Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 60 - Chapter 60: Perfect Evaluation

Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Perfect Evaluation

Tang Li Xue could clearly hear some screams from the room next to the Elder Lin's room but she did not care about it and keep charging toward the end of the tunnel.
Without even turning her head, Tang Li Xue could clearly felt the scorching temperature coming closer from behind her!
It seems even though Tang Li Xue immune toward the Flame of Pride's heat because of their assimilation but it did not mean that she immune toward another kind of flame too!
If the mysterious green flame that chasing behind her managed to crash into her, she would definitely become a baked fox!
'NUUUUUUOOOOOHHHHH… Faster! Faster! I don't want to be buried here alive!'
After the cracks spread along the underground tunnel, the solid ceiling and walls started to collapse down. The dusty sand and rocks started to fell as the tunnel began to fell apart!
Luckily, Tang Li Xue with her [Ethereal Form] still fully activated clearly was not affected by the stones and soil that raining down from above.
Countless debris started to block her way but she did not dare to slow down at all as her transparent silver silhouette kept passing through all of them like a passing wind!
But the fierce green flames did not slow down at all! On the contrary, it kept getting closer and closer to her from behind.
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and she tried to increase her speed more when she saw the light which signaling that she was near the end of this underground tunnel.
Tang Li Xue jumped out from the underground tunnel in time when the destructive green flames explode the tunnel entrance to pieces!
Just when Tang Li Xue thought everything was over and she slumping onto the cold parlor floor while panting heavily, the wide giant cracks started to spread out to the entire parlor floor!
The cracks started to spread from the floor then onto the wall and finally reached the residence's ceiling too!
She did not even have any time to sigh in relief or rest to take some breath but the entire building already started to collapse!
But luckily the annoying [Profound Soul Locking Array] that locked the entire residence before was already gone maybe because the underground tunnel completely collapsed so the one controlling the entire array was also buried alive there.
Tang Li Xue's [Ethereal Form] also started to crumble since her stamina cannot support it anymore while this parlor located at the center of this residence so if she wanted to exit from this building, she must run quite far!
Tang Li Xue's stamina already squeezed dry and she even felt her consciousness started to turn blurry but she did not stop and keep running as her life depended on it!
She jumped with all of her strength and used her body to break the parlor's window then ran toward the courtyard.
'I cannot activate my [Ethereal Form] for now so it would be quicker if I run on the roof rather than run through the rooms one by one!'
Tang Li Xue no longer hesitated and opened her skill list window to upgrade her [Jump] skill!
[Jump skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to High Jump with cost 3 Skill Points?]
[Jump ability upgraded to High Jump ability!]
Tang Li Xue used her [High Jump] immediately and leaped toward the roof!
The collapsing building started to spread out like domino, looked at that Tang Li Xue also did not dare to stay here anymore and running at the top of the roof toward the opposite direction.
'UUOOOOHHHH… I am already dead tired! Just how far this collapse will continue?!'
Just when the collapsing building almost caught up to her, the Flame of Pride inside Tang Li Xue finally became a bit sensible and started to support her with its own strength though Tang Li Xue swore she could hear someone scoffing at her just then.
The deep blue flames begin to spread out on Tang Li Xue's four limbs and her running speed rose exponentially.
'WOOOAAAH… This skill is awesome!'
She nimbly jumped from one building to another while her speed kept increasing leaving only deep blue blaze on her trail. Her movement was so fast like a flash of blue lightning passing by.
It did not take her long before she manages to leave Elder Lin's residence but she still did not let her guard down and keep dashing toward Xiao Hei's place with her current unbelievable speed.
But when she almost arrived back at Xiao Hei's courtyard…
[Quest Completed!]
[Gained: Level +3(+1), Stat Point +90(+23), Skill Point +18(+5), 150(+38) Deity Coins]
[Evaluation: Perfect] [Added Additional Reward: Premium Weapon Chest]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 7 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 8 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 9 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 10 Body Tempering Stage! All stats +30]
[Your cultivation level reached maximum capacity! Please find a suitable Qi Condensation Stage cultivation manual to continue to level it up!]
'Fiuuuh… At last, my quest finally completed! And… I even reached the peak of the Body Tempering Stage! Hehehehe… Finally, I can awaken my martial soul!'
'Moreover, I get perfect evaluation and bonus reward! What is this [Premium Weapon Chest]? Whatever… I will think about all of that tomorrow! I am too tired and sleepy now!'
Tang Li Xue dragged her limp body and pushed the door then entered Xiao Hei's room.
Fortunately, Xiao Hei was very sensible and he did not lock the door if not, Tang Li Xue would not be able to enter the room since she can't activate her [Ethereal Form] for now.
She jumped up onto the comfortable bed and snuggled to Xiao Hei's warm body before she immediately fell asleep.
On the contrary, Xiao Hei who already fell in deep sleep awoke and became alert when he felt something soft and smelly moved to the top of his body.
Xiao Hei's mouth twitched when he saw Tang Li Xue slept on the top of him with her body covered with dirt, char, and dried blood.
She smelt so bad that Xiao Hei almost kicked her away from his body out of reflex.
It should be known that before Xiao Hei met Tang Li Xue, he actually had an acute mysophobic.
But it diminished greatly after he met Tang Li Xue and brought her back into his home then started to sleep together with her.
Xiao Hei started to think if he should throw her into the hot bath and scrub her cleanly right now but he did not have the heart to do it when he saw her exhausted tiny body.
"Sigh… Just this once, Xiao Bai! Just this once…" Xiao Hei pet Tang Li Xue's soft tiny body for a while then pulled his blanket to cover her before went back to sleep.
Actually, Xiao Hei already knew what happened tonight very well but he pretended to not know about it at all.
What a joke! His uncle schemed with Elder Lin to harm him but now he must help them catch the intruder? Never!
That was why he still stayed on his bed and pretended to be in deep sleep even with all of those commotions happened outside.
Of course, he still did not know that the one caused all of those commotions outside actually sleep comfortably on the top of him right now.

Xiao Hei woke up very early in the morning but Tang Li Xue still fast asleep on the bed.
Xiao Hei actually wanted to bath Tang Li Xue first before going to work but since she still sleeps so comfortably on the bed, he could only give up for now and prepare some roasted meat for her breakfast.
Tang Li Xue slept for so long and only woke up until the afternoon.
'Waaahh… My favorite roasted meat! Dayummm… As This Queen expected from her favorite concubine! So thoughtful! It's not futile that This Queen took revenge for you yesterday!'
After she finished all of her favorite roasted meat, Tang Li Xue started to check her current status…
[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]
[Grade: Common]
[Level 2 (Samaritan)]
Cultivation Level: Rank 10 Body Tempering Stage
Cultivation Technique: Body Tempering Stage Secret Manual
Elemental Spirit: Flame of Pride (Embryo)
Martial Arts: None
Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon: Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form]
HP: 56,550/56,550
Strength: 243 (+300)
Agility: 237 (+300)
Toughness: 300 (+300)
[Skills: Rip (Lv4), Sharp Claws (Lv4), Sprint (Lv5), Identify (Mastered), Herbalism (Lv5), High Jump (Lv2), Night Vision (Lv5), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Mastered), Shared EXP (Lv4), Climb (Lv4), Mapping (LV4), Greater Strength (Lv3), Deal More Damage (Lv3), Strengthen Muscles (Lv3), Self-Healing (Lv3)]
[Special Skill: Fire Breath, Fire Bomb, Flame Arrow, Flame Cloak, Fire Dash]
Stats Point: 132
Skill Point: 24
[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 5x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 1XSubstitution Doll, 2xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xBronze Lottery Ticket, 4xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 1XPremium Weapon Chest, 2,346 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]