Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 65 - Chapter 65: Three Evolution Paths!

Chapter 65: Chapter 65: Three Evolution Paths!

'Eh… Wait a minute… if I activate these [2 Times EXP card] one by one, aren't that means I must continue to eat all of these pills for five hours?! Not to mention the efficacy would weaken each time I consume it, I would probably start to get sick of it if I eat it for too much!'
Tang Li Xue took out all of her [2 Times EXP card], there were five cards in total.
'I wonder if these [2 Times EXP card]'s buff would stack if I use two or more at the same time?! Let's try activating two at once first! By the way, how can I use this EXP card?'
Tang Li Xue tried to stick [2 Times EXP card] onto her chest like how she used [Lucky Sticker] before and the card immediately disappeared after entered her body.
[2 times EXP buff duration: 01:00:00]
Then Tang Li Xue immediately took the second [2 Times EXP card] and stuck it again onto her chest. Like before the card immediately entered her body and disappear.
[4 times EXP buff duration: 00:55:00]
'IT WORKS! Yes, continue!'
2X… 4X... 8X… 16X… 32X…
[32 times EXP buff duration: 00:30:00]
Tang Li Xue realized that each time she used her [2 Times EXP card], the buff duration actually got shorter and shorter!
When she got 4 times and 8 times EXP buff, the duration cut off by 5 minutes each time she used the card so it decreased 10 minutes duration in total leaving only 50 minutes!
When she got 16 times and 32 times EXP buff, the duration cut off by 10 minutes each time she used the card so it decreased 20 minutes duration in total leaving only 30 minutes in the end!
It was quite a reasonable effect though since Tang Li Xue had only need to consume a limited amount of precious resources to gain 32 times EXP from it.
Tang Li Xue did not want to waste any more time and took out all [Seven-Colored Star Grass] then stuffed it into her mouth.
[Strength +1]
[Strength +1]
[Strength +1]
'Aaarrrgggghhh… this grass doesn't increase my EXP at all! Only my strength and toughness stats! Since my toughness stats already maxed out, it only increases my strength now! Change to other food! I will finish this grass later!'
She took out the three Golden Bodhi Fruits now and started to eat it one by one! The fruit was really juicy, sweet, and delicious but Tang Li Xue did not have any time to spare to savor its delicious taste!
[EXP Gained!] [All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your martial soul (Golden Carp) achieved level 2!]
'Woah! All stats +30! What a good stuff! Unfortunately, the [Common] grade's all stats limit are 300 and I need to evolve before it can continue to increase! Sigh…'
It made sense though since if her stats can increase without limit, then there was no need for her to evolve any more. She only needs to increase all of her stats to a hundred thousand points and it should be enough to defeat all [Rare] grade demonic beasts like the fake dragon in one punch.
Tang Li Xue finished the other two Golden Bodhi Fruits in a few seconds.
[EXP Gained!] [All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your martial soul (Golden Carp) achieved level 3!]
[EXP Gained!] [All stats +30]
[Congratulation! Your martial soul (Golden Carp) achieved level 4!]
[Congratulation! You have gained Divine Ability (Golden Body) from consuming Golden Bodhi Fruit!]
[Congratulation! You achieved level 3, Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]
'I can't believe it! I really manage to get it even though the fruit description says 'small chance to grant [Golden Body]'! Thank God… it looks like the [Lucky Halo] from my martial soul is really effective!'
With this, all three of Tang Li Xue's stats were already hit 300 marks and it cannot be increased anymore unless she evolves further into higher grade beast!
This time, Tang Li Xue took out all of her [Seven Elemental Flower] out and ready to consume it but before she could do that…
The Flame of Pride flew out again by its own will from Tang Li Xue's dantian.
'What the hell are you…'
Before Tang Li Xue could guess what the Flame of Pride want to do, it has already begun to burn all the [Seven Elemental Flower] to nothingness!
'NNNNNUUUUOOOOOOHHHHH…what the hell are you doing to my precious [Seven Elemental Flower]?!'
Tang Li Xue almost cursed the Flame of Pride because of its unreasonable behavior but then she noticed that the Flame of Pride was burning all the [Seven Elemental Flower] to absorb its essence!
After absorbing all [Seven Elemental Flower]'s essences in a few seconds, the Flame of Pride flew back to Tang Li Xue's dantian and lay dormant to digest the overwhelming essence it just absorbed.
Tang Li Xue tried to use her deep-blue flame but she finds that she actually can't use it for now.
From this, we could see that the Flame of Pride was actually very sensible.
Imagine if it started to absorb [Seven Elemental Flower]'s essence when Tang Li Xue was inside the herb garden's core area and it lay dormant like now!
Tang Li Xue would surely meet with many unimaginable difficulties because she can't use the Flame of Pride's power at that time!
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue still did not realize it and still cuss at the Flame of Pride because of it.
Since there was no other precious fruit, flower, or herb, Tang Li Xue decided to take out some of her pills and started to consume it as fast as she could!
Fifteen minutes was very short after all and every second was very precious for her!
Her level and her martial soul's level were skyrocketing at a rapid pace!
In one minute, Tang Li Xue's martial soul already reached level 6 and ready to evolve!
[Congratulation! Your martial soul (Golden Carp) achieved level 6!]
[Your martial soul (Golden Carp) already reached the max level cap for its current grade!]
[EXP Share status automatically shifted to Level: 100%]
[Congratulation! Your martial soul (Golden Carp) has reached level 6! (Golden Carp) evolution Paths menu available!]
[Note: Please choose (Golden Carp) evolution paths carefully! These choices are only available now in the beginning! In the future, the martial soul (Golden Carp) would automatically evolve according to the evolution path you choose!]
Tang Li Xue's paws were never stopping and it kept stuffing several pills into her mouth but now after she read the system notification, she became curious and decided to check her martial soul evolution Paths menu but of course, her paws still did not stop or slow down at all and keep popping several pills into her mouth swiftly.
[Support evolution path: (Flying Golden Fish)]
[Defense evolution path: (Hard Shelled Turtle)]
[Offense evolution path: (Venomous Purple Snake)]
'Ooohhh? I can choose my martial soul's evolution like this? Interesting! Okay… I can't decide it carelessly since I can choose it only this time! Let's think about this very carefully later! For now, I just need to stuff my mouth full for another ten minutes or so!'
Even though she said it as if it did not matter at all but these evolution path choices were actually giving Tang Li Xue a very big headache!
For example if her own evolution path was offense one then she could choose defense or support evolution path for her martial soul to cover her weakness or vise versa!
But now her 'moon fox' evolution path actually did not have any clear definite like defense, offense, or support like her martial soul's evolution path!
According to the divine ability she got when she evolves, this 'moon fox' evolution path was actually a jack of all trades since her divine ability can copy all types of skills, martial arts, or divine abilities.
Since her 'moon fox' evolution path was a jack of all trades so it also did not have any clear weakness to cover!
'What a headache?! Oh God, which one should I choose?! Sigh… If only I have one more [Greater Lucky Sticker] to help me choose the best option out of these three!'