Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 63 - Chapter 63: My Martial Soul is a… WHAT?!

Chapter 63: Chapter 63: My Martial Soul is a… WHAT?!

[Congratulation! You got 1x[Sub-Profession Package] from the silver wheel of fate!]
'[Sub-Profession Package]? It sounds not bad! Sssshhhhhh… At last… My martial soul! Eh, but if my martial soul is too high-ranked then my previous plan to evolve it step by step and gain immunity to every element would become hopeless…'
Tang Li Xue put her furry paws on the top of the soul orb while her mind keeps thinking about what martial soul was the best for her, the higher-ranked one or lower-ranked one.
But contrary to her expectation, there was no earth-shattering effect like when she evolved or formed her dantian before.
The faint rainbow light started to shine from the soul orb and Tang Li Xue's martial soul also began to condense on the top of her head bit by bit.
'OOOOHHHH… Is… is this my martial soul?! A… Uhhh… wait a minute… what the hell… is this?! A FISH?'
Tang Li Xue looked at the palm-sized golden fish on the top of her head and she dropped her jaw in disbelief.
There was also a status sheet above the palm-sized golden fish, Tang Li Xue quickly glanced at it out of curiosity.
[Martial Soul: Golden Carp]
[Grade: Poor]
[Level 1]
HP: 30/30
Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Toughness: 1
[Unique Skill: Swimming, Refining Spirit Energy]
[Passive Skill: Breathing Underwater, Lucky Halo]
'Golden… carp? NNNUUUUOOOOOHHHHH!!! Why is it a carp?! Why is it a fish of all creatures?! A carp! So uncool! Even a cat or a dog is cuter and cooler than a carp! And its HP is only 30! It's suck so badly!'
Tang Li Xue started to roll on the top of Awakening Altar in disappointment and complained non-stop about her martial soul in her mind.
She even forgot that her starting HP was only 20 before so this Golden Carp actually a bit stronger than her when she was still a fox cub.
In the end, she gritted her teeth in frustration but still decided to check on her martial soul's status.
'What the hell is this Swimming and Breathing Underwater skills?! It is a fish for Godsake! What it will become if it can't Swimming and Breathing Underwater?! A living sushi? NEXT!'
Tang Li Xue was fuming in rage when she saw the status sheet write something so obvious.
[Refining Spirit Energy]: Golden Carp can refine the surrounding spirit energy to produce one low-tier spirit stone/day. (The quantity and the purity of spirit stone will increase along with the martial soul's level)
[Lucky Halo]: According to Feng Shui, Golden Carp can attract good luck and prosperity to its owner (The effect will increase along with the martial soul's level)
Tang Li Xue almost kneeled in gratitude and happiness when she saw these two skills!
'Oh My God… I can't believe it! This Golden Carp is actually an incarnation of luck and fortune!'
Her Golden Carp martial soul might not have any combat skills right now but its two starting support skills were more than enough to make up for it!
[Lucky Halo]'s effect should be weak right now but if the Golden Carp keep leveling up who knows if its effect could rival the [Greater Lucky Sticker]'s buff in the future!
As for [Refining Spirit Energy], it was basically the same as a money-making machine!
Because other than pills, cultivators can also use spirit stones to increase their cultivation!
Moreover, the pills actually brought many problems if you consume them continuously in the long term!
For example if cultivators kept using pills, they would accumulate some toxic or impurity from the pills' residue inside their body and it would bring a terrible side-effect.
The other disadvantage if they used the same pills over, again and again, their efficacy would decrease over time until it no longer has any effect.
But spirit stones did not have any of those side effects! Any people can use spirit energy inside it to increase their cultivation!
But unfortunately, the spirit stones were too rare.
Each time spirit stone mine appears it would cause the bloodbath and huge war between big sects.
In Asura Demon Sect, outer disciples and inner disciples could only get cultivation pills.
Only core disciples and elders can get spirit stones and it must be traded with contribution points.
If anyone knows that Tang Li Xue's martial soul can produce spirit stones, there was no doubt that there would be another bloodbath just to force her signing master and servant contract!
Moreover, it also said something like '(The quantity and the purity of spirit stone will increase along with the martial soul's level)'… In simple words, the stronger her martial soul later, the more spirit stones it would produce, and the higher its tier would become too!
This fact was like the cold water splashed onto Tang Li Xue's face as her expression grew more solemn.
'I must be careful to not tell anyone about my martial soul ability or I would be really damned! I also must be really careful to not show it to anyone! But the spying eyes are really hard to detect… sigh… It is a really good money-making skill… but I also have one more big problem that I need to face right now!'
Tang Li Xue unsummoned her Golden Carp martial soul and tried to open her [Shared EXP] window.
'Oh, God… Please, bless me this time and let it be there!'
[Shared EXP status:]
[Level: 100%]
[Cultivation: - %]
[Martial Soul: 0%]
Tang Li Xue almost fainted in happiness when she found her martial soul also included in [Shared EXP].
'THERE REALLY IS! YEEEEEESSSS! I can use this [Shared EXP] to level up my martial soul and evolve it! I can't wait anymore! Let's go back to Xiao Hei's room then eat all of those precious herbs and pills!'
With her current abundant resources, Tang Li Xue was very confident that she could push her martial soul to evolve once or twice! And don't forget she also has her five [2 Times EXP Card]!
Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] back and her tiny figure turned transparent. She jumped down from Awakening Altar and headed back to Xiao Hei's courtyard.

The sky already turned dark the moment Tang Li Xue went back to Xiao Hei's place…
She turned off her [Ethereal Form] the moment she entered Xiao Hei's room because she did not want Xiao Hei to find out that she has some stealth skill since she was afraid that Xiao Hei would suspect her as the culprit of yesterday's commotion.
But she found the one inside the room was not her concubine, Xiao Hei but his stupid clown attendant, Feng San.
'What is this stupid really wants today? Don't tell me Xiao Hei still dare to order him to prepare for my food today after what happened last time?!'
"Uhhh… little princess… little ancestor…"Feng San was trying to put a gentle smile and persuade Tang Li Xue but Tang Li Xue could only see the creepy ugly smile plastered on his face.
'Call me Queen!' Tang Li Xue stuck her furry chest and stared at Feng San full of suspicion.
"Uhhh… You see… today my young patriarch is really really busy so he cannot bathe you… so he ordered me to bathe you until clean since yesterday you went sleep with such a dirty body…" Feng San tried to explain while pointing at the barrel bathtub full of hot water.
'What did you say?! Dirty body?! How dare you call This Queen's body dirty?! This Queen is still as pure as jade, okay?! This Queen is only ever slept in the same bed with her big brother and her concubine!'
Tang Li Xue bared her fangs in anger.
'And do you think anyone can bathe This Queen?! Only This Queen's concubine has the right to touch This Queen's smooth skin… errr… fur!'
"Little ancestor… Please do not make things hard for this subordinate… This subordinate only does what young patriarch ordered me to…" Feng San saw Tang Li Xue was so uncooperative so he started to take his stance and pounced toward her.
Tang Li Xue knew she was not Feng San opponent because although Feng San was a bit stupid but his cultivation achievement was already quite high.
So she activated her [Sprint] and ran under the bed before Feng San could catch her.
She silently activated her [Ethereal Form] back, passed through the wall under the bed, then headed to the room beside Xiao Hei's room, and sleep there comfortably tonight.
Meanwhile, Feng San was searching for Tang Li Xue all night but still did not manage to find her at all and in the end he even got punished by Xiao Hei because of his negligence.