Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 61 - Chapter 61: Bountiful Harvest!

Chapter 61: Chapter 61: Bountiful Harvest!

'Eh… Special skill? Fire Breath… Fire Bomb… So this is my handmade skill when I am using Flame of Pride… Fire Dash? Oooh… it should be the one I am using to run back last night!'
Tang Li Xue nodded while smiling in satisfaction.
Before she got Flame of Pride, her attacking method was too limited. She could only use her fangs and claws but now with the power of flame, her offensive method would become even more variable based on how she could use it.
For example right now Tang Li Xue tried to imbue her Flame of Pride onto her claws to increase her [Rip] skill's power to another level!
Tang Li Xue's sharp claws shrouded by the deep blue flames and started to emit the scorching heat!
In her Special Skill column, there was a new skill that appeared there named [Fire Claws]!
'Success! Hehe… If I could increase my control over this deep-blue flame, I can even use it both in close-range or long-range combat! Heck, I can even create the Fire Wall as a defense measure! What a perfect ability for a Perfect Queen such as me!'
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue's control over the Flame of Pride still so lousy for now and condensing Fire Wall from it was no more than wishful thinking but at least she could still use her Fire Breath to create some fire boundary to prevent her enemies from getting close.
Tang Li Xue decided to think about it later and started to take out Elder Lin's Spatial Ring from her Space Pouch.
'Hmmm… So above Excellent Evaluation, there is Perfect Evaluation too! I wonder are there even higher evaluations than Perfect? And why I can get Perfect Evaluation yesterday?'
But after thinking about it for a while, Tang Li Xue felt she really deserve the Perfect Evaluation.
The first reason was that no one had managed to spot her at all even with Xiao Hei's uncle and all of those powerful Elders joined the fray later! Of course, it excluded her target, the Elder Lin himself since Tang Li Xue did not know if he was already dead or still alive right now.
'It looks like I have to check his condition later if I have any free time… But at least I am very sure he is still unconscious for now!'
The second reason was that she managed to take all Elder Lin's precious herbs, pills, and even his high-ranking flame!
'Oh… and I even take his Spatial Ring in the end! Uwehehehehe… There must be many good stuff inside since usually people always keep all of his most important belongings close to him! If Flame of Pride can be put in his Spatial Ring, he definitely already does it too!'
'Unfortunately, I can't use this spatial ring for now. Oh well, I only need to increase my cultivation level one more and reach Qi Condensation Stage to be able to use it.'
Tang Li Xue put Elder Lin's Spatial Ring back into her Space Pouch.
The third reason should be because of the terrible damage Tang Li Xue deals to Elder Lin himself last night. Not only she crippled Elder Lin's little brother, she even made his mid-ranking flame self-destructed in the end!
Even Tang Li Xue's herself felt some pity toward Elder Lin. She was really overdoing it last night. She was basically robbing Elder Lin from all of his possession, castrated his manhood, and tried to kill him in the end.
'Wait a minute… the last one is not my fault, okay?! It was that reckless blue flame's fault! By the way… it really is a waste of [Bad Luck Sticker] yesterday, maybe I don't need to use it to deal with Elder Lin…'
But after thinking for a while, Tang Li Xue began to waver because what happened last night was too coincidental. It was actually a perfect string of coincidences that led to the Elder Lin's doom.
First, Elder Lin loosened his grip on Tang Li Xue when he saw her deep-blue flame's cloak.
Then Tang Li Xue used her [Heaven Splitting Wave(7th layer)] to Elder Lin... Tang Li Xue actually only wanted to keep some distance with him so she won't get captured by him again but unfortunately, the accident occurred and she hit Elder Lin's crotch.
Because of the immense pain caused by his little brother being crippled, Elder Lin cannot control his mysterious green flame anymore which led to it being devoured by Flame of Pride and forced to self-destruct in the end.
Tang Li Xue started to shudder in horror when she thought about it.
She always thought [Bad Luck Sticker]'s effect was quite mild like stepped onto feces when walk or pot came flying out of nowhere.
But looking at its effect yesterday, Tang Li Xue concluded that its effect was far greater and dangerous than what she estimated before.
[Bad Luck Sticker]'s scale of effect was more like a huge meteor fell out of nowhere or some powerful assassins came to target the wrong person.
'If what happened to Elder Lin last night was because of [Bad Luck Sticker]… How fearsome that sticker really is?! Oh well… Let's forget all of it! It is already over anyway! It's not like I can go to Elder Lin's place and apologize to him, right?! Let's see what I get as an additional reward yesterday!'
Tang Li Xue took out her [Premium Weapon Chest] and started to inspect it.
Suddenly, a wave of the information entered her mind in an instant and she immediately understands how to use this [Premium Weapon Chest].
In a simple explanation, she could think of any kind of weapon she prefers like a sword, a spear, a bow, etc. Then when she opened this [Premium Weapon Chest], she could get that kind of weapon she prefers but its stats enhancement would randomize by the system.
But Tang Li Xue was very disappointed. Well, if she was still a human, she would certainly jump around in excitement and happiness but now…
'Sigh… What is the use of this piece of junk? Even if I manage to pull out the legendary weapon like Excalibur or Xuanyuan Sword, then what?! Can I wield it with this pair of tiny paws? I prefer the system to give me more [Lucky Sticker] than this junk…'
Tang Li Xue shook her head in disappointment and threw the [Premium Weapon Chest] back into her system inventory.
'Well, I have two big jobs to do today! First, I want to consume all the precious herbs and fruits also some pills that I get last night! I wonder how many levels I increase today. Especially, the Golden Bodhi Fruit… what does it mean it can grant Golden Body? Sssshhh… I really want to eat it!'
'Second, since I already reach the peak of Body Tempering Stage, I can finally awaken my martial soul!'
Tang Li Xue needs to go to the awakening altar if she wanted to awaken her martial soul since at the awakening altar, there was a crucial item for it called Soul Orb.
'I already finished my roasted meat just now and my stomach still so full… Let's go to the awakening altar first this morning! I wonder what my martial soul would be?! Phoenix? Dragon? Qilin? No… Since I am a fox then my martial soul should be an imposing Nine-Tailed Fox! Uwehehehehe… I cannot wait anymore! Let's go now!'
Tang Li Xue jumped down from the table and activated her [Ethereal Form]. Her transparent figure passed through the wall easily and she started to dash toward where the awakening altar was.