Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 64 - Chapter 64: Incoming Hidden Danger!

Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Incoming Hidden Danger!


Mo Chonglin's residence the next night after Elder Lin's incident…
There were several elders inside the grand living room including Mo Chonglin himself.
All the elders sat at the right and left side of the room while Mo Chonglin sat deeper at the center of the room.
From the vase to the furniture, everything inside this huge room was really luxurious and expensive but no one inside this room had any mood to appreciate it.
The atmosphere inside the room also depressing and gloomy, no one dared to open their mouth and say anything at this moment. All the elders did not even dare to stare at Mo Chonglin this time.
The grand living room's door opened, a grim-faced elder brought his medicine box into the gloomy living room.
Anyone could easily tell from his medicine box that this grim-faced elder should be a doctor or a physician.
"How is his condition? Can you cure him?" Mo Chonglin raised his eyebrow and asked with a solemn tone.
The grim-faced elder shook his head with unhappy expression and sit beside Mo Chonglin.
"Elder Lin's injury is very serious but that is not why he still unconscious until now. It is more like he received mental shock before he went unconscious." The grim-faced elder reported to Mo Chonglin after drank a cup of tea.
"The intruder definitely used that high-ranking blue flame to fight Elder Lin. Elder Lin treasured that high-ranking blue flame very much like it's his own life. It is no wonder he receives such a mental shock because his treasured high-ranking flame got taken by the intruder and even his own mid-ranking flame spirit self-destructed in the end." Mo Chonglin closed his eyes in frustration and helplessness.
"It really is a pity. If we can make him regain his consciousness even for a moment, we can get the intruder's identity, characteristics, or features and catch him before he could slip out from our Asura Demon Sect with all of our pills and precious herbs." The grim-faced elder sighed in disappointment.
"Can you find any clue from his injury?" Mo Chonglin asked the grim-faced elder again.
"This... Uh... how should I say it? The wound at his crotch is... very strange... According to my diagnosis, his wound actually caused by... a powerful penetrative strike..." The grim-faced elder stared at Mo Chonglin weirdly as if he wanted to say something but the words just could not come out from his mouth.
"Are you trying to say the intruder is my nephew himself? And he used his [Heaven Splitting Wave] to injure Elder Lin?" Mo Chonglin asked grim-faced elder with interrogating tone this time.
"Uhhhh... nope... your nephew's [Heaven Splitting Wave] is only at 3rd or 4th layer, right? According to Elder Lin's wound, the strike's penetrative power is really high. In [Heaven Splitting Wave] standard, it should be at least at the 7th layer!" The grim-faced elder still stared at Mo Chonglin weirdly.
Mo Chonglin was dumbfounded the moment he heard grim-faced elder's words.
Martial arts with high penetrative power were very rare and usually all of it only taught to Sect Leader's successor or Grand Elder.
Moreover, the degree of difficulty to learn it was really high! Even a genius like Xiao Hei can only reach the 4th layer after training diligently for more than ten years.
In other words, the person that can use the 7th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave] in the entire Asura Demon Sect was only Mo Chonglin alone.
All the elders in the living room felt even more headaches attacking their minds when they heard this clue from the grim-faced elder.
"There is no need to think too deeply about this. We will know who he is soon enough." Mo Chonglin spoke with a tone full of confidence.
"Grand Elder, what do you mean by that? Do you have some plan to bait the culprit out?" The grim-faced elder asked curiously.
"No, but I am really sure that the culprit is one of my nephew's people!" Mo Chonglin sneered coldly.
"Haaaah! That... that is impossible, right? I mean he is still a patriarch after all... isn't the same as crippling his own sect! And... I think... he is not that kind of person..." The grim-faced elder mumbled to himself.
All the elders inside the living room started to whisper each other and also think it was impossible.
"I only say the culprit is one of my nephew's people. It doesn't mean that he did it under my nephew's order!" Mo Chonglin held his chin and chuckled coldly.
"My guess is the intruder actually doing it under his own volition, his primary target should be Elder Lin but he also took all the pills, herbs, and the high-ranking flame along the way! His true motive is revenge for my nephew." Mo Chonglin continued and started to explain his deduction toward everyone in the living room.
If Tang Li Xue was here and heard Mo Chonglin's words now, she would scare out of her wits because he can guess almost all of it right.
"How... how can you guess all of that?" The grim-faced elder asked in doubt.
"Because he chose to enter Elder Lin's secret room rather than the energy room in the end." Mo Chonglin stared at the grim-faced elder and answered.
"But all of that is not important right now! Because no matter how great the chess piece is, the game would still over once we checkmate the king himself!" Mo Chonglin said with a lazy tone but the meaning behind his words was actually very heavy.
"Then… then… what are we going to do for now?" One of the elders timidly asked.
"I heard my nephew has some divine pills that can cure any injuries in one night before…" Mo Chonglin hinted to all the elders in the living room.
All the elders instantly stupefied by Mo Chonglin's words and started to think: 'Did Grand Elder want us to steal that divine pills from the young patriarch and give it to Elder Lin?'

The next morning, Tang Li Xue awoke from her deep sleep in the next room.
She wobbled walking back to Xiao Hei's room but find out that Xiao Hei already waiting for her inside his room with a brush in his hand.
'Oh, Xiao Hei… I am sorry but I cannot eat your roasted meat today. I have a breakfast appointment today!'
Xiao Hei's answer was to hold the back of her neck and threw her into the barrel bathtub before scrubbing her body so hard with the brush that she started to wail in pain.
After taking an intense bath, Tang Li Xue's soft smooth fur already perfectly cleaned until it shone back with a faint silvery-white like a plushy toy.
When her mesmerizing topaz blue eyes stared at Xiao Hei, even he cannot resist her charm and started to embrace her soft tiny body for a while then kissed her forehead several times.
After playing around with Tang Li Xue for some time, Xiao Hei roasted some pork meats for her breakfast and left her alone in the room for work after that. There were many problems inside the sect that he needs to handle right now especially about the scarcity of cultivation resources.
Tang Li Xue looked at the roasted pork meats that Xiao Hei's made and her saliva started to flood her mouth.
In the end, she ate all Xiao Hei's roasted pork meats and got too full to eat anymore so she waited for a few hours until she digested all before pulling out her [2 Times EXP Card] from her system inventory.
'Okay! Let's begin! I wonder if I can reach my maximum level this time and evolve?! Oh well, just let my martial soul evolve first!'
Tang Li Xue opened [Shared EXP] window and started to set the EXP share between her level and martial soul…
[Shared EXP status:]
[Level: 50%]
[Cultivation: - %]
[Martial Soul: 50%]