Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 57 - Chapter 57: Hide and Seek!

Chapter 57: Chapter 57: Hide and Seek!

For the first time after she entered this Elder Lin's Residence, Tang Li Xue actually had a hard time moving around even with her [Ethereal Form] activated!
'Aiiisss… this quest would really kill me this time! Moreover, what's wrong with all these old men?! How could they know I am staring at them?'
Tang Li Xue once again passed through the wall slowly but she only let her head coming out from the wall to peek at the elder that still stood in the long corridor and just like before the elder actually turned his body and stared back at her!
Tang Li Xue quickly retreated back from the wall in panic while cursing at the elder in her mind!
After thinking for a while, Tang Li Xue finally managed to get some gist about what happened.
'I think… Xiao Hei's uncle or this elder cannot actually see or track me at all! They could only roughly sense me only when I looking at them!'
'All of these elders have high cultivation so their instinct should be really sensitive to someone's probing at them. They would be able to immediately know if someone is looking at them as long as they concentrate. The place where I am staring at would have a response as if they are being poked by someone with a needle. The same thing should have happened when I met with that Xiao Hei's uncle before. '
When Tang Li Xue still thinking deeply, a swarm of poisonous bees entered the room where she was in and started to spread out as if searching for something. Seeing how many they were inside the room, Tang Li Xue started to shudder in fear and she decided to move to another room.
Who knows that the other room's situation was also the same! The swarm of poisonous bees already filled every corner of rooms!
'Dammit! Is there no other safe place for me to hide anymore?!'
Tang Li Xue did not know that at this time one of the Elders started to use his clairvoyant technique to peek at her location precisely!
Of course, this kind of miraculous spell not only has a great effect but also needs a very heavy price to pay each time the user activates it!
In this case, the elder actually sacrificed ten years of his longevity when he activated his clairvoyant technique to find Tang Li Xue!
The elder bit the tip of his finger and drop his blood essence to the top of his Fortune Telling Scroll and started to chant some abstruse words while keep making several different kinds of hand seals.
Not long after the Fortune Telling Scroll started to shine and there was actually a picture of the room that appeared on the scroll that was previously empty!
"He is on the south terrace! But be careful! I don't see him in the picture at all so he probably using some kind of spell or treasure to make himself invisible! Just use your tracking powder to mark him down!" The elder's face turned a bit pale after he used the clairvoyant technique but he still used his communication talisman to tell the other elders about what he finds.
In a few seconds, several elders broke into the south terrace and started to throw their tracking powder everywhere but they still cannot find anything.
Well… Actually, Tang Li Xue was not even in that room anymore since she started to take a bit detour to the southwest of the residence so she already used her [Ethereal Form] to pass through the wall and headed there.
"Elder Shi! There is nothing in this room! Are you sure he really is in this room before?" One of the elders pissed off and asked.
"Is there really no one?! Impossible! Wait for a few seconds, I will use my Clairvoyant Technique again to check it." Elder Shi bit his finger again and drop it into his scroll once again.
"He is in the dining room now! Hurry!"
"F*ck! There is nothing here! Elder Shi, you are not pranking us, aren't you?!"
"I am not! Maybe you are too slow and he already escaped first! Wait for a moment… he is in the bathroom now!"
"ELDER SHIIIIII! I have it enough with you! There is nothing here!"
"Eh… I swear he is really in there before! Uh… He is inside the guest room now…"
"ELDER SHIT! You really take me for a fool! Guest room entrance and bathroom entrance are in the opposite direction! Unless if that intruder could teleport or make the hole in the wall then he won't be able to go there!"
"But my scroll shows that… wait what did you just call me?!"
While all the elders frantically searching for her, Tang Li Xue kept herself busy exploring around.
Now she already knew how to avoid being detected by those elders, she could move around more easily.
'Since they could track me if I looking at them then I just need to close my eyes every time I meet with them and change my direction for a bit! Hehehe…With my [Ethereal Form] activated taking some detour is not a problem at all!'
Now Tang Li Xue only had two major problems.
First, this [Profound Soul Locking Array] kept attacking her mind and made her getting even drowsier every second.
Second, she already explored all of the rooms in this residence but still had not found Elder Lin at all!
Tang Li Xue did not know whether Elder Lin already in the secret room since the very start and that was why she cannot find him until now or her luck was so bad that she cannot find Elder Lin until now and Xiao Hei's uncle evacuated him into a secret place just recently.
But Tang Li Xue concluded that Elder Lin was actually still in this residence! It was just that she still cannot find any trace of him until now.
Why was she so sure about this? It was because Xiao Hei's uncle was here and he even brought all of those elders here!
Tang Li Xue opened the residence's blueprint that her [Mapping] skill made in her mind and started to analyze where the secret room would be.
'...…. Nope… No clue at all...… Argh! So frustrating! Is there no other way to find that sucker?! And this formation array is really killing me! So sleepy! But if I oversleep here I would be really dead for sure!'
'Eh…wait a minute! The formation array!!!'
Tang Li Xue started to imagine the [Profound Soul Locking Array]'s giant cage as a large circle that covered the entire residence and she started to look for the center of the array.
'The center of this array should be the array's eye! The place where this array first activated! The array control room! But since I cannot find it even after I explored all corners of this residence then it should be where the secret room should be!'
'The array control room should be a quite important place and Elder Lin's secret room should be located there too! Probably… maybe… well, let's just pray I guess it correct this time!'
After calculating several times to pinpoint the exact location, Tang Li Xue finally manage to narrow it down to one location. It was actually at the parlor!
Although, she did not know where the secret room entrance really was, at the very least she knew she could enter it from parlor!
Tang Li Xue started to dash toward parlor and each time she met with some elders on the way, she quickly closed her eyes and passed through them easily.
After she arrived at the parlor, she did not waste any of her time and started searching for the secret room's entrance but she did not dare to cancel her [Ethereal Form] at all so she could only poke her transparent body around, passed through the wall here and there.
Unfortunately, she still cannot find the entrance at all even after wasting more than half an hour of her time!
'Wait a minute… why I always think that the entrance should be above the ground! Let's see…'
Tang Li Xue stuck her transparent head into the ground and with her [Ethereal Form], her head passed through the hard floor as she started to walk around the parlor once again.
Tang Li Xue laughed as she manages to find the stone staircase under the cold floor of the parlor!