Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 62 - Chapter 62: Going to Awakening Altar!

Chapter 62: Chapter 62: Going to Awakening Altar!

When Tang Li Xue went out of the Xiao Hei's room with her [Ethereal Form] still activated, she managed to notice some spies act strangely in Xiao Hei's courtyard.
'What the hell, are all these people searching for? Since these spies start to move around, that's mean that fatty uncle is still alive and kicking! What a pity! But it would be impossible for someone as strong as him to die that easily…'
Tang Li Xue also thought that fatty uncle should hold some suspicion to Xiao Hei now since Xiao Hei did not appear last night to catch the intruder.
'Then all of these spies come here under that fatty uncle's order and start to sniffing around trying to find some clues about the intruder here… I really should find some time to tell Xiao Hei about all these spies and traitors later!'
Tang Li Xue decided to stop paying attention to it for now and dashed toward the Awakening Altar.
But the tense atmosphere around the Asura Demon Sect made her feel even more restless. Even her danger instinct kept ringing and warned her, all of these were like the calm before the great storm.
'This is not good! I also need to start planning some contingency plans! I wonder if my Flame of Pride could melt that fake dragon's chain?! So we can escape together if something has gone wrong…'
'Sigh… oh well, I will do it step by step! Let's awaken my martial soul first!'
Awakening Altar usually crowded by people, especially when the time of new disciple accepted some of them with great talent would already reach the peak of Body Tempering Stage and their martial souls ready to be awakened.
But talent only remains talent if the moment their martial souls awaken, they only get some trashy rank martial souls then their path as a genius would be over before it even began.
Ironically, Tang Li Xue heard that the reason Xiao Hei's fatty uncle failed to be nominated as Asura Demon Sect's Patriarch twice was because he had the trashy rank martial soul!
However, the fatty uncle managed to make it up with his hard work and persistence to reach where he was right now. Tang Li Xue really admired this part of fatty uncle very much, he had a big ambition but also willing to put much more effort into it, he also had great patience to plan it step by step in the very long term.
'But really… it feels very weird when a villain has the main character's trait! What if that fatty uncle starts to shout out something like 'Go Beyond, Plus Ultra'? Pffft…'
Tang Li Xue quickly put away all of her distracting thought when she arrived in front of the Awakening Altar.
Fortunately, no one was around the Awakening Altar at this time. Tang Li Xue was also not sure why but maybe because of the ruckus she made last night so everyone was under the strict surveillance today, they might all even be interrogated later.
Tang Li Xue jumped to the top of the Awakening Altar and deactivated her [Ethereal Form].
She found a crystal orb about the same size as the soccer ball on the top of Awakening Altar.
'This crystal ball should be the Soul Orb! Okay now… how to do it? Only put my paws on the top of it?'
Tang Li Xue put her tiny paw on her furry chin and started to think.
'OH RIGHT! My [Greater Lucky Sticker]! Should I use it now or later when I ready to evolve?'
This was why Tang Li Xue did not use her [Greater Lucky Sticker] to complete her quest last time!
She wanted to use [Greater Lucky Sticker] to gain the maximum benefit from her evolution like the strongest evolution path or the strongest divine ability!
Tang Li Xue also considered using [Greater Lucky Sticker] to complete Elder Lin's quest before but doing so was like using a lottery to get 100 scores in the school exam, it felt very wasteful.
But using [Greater Lucky Sticker] for her evolution or awaken her martial soul was like using a lottery to buy a large company, it would impact her future greatly!
'Oh well… Let's just use one for now! I have two of them anyway! I can use the other one for my evolution later… sigh… I can only hope the divine ability I get when I evolve would increase my survivability.'
Actually, Tang Li Xue planned to keep one of her [Greater Lucky Sticker] so she can use it in the critical life or death moment to save her life but now she changed her mind.
If she could get stronger faster, it means her survivability would also increase drastically along with it!
This confidence emerged because she managed to complete yesterday's quest with a perfect evaluation with only depending on her [Ethereal Form]!
If she succeeded in obtaining an even more OP divine ability than her current [Ethereal Form], her safety would be more reassured without any need to rely on [Greater Lucky Sticker]!
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and took out one of the [Greater Lucky Sticker] from her system inventory and then sticking it on her furry chest!
[Greater Lucky Buff duration: 00:10:00]
'Now since every second count, let's use this chance to use all of my lottery tickets first!'
Tang Li Xue pulled out her only [Bronze Lottery Ticket] from her system inventory and used it without any hesitation.
[The bronze wheel of fate started to spinning!]
'Be faster! Quick! Quick! I still have 4 more [Silver Lottery Ticket]!'
She did not care about this [Bronze Lottery Ticket] since the reward she would get from [Silver Lottery Ticket] should be far better than it.
[Congratulation! You got 1x[Restoration Elixir] from the bronze wheel of fate!]
'Eh… Restoration Elixir? What is the difference between [Restoration Elixir] and [Recovery Pill]? Oh well, since I get it with [Greater Lucky Sticker] buff on, it should not be a useless item! NEXT!'
This time Tang Li Xue pulled out four [Silver Lottery Ticket] from her system inventory and used it one by one.
[The silver wheel of fate started to spinning!]
Like what Tang Li Xue guess before, the prize in these [Silver Lottery Ticket] was far better than [Bronze Lottery Ticket] even the worst prize should be [Recovery Pill] or [Stamina Pill].
[Premium Weapon Chest]… [Premium Cultivation Voucher]… [Premium Armor Set]… [Divine Ability Voucher]… [Great Calamity Sticker]… [Divine Buff Sticker]…
'...…. There is even [Great Calamity Sticker]??!! If the [Bad Luck Sticker] is already so terrifying, I wonder how powerful is this sticker would be!'
The silver wheel started to slow down… and stopped in the end at…
[Congratulation! You got 1x[Substitution Doll] from the silver wheel of fate!]
'Uhhh… not bad but… a bit disappointing with [Greater Lucky Sticker] buff on… Oh well, I have 3 more anyway! NEXT!'
[The silver wheel of fate started to spinning!]
'Please… Let me get something like [Greater Lucky Sticker] or that [Great Calamity Sticker] also good, I can stick it on that fatty uncle's butt, and let's see if he still could survive until tomorrow!'
[Congratulation! You got 1x[Substitution Doll] from the silver wheel of fate!]
'AGAIN?! I GET THAT CURSED DOLL AGAIN?! Come on! I know I said that I want to keep myself safe and survive all the time but 3 [Substitution Doll] are already too many!'
While she kept complaining full of frustration in her mind, Tang Li Xue still used her [Silver Lottery Ticket] once again…
[The silver wheel of fate started to spinning!]
'Come on… that [Divine Ability Voucher] is quite good too! Or maybe that [Divine Buff Sticker]…'
[Congratulation! You got 1x[Divine Ability Talisman] from the silver wheel of fate!]
'Divine… Ability… Talisman? What is this? Wait a minute! My [Greater Lucky Sticker]'s buff duration is too limited, I better finish this quick and awaken my martial soul first before the buff duration run out! I can check my prize later anyway… The last [Silver Lottery Ticket]! Please do not disappoint me this time!'
[The silver wheel of fate started to spinning!]