Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 58 - Chapter 58: Decisive Battle!

Chapter 58: Chapter 58: Decisive Battle!

There should be some kind of switch to open the secret path under the parlor that leading to the underground tunnel.
Of course, Tang Li Xue did not need to waste her time to find this hidden switch since she can easily pass through the parlor's solid floor with her [Ethereal Form] and jumped down to the underground staircase.
Tang Li Xue walked down the staircase full of vigilance but she did not worry too much since she still keeps her [Ethereal Form] activated along with her [Conceal] passive skill, even a ghost would probably not be able to notice her.
The underground tunnel was not dark at all. There were many torches illuminating along the way.
After walking for several minutes, Tang Li Xue found three doors made from some special kind of wood at the end of the underground tunnel.
Tang Li Xue could sense a great energy undulation coming out from the left door. She also felt a scorching heat coming out from the right door. Only the center door did not emit anything out.
Tang Li Xue tried to poke her transparent body into the center door out of curiosity and her tiny furry head easily passed through the center door.

"This is impossible! How could my clairvoyant technique be wrong?! Impossible… I… I must try it again!" The old elder with unkempt hair muttered with his bloodshot eyes.
"Elder Shi, just give it up! You already waste so much of your life span for this!" Elder Luo that was still busy controlling his poisonous bees with his Demonic Insect Technique advised.
Elder Fan and Elder Lu tried to stifle their laughter as they continuously used their Qi to control the [Profound Soul Locking Array]'s core at the center of the room.
But Elder Shi knew if he stopped here right now then he would become a laughing stock to the entire Asura Demon Sect and all the elders in the sect would point their finger at him while laughing and mocking him!
"Just once more then! Believe me, this time my clairvoyant technique would not go wrong!" Elder Shi said while gritted his teeth.
He took out the sharp knife and cut his own wrist. His blood started to pour out like a fountain wetting the entire Fortune Telling Scroll red.
Elder Shi determined to sacrifice 50 years of his own life span at once this time! In his eyes, this was a necessary move to recover his pride!
The blurry picture in the Fortune Telling Scroll became clearer and clearer as Elder Shi chanted his spell continuously.
Looking at how serious Elder Shi was, the three elder peek at the Fortune Telling Scroll's picture and stunned silly by it.
"Eh… isn't this room seems really familiar?" Elder Fan frowned and asked.
"Hm… It's Array Control Room. This is where we are now." Elder Luo said with a flat tone but even the serious expressionless elder like Elder Luo almost cannot hold back his laughter this time.
"Pfffft… Bwahahahaha… Elder Shi, oooh, Elder Shi! What now? You want to say that the intruder is among one of us now?! Really… Your clairvoyant skill is really good! But only for making a joke! Bwahahahaha…." Elder Fan and Elder Lu was already laughing out loud uncontrollably while holding their stomach. They even almost broke the [Profound Soul Locking Array] that they maintain right now because of it.
Elder Shi's consciousness turned blurry as he started to wobble around like a drunken person.
The clairvoyant technique was his prideful technique and he already used it many times to track countless Asura Demon Sect's enemies and it never fails before but now… he almost puking his liver out because if it!

Tang Li Xue slowly drew back her head from the center door. The cold sweat began to pour out from her forehead.
'The heck… There are four powerful elders here! Fortunately, they are too busy with their own business to notice me or I definitely would not be able to leave here alive even with my [Ethereal Form]!'
Tang Li Xue looked at the left door where the great energy emitted out. She deduced that it should be the energy room since to keep [Profound Soul Locking Array] activated, it would need a large amount of energy and all of it should be coming from this room.
There should be countless precious materials, pills, or even miraculous herbs inside but Tang Li Xue cannot shake away the extreme danger she felt from this room!
To enter or not...
Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply and decided to play safe and ignore the left room since her harvest this time already very bountiful.
Greed was good and nothing was wrong with having excessive greed but the sense of appropriateness should be keep maintained! Especially in this kind of dangerous situation! Blinded by greed at this kind of situation would easily make any person died without himself knowing!
Tang Li Xue did not know that her decision this time actually saved her life!
She was right, the left door was full of priceless treasures but someone she knew very well already predicted that she would come here and already waiting for her inside!
Mo Chonglin opened his chilling eyes and stared at the door in front of him. He would never think that Tang Li Xue's main target was not actually pills, herbs, or treasures but Elder Lin so he predicted she would come here to steal everything that was why he already waited here all this time to catch her.
Moreover, with [Profound Soul Locking Array] activated, the intruder cannot escape so he must break the array first. There were four elders guarding at Array Control Room so Mo Chonglin doubted the intruder had enough guts to enter it and destroy the array's eye.
The other option was to enter this room and disabled the [Profound Soul Locking Array] energy supply! So the intruder not only could steal the precious treasures, but he could also cripple the array to escape if he sneaked into this room! This was why Mo Chonglin was guarding this energy room personally.
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not enter or peek into this room at all so he did not sense anything so he closed his squinted eyes once again waiting for the intruder to come in.
Tang Li Xue decided that she would enter the right door that emitting the scorching heat from it!
Elder Lin was an alchemist and his job should be concocting pills all day. Tang Li Xue concluded that this room where Elder Lin was! Since if Elder Lin was not here, she would be totally at loss for where he would be.
Normally, Tang Li Xue should not be able to pass this high-temperature door since her [Ethereal Form] was weak against heat and cold but now he already became resistant to heat after assimilating with Flame of Pride before, so her invisible body could easily pass through the hot door without her feeling anything at all.
Just like what Tang Li Xue guessed before, Elder Lin was really inside this room and he was still busily concocting the pills with his golden cauldron now!
Tang Li Xue licked her lips in excitement. Finally, she managed to find this old man after going through all of these hardships!
Her mind started spun to think some strategies really fast…
Elder Lin still put all of his concentration on concocting pills and not realized her presence at all now.
His big golden cauldron keeps rotating on mid-air as Elder Lin keeps making different hand gestures to control the green flame below the golden cauldron carefully.
Should she stick her [Bad Luck Sticker] into him and escape? Doing only that after passed through all of that trial and tribulation made her feels tasteless and unhappy!
Then Tang Li Xue's sharp eyes that already strengthened by [Enhanced Sense of Sight] spotted a silver ring on Elder Lin's finger.
Spatial ring!
'As a renowned alchemist from a big sect like Asura Demon Sect, he should be quite loaded! Moreover, he should be received a huge reward and payment for joining Xiao Hei's uncle faction! Yooosh… Let's go! Stick my [Bad Luck Sticker] onto him then steal his spatial ring as my souvenir!'
Tang Li Xue did not hesitate any longer as she used all of her strength to jump toward Elder Lin's head!
'Take this and feel all the misfortune from my previous life, you a*shole!'
Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form] immediately the moment she almost touched the Elder Lin's head.
Tang Li Xue slapped the back of Elder Lin's head hard with her [Bad Luck Sticker] made it stuck on Elder Lin's back head!
"OUUUCCHHH… WHO'S THERE?! HOW DARE YOU DISTURB ME?!" Elder Lin shouted out full of anger.
Fortunately, Tang Li Xue already knew that all of these underground rooms were soundproof so she did not panic at all! Even if Elder Lin was wailing loudly, no one would hear anything outside.
With her light tiny body, Tang Li Xue landed gracefully on the top of Elder Lin's right shoulder and she swiftly ran along his right arm and bit his finger off with her [Rip] skill!
Normally, this skill was enough to take the person's finger off but Elder Lin's cultivation was at the same level at the other elders, he already reached Foundation Establishment Stage so she cannot cut it off with her sharp fang but at least she successfully took his spatial ring from his finger!
'YES! SUCCESS! Now let's take a strategic retreat!'
However, Elder Lin would not let Tang Li Xue off so easily! He immediately caught her tail the moment she jumped off from his right wrist!
Tang Li Xue tried to activate her [Ethereal Form] but she has almost despaired when she finds out that she cannot activate it now!
It did not take long for Tang Li Xue to realize why she cannot use her [Ethereal Form] the moment Elder Lin grabbed her tail. It was because Elder Lin was currently wearing a special kind of gloves!
It was actually a pair of gloves that emitting an icy aura, he used it to cool down the finished pills he grabs but now it actually prevented Tang Li Xue from using her [Ethereal Form] to escape!