Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 56 - Chapter 56: Countdown!

Chapter 56: Chapter 56: Countdown!

After throwing such a lethal strike toward Tang Li Xue, Mo Chonglin that still inside the Pill Storage Room frowned as he inspected the place where he attacked before.
"There is really nothing here?" Mo Chonglin murmured to himself full of doubt.
In fact, Mo Chonglin did not attack Tang Li Xue because he could see or trace her but because his sharp instinct that he already honed through countless life and death situations detected that someone actually staring at him from where Tang Li Xue stood up.
He already checked the entire Pill Storage Room with his divine sense the moment he entered it but he cannot find anything. However, Mo Chonglin never doubted his own instinct since it already saved his life so many times before so he attacked without any hesitation but now he did not find anything at all!
Mo Chonglin could only shake his head and decided to not think too much about it for now.
He started to observe every corner of the Pill Storage Room to find any clue but he could only find that almost all of the pill bottles inside this storage room stolen! The thief was actually only leaving several shelves full of pill bottles!
Mo Chonglin gnashed his teeth in intense anger and hatred toward this troublemaker intruder and thief!
Mo Chonglin was afraid that the intruder would escape immediately if the [Profound Soul Locking Array] still not activated yet so he planned to help the control room to activate it as soon as possible but before he could come out of the Pill Storage Room, his communication talisman trembled slightly!
Communication talisman's function was the same as the mobile phone in the modern world; it was to communicate with other people from several hundred miles away.
From his communication talisman, Mo Chonglin discovered that several elders from his faction already came and waited for him at the herb garden entrance.
Mo Chonglin once again executed his peerless body light technique and dashed toward the herb garden entrance.
All the elders waiting there saluted Mo Chonglin the moment he arrived in front of them but he did not have any time or mood to hear for their flattery words so he immediately gave them his order.
"Elder Luo, use your Demonic Insect Technique and spread all of your Poisonous Bees to monitor every corner of all rooms! Make sure not to leave any blind spot!" Mo Chonglin sternly ordered the skinny elder.
"Understood!" The skinny elder answered without any expression on his face.
"Elder Shi, did you bring your Fortune Telling Scroll?" Mo Chonglin asked the old elder.
"Yes, Grand Elder! I always bring it with me!" The old elder took out a dilapidated scroll from his spatial ring.
"I don't care how much it costs! I want you to use your Clairvoyant Technique to find the thief no matter where he is! Is that clear?" Mo Chonglin commanded the old elder with a solemn tone.
"Leave it to me, Grand Elder!" The old elder nodded toward Mo Chonglin full of respect.
"Elder Fan and Elder Lu can go to the control room to active [Profound Soul Locking Array] as soon as possible! You two can go now!" The two elders' figures immediately vanished the moment Mo Chonglin gave his words.
"The other elders spread out and patrolling around the residence but don't forget to keep communicating with Elder Luo and Elder Shi! I want you all to catch this intruder dead or alive! No matter what kind of method you will use, I will approve it!" Mo Chonglin said again to all elders with a stern tone.
After giving all of his orders, Mo Chonglin finally remembered about Elder Lin that still closed-door in secret room busily concocting pills for his faction.
In this matter, Mo Chonglin really had a real headache!
The success rate of an alchemist on concocting pills depends on many factors but the most important one was the alchemist mentality.
If the alchemist was concocting pills under the huge stress and frustration, his success rate would drop so much that the probability of some accident would happen was extremely high.
For Mo Chonglin, that high-ranking flame was no more than a fancy toy since he was already invincible under the Nascent Soul Stage now, adding high-ranking flame would do nothing more than icing on the cake to him.
But it was different for Elder Lin!
Elder Lin already stuck at advance-grade alchemist for far too long! If he managed to assimilate with high-ranking flame, he would be able to advance to master-grade alchemist or even grandmaster-grade later!
If Elder Lin knew he loses his high-ranking flame tonight, he would not only be in great stress and frustration, Mo Chonglin was sure that Elder Lin would probably go crazy in an instant!
Mo Chonglin can only try to hide it from Elder Lin for now until he can catch the intruder and extract the high-ranking flame back from the intruder's body!
"All of you be sure to not disturb Elder Lin in the secret room! Also do not tell him anything about what happens here to him even if he asks about it!" Mo Chonglin used his communication talisman and ordered all the elders that coming here just now.
All the elders were really experienced and they far more capable than all the guards and disciples from before.
[Profound Soul Locking Array] that troubled so many guards and disciples before could easily be deployed by the two elders in just a few seconds from the control room!
The blinding golden light shone like a sun and a thin golden film started to enveloped Elder Lin's residence like a giant golden cocoon.
A countless dense golden tiny runes started to fill the entire thin golden film sealed the entire giant golden cocoon tightly to made sure that no one inside can go outside as long as the array still activated.
Of course, that was not all of it, the reason why it called 'Soul Locking' would immediately be felt by the people that did not hold a special badge inside this array!
…..….When the [Profound Soul Locking Array] activated, Tang Li Xue already almost exploring the entire residence but she still cannot find Elder Lin at all.
'Crap! I really miscalculated it this time! If that Elder Lin went hiding in another place or secret shelter where I cannot find him, all of my work tonight would be in vain!'
Tang Li Xue's face turned dark as she quickened her searching pace in panic and at that moment [Profound Soul Locking Array] truly taking effect.
Her mind and body started to move sluggishly as she was assaulted by terrible drowsiness!
'How could this happen so suddenly?! Dammit! Don't tell me this is because of those…'
Tang Li Xue's tiny body shuddered in fear and panic as she looked outside from the tiny window gap at one of the guest rooms. She knew from looking at the golden wall outside the residence that Xiao Hei's fatty uncle should be activated some terrible formation to trap her inside here.
But when she remembered that she still had her [Greater Lucky Sticker] inside her inventory system, she quickly calmed down.
Now she really had no way to retreat anymore!
Her only choice was to find Elder Lin and user her [Bad Luck Sticker] to mess him up once and for all!
Looking at the [Lucky Sticker]'s effect before, this [Bad Luck Sticker] should be more or less have the same power but it will bring disaster to the person she sticks it instead of good luck!
At that time, she really did want to see if Xiao Hei's uncle still chose to catch her or save that Elder's Lin alive first!