Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 59 - Chapter 59: KABOOM!

Chapter 59: Chapter 59: KABOOM!

Tang Li Xue screamed in her mind full of rage and at that moment… she could faintly feel something inside her calling her 'fool'.
The scorching deep blue flame exploded out from her body shrouded her tiny body like a beautiful cape.
Unfortunately, the deep blue flame cloak cannot hurt Elder Lin at all since he wore the icy gloves to protect his hand from heat plus his high cultivation already reached Foundation Establishment Stage.
However, Elder Lin still loosened his grip on Tang Li Xue's tail in the end, not because the deep blue flame hurt his palm but because he recognized that deep blue flame very well and the reality hit him hard made his face pale in an instant.
"IMPOSSIBLE! THAT… THAT IS MY… MY HIGH-RANKING FLAME! HOW COULD YOU…" Elder Lin shouted in disbelief while staggering a few steps behind.
Tang Li Xue would not let this chance slipped, not only she escaped from Elder Lin's grip, she even used the [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] that she copied from Xiao Hei's uncle before and struck Elder Lin's chest with it.
Different from Mo Chonglin's Heaven Splitting Wave, Tang Li Xue's version condensed the energy in the form of a paw instead of a palm.
[Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] could bypass 7 layers of defense and struck the inner organ directly with eight times of the user's strength!
Elder Lin's cultivation might be at Foundation Establishment Stage but he attained it because he continuously took precious pills to breakthrough instead of training in martial arts so he was indeed far weaker than the other elders that focused on training martial arts.
Tang Li Xue's [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] struck Elder Lin's crotch like a heavy hammer!
Yes, Tang Li Xue's Heaven Splitting Wave hit Elder Lin's crotch!
Actually, it was an accident since her body size differs too much with Elder Lin. She should aim a bit upward if she wanted to aim at Elder Lin's chest but Tang Li Xue shot her skill straight without any thought.
However, Tang Li Xue would never think that it would work strangely well!
If she aimed at Elder Lin's chest, he would probably only received some superficial internal injuries and cough out a few mouthfuls of blood since Tang Li Xue's [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] already weakened so much because it already adjusted according to her current strength.
But now? Elder Lin's manhood was most probably crippled once and for all! Even his pair of eggs definitely shattered to dust by Tang Li Xue's penetrative attack.
Elder Lin was rolling on the ground pitifully while holding on his crotch! He did not even have any strength to scream or wail anymore.
His mouth only opened and closed without any sounds coming out, even his eyes also started to roll up onto the back of his head.
'Damn! Like what my big brother in previous life teach me: 'If some pervert tried to molest you, just kick at their crotch as strong as you can!' I never thought that the effect would be this awesome!'
Was this the [Bad Luck Sticker]'s power? Tang Li Xue also did not know for sure…
'Ok… that's enough for now it's time for my tactical retreat!'
Tang Li Xue turned around and wanted to dash as fast as she could toward the steel door but before she could do that… the pinky-sized Flame of Pride actually fly out from her dantian and headed to the green flame below the golden cauldron!
'OI… OOIII… OOOOIIIIIII! What are you doing?! Where are you going now?! SHIT! Should I run away now by myself or wait for that reckless flame to finish its business? Dammit! Let's wait for a minute then… just one minute!'
Even though she thought she wanted to leave it in one minute or so, Tang Li Xue actually did not want to abandon this OP blue flame at all after knowing how strong this flame was and it only still in embryo! She cannot even imagine the extent of its true strength once it reaches its peak form.
The pinky-sized Flame of Pride actually really started to devour the mysterious green flame with the size many times bigger than itself!
Tang Li Xue even dropped her jaw in shock as she watched the bizarre scene in front of her eyes.
But she quickly regained her vigilance and turned her head to observe Elder Lin's movement!
She decided if Elder Lin makes a sudden move or dash toward her, she would immediately activate her [Ethereal Form] and exit from this room. Anyway, the steel door was only a half-meter away from her.
However, Tang Li Xue once again found something strange happening in front of her eyes!
Elder Lin's body started to shriveled very quickly, before this Elder Lin looked like 30-35 years old middle-aged man but now he looked like someone 60 years old and he still keeps getting older and older!
Tang Li Xue looked back at where her Flame of Pride was and noticed that the big mysterious green flame already shrunk to fist-sized!
Flame of Pride stopped absorbing the mysterious green flame after it shrunk to fist-sized, while the Flame of Pride's size itself grown into thumb-sized.
Tang Li Xue thought it was already full and told it to get back to her so they can escape together!
But the thumb-sized Flame of Pride actually had its own evil plan!
The Flame of Pride really hated Elder Lin for forcing it to assimilate with him and confined it in such a small room for many days!
So now it started to force Elder Lin's mid-ranking flame, the mysterious green flame to self-destruct!
Flame of Pride already fully assimilated with Tang Li Xue so she could clearly felt its thought!
'OH NO! This shitty flame is insane! F*CK! I don't want to be buried alive in here!'
Although, the mysterious green flame already weakened because Flame of Pride already devoured most of its strength but it still connected to Elder Lin's cultivation so its explosion would not be too low and they still in the underground tunnel after all!
"D… O…NOT…" Elder Lin tried to stop it but his legs still limp so he could only crawl slowly toward the furnace.
This time Tang Li Xue did not dare to delay it anymore and activated her [Ethereal Form] swiftly!
She used her [Sprint] and dashed with her full speed toward the steel door but the Flame of Pride actually moved faster than her.
It already flew back to her and entered her body then settled quietly at her dantian like before. It even started to excitedly refine all the energy it devoured from Elder Lin's mysterious green flame.
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not have any time to scold or cursed at the deep-blue flame inside her now. Her tiny transparent body easily passed through it but she still did not dare to stop at all!
The terrifying explosion really happened inside the Elder Lin's room, the horrible green flame started to blow everything to pieces including all the walls and steel door!
The ground shook violently along with the tunnel walls and ceiling then the giant cracks started to spread everywhere inside the underground tunnel!