Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: Coded Message!

Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Coded Message!

After thinking until her brain almost short-circuited, Tang Li Xue started to apply her usual creed.
'If some choices are too hard to decide for now then try to delay it for later until I am really sure about my choice! Moreover, I already stuck at [Common] grade for too long! I should focus on my level for now so I can evolve faster!'
After steeling her decision, Tang Li Xue continued to stuff her mouth with many pills like eating popcorn.
Because the pill's efficacy would decrease each time she consumes it so when she started to feel that kind of pills she ate give her too little EXP, she would switch to a different kind of pill, again and again.
[Marrow Cleansing Pill]
[Blood Rejuvenation Pill]
[Qi Gathering Pill]
[Bone Tempering Pill]
When 32 times EXP buff duration was almost up, Tang Li Xue already ate many different kinds of pills.
[Congratulation! You achieved level 16, Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]
'Dammit! I already reach level 16 now! Why the evolution menu still isn't available yet? Don't tell me that I must reach level 21 to evolve into [Uncommon] Grade! My God, maybe I should choose to evolve when I was level 11 instead of forming my Dantian!'
Tang Li Xue felt dizzy and nausea because of overeating, even her stomach already bloated like a pregnant fox and she wanted to puke everything inside her stomach out so badly but she still tried to endure it and keep shoving several pills into her throat continuously.
'Following this evolution level's pattern, isn't that mean that I need to reach level 41 next time to evolve into [Rare] grade beast?! Then I must reach level 81 to evolve into [Epic] grade beast to regain my human form?! Holysh*t… LEVEL 81! That's a loooooong way!'
[Congratulation! You achieved level 17, Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]
In the end, Tang Li Xue managed to squeeze one more level up and reached level 17 before the 32 times EXP buff duration really ran out.
Tang Li Xue's expression was really gloomy right now as she started to think: 'I only need 4 more levels to reach level 21… It looks like the fastest way is to complete one more hard difficulty quest and get the +4 level rewards in the end!'
Tang Li Xue could only sigh and wait for the right opportunity to trigger some hard difficulty quest later.
Since she did not have anything to do right now, Tang Li Xue started to consider the evolution path that her martial soul would take in the future.
'This (Hard Shelled Turtle) would probably evolve into Xuanwu, the mythical black tortoise in the future. The legend says that it has an impenetrable defense and an infinite life span… But I already have my [Ethereal Form] so I am already immune to physical attack and when I manage to collect all elemental immunities… Hehehehe… So I don't need this defense evolution path!'
Tang Li Xue crossed her paws and refused this (Hard Shelled Turtle) evolution path. She really did not even think that when her [Ethereal Form] still activated, she also cannot hit her enemies!
'So this only leaves me with support and offense evolution path! These two… are so good that it makes me very hard to make up my mind!'
'This (Flying Golden Fish) would probably evolve into Kun Peng! This mythical beast is a hybrid bird and fish also equipped with all kinds of enhanced buffs, water manipulation, air manipulation, and space manipulation! Sigh… if we talk about the most reliable supporter then this mythical beast is undoubtedly the best one!'
'While this (Venomous Purple Snake)… I don't know, maybe it will evolve into a nine-headed gigantic hydra or maybe become a noble dragon! But what attracted me the most about this evolution path is its poison element!'
'Imagine it if I burn my enemies with my Flame of Pride then I poisoned them using my martial soul too! I only need to use my [Ethereal Form] to hide and wait for them to turn weaker and weaker under my damage over the time before giving them my finishing blow! This evolution path would really make me closer to become the perfect assassin…'
Tang Li Xue decided to ponder about it while taking a walk around Asura Demon Sect to help her digest the food inside her bloated stomach.
But when Tang Li Xue went out of Xiao Hei's residence, she once again noticed several people lurking around in Xiao Hei's courtyard.
They were Xiao Hei's maids and servants but Tang Li Xue knew their true identity was actually the spy sent by that fatty uncle to keep an eye on every Xiao Hei's movement.
Usually, they kept following Xiao Hei like a gum stuck on the sole of his shoes but since that Elder Lin's incident, they kept lurking around Xiao Hei's residence instead.
At first, Tang Li Xue thought they were sent by the fatty uncle to find some clue about Elder Lin's attacker but now Tang Li Xue became unsure about it anymore since maybe that fatty uncle had another evil intention designed for her Xiao Hei.
'Let's try to stalk a few of them and see what they want to do here!'
Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and stalked some of them for a few hours but in the end, she only found that they really earnestly clean Xiao Hei's courtyard this time.
Refusing to give up, Tang Li Xue decided to follow the butler back after they cleaned Xiao Hei's courtyard.
The butler actually headed to the kitchen and asked for a bowl of noodles to fill his hungry stomach from the chef.
The chef only nodded toward the butler expressionlessly then used a few minutes of his time to make a bowl of hot noodles for the butler.
The chef gave a bowl of hot noodles along with a pair of chopsticks to the butler and the butler thanked the chef repeatedly with a wide smile on his face.
Everything seems normal and nothing strange happened if only Tang Li Xue never saw they used the chopstick as a tool to relay the message then even she would never think that this kind of encounter was actually their way to send the message between their people.
The butler went back to his room bringing the bowl of hot noodle with him but when he put the bowl on the table, he realized that the chopstick went missing!
"Eh… it's gone?! How could… So strange! Maybe I drop it along the way…" The butler started to search for the chopstick on the way he passed before carefully.
Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue already came back to Xiao Hei's room with a pair of chopsticks on her mouth.
She quickly canceled her [Ethereal Form] the moment she entered the room and put the chopstick in front of her.
Since she cannot dismantle the chopstick with her pair of tiny paws, Tang Li Xue decided to just crush it with force.
Then she took out a tiny slip of paper among the chopsticks' remain and open it.
'..... I can't read it! Tsk… So they use the coded message!'
If it was other people, they would already have no way to read this slip of paper but Tang Li Xue was different from them! She only lightly tapped the tiny slip of paper then…
[Do you want to comprehend Secret Coded Message with cost 10 Deity Coins? Yes/No]
'Hehehe… What a convenient system! This Queen likes you very much! YES!'
Tang Li Xue felt a strange sensation entered her mind for a moment and after it finished, she tried to peek on the coded message written in the tiny slip of paper but this time she could understand everything written in it very clearly.