonglin's violent Qi surged once more and he forcefully used it to suppress the Ancient Treant!
Ancient Treant's gigantic sturdy body bent as it started to fall on the ground with a loud bang.
At first, the Ancient Treant's anger clouded its brain but Mo Chonglin only used one move to calm it down.
He did not even need to use any of his martial art moves to defeat the strong Ancient Treant!
The Ancient Treant looked at the Mo Chonglin full of fear and terror for a moment then it did not dare to meet his gaze anymore in the end and only looked down on the ground.
Mo Chonglin was too busy to pay attention to the Ancient Treant right now. He used his full speed and made a loud sound of a sonic boom to fly directly toward the herb garden's core area.
Unfortunately, he was still a few steps too late and Tang Li Xue already emptied the entire core area, she only leaving the three Golden Bodhi Trees behind!
Mo Chonglin could felt his blood started to rush into his head and he almost puking out several mouthfuls of blood when he saw the empty core area!
But Mo Chonglin was an old veteran strategist with cunning mind after all so he could quickly calm himself down and started to guess his opponent's next move.
"The intruder has two options… one is to escape… the other option is to… OH NO! THE PILL STORAGE ROOM!" Mo Chonglin's heart started to sank when he thought about it.
He quickly executed his peerless body light technique to perfection and dashed back toward the herb garden's entrance!
His speed reached an unimaginable level far faster than before when he flew toward the core area. Because of how fast he moved, his fat body started to hit the wind barrier and the surrounding wind turned into the sharp razor that ready to shred him but he used his violent Qi as the barrier and forcefully increased his speed even further!
Mo Chonglin did not stop at all when he reached the herb garden's entrance and directly heading toward the Pill Storage Room!
Mo Chonglin let his violent Qi surging out of his body made the surrounding air and atmosphere trembling slightly on its wake!
He already decided if he really finds the intruder, he would cripple all of the intruder's limbs before capture him!
After he extracted the high-ranking flame out of the intruder's body, he would make that the intruder regret living but cannot die!
When he arrived at the Pill Storage Room, Mo Chonglin took a deep breath and he tried to open the door but since the door still locked, he forcefully breaking into the room.