Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 68 - Chapter 68: Trust!

Chapter 68: Chapter 68: Trust!

Tang Li Xue jumped out from Xiao Hei's embrace onto the top of the table and took one of the books.
"Xiao Bai, those all are my book collections from the study room! Give it back to me, don't play with all those books anymore! I promise I will bring you a colorful cuju ball tomorrow, how about it?" Xiao Hei tried to persuade Tang Li Xue while reaching his right hand to take his book back.
'This impolite concubine! Who wants your cuju ball?! Stay quiet for a moment!'
However before Xiao Hei could hold the books, Tang Li Xue already slapped his hand away and started to flip the book's page swiftly.
'Xiao Hei, I hope you are smarter than your aide, Feng San!' Or I would really disown you if you are not able to understand my explanation!'
Tang Li Xue sat on the table and raised the book toward Xiao Hei with her left paw while her right paw began to pointing word by word.
-I… want… to tell… you… a secret…-
Tang Li Xue found it strangely satisfying when she was watching a dumbfounded expression plastered on Xiao Hei's handsome face.
Who knows that insolent Xiao Hei still thought Tang Li Xue was playing around with his books and took this chance to grab all of his books back!
'Bad Xiao Hei! Insolent Xiao Hei! Idiotic Xiao Hei! Give me back all the books! Grrrrr!'
Tang Li Xue bared her fangs against Xiao Hei, she jumped onto him and bit his wrist!
Surprisingly, Tang Li Xue still cannot hurt Xiao Hei's hand at all even when her strength already grew so much stronger than last time! She could only leave a bite mark on Xiao Hei's skin.
"Sigh… Okay, Okay, whatever Xiao Bai's like! I can buy it all again anyway although it would be slightly troublesome… But nothing can replace my Xiao Bai's joy after all!" Xiao Hei was smiling full of gentleness as he saw Tang Li Xue that still fuming with rage.
He put all the books back onto the table to let Tang Li Xue play again with it to her heart content. He petted Tang Li Xue's smooth furry head a few times before going to his bed.
'Damn…what a troublesome guy! Sigh… there is no other choice! Let's put my seduction skill to work!'
Tang Li Xue also jumped onto the bed and started to snuggle to Xiao Hei's embrace. She even started to lick Xiao Hei's face repeatedly and made him itch then started to laugh.
"Ahahaha… Okay, Xiao Bai! You win! I will not go to sleep anymore… I will accompany you to play tonight! What do you want to play?" Xiao Hei laughed while embraced Tang Li Xue's tiny soft body once again and sat on the bed.
'Okay, that's enough! Get your naughty hands off me! Urgghhh… Why did I start to feel that my pride as a future queen has been sullied? Whatever at least he gets up now… Let's start our business again!'
Tang Li Xue jumped out from Xiao Hei's embrace and landed back onto the table.
She took another book and started to show it again to Xiao Hei while using her right paw to point at some words like before.
-Uncle… secret… message…-
Then Tang Li Xue pushed a slip of tiny paper that contain coded message to Xiao Hei.
Xiao Hei's playful expression full of smile completely vanished and replaced by his solemn expression the moment he saw the tiny slip of paper.
Tang Li Xue found Xiao Hei's current expression a bit scary.
She really liked his usual gentle expression that full of laughter when he was with her far more than his current expression.
But Tang Li Xue did not let it bother her for now and she continued to point out some words from the book to Xiao Hei again.
-To… steal… medicine… box… from… your residence…-
This time Xiao Hei widened his eyes in surprise and asked in disbelief: "You can read this secret message too?!"
Tang Li Xue quickly nodded with a very smug expression plastered on her face.
Xiao Hei almost broke his solemn expression and laughs out loud again when he saw how cute Tang Li Xue was acting so arrogantly with her tiny body.
"Cough… okay, Xiao Bai, I believe you! Where did you get this secret message from?" Xiao Hei asked again but with a gentle smile on his face, this time and he also pitched Tang Li Xue's soft furry cheek.
Tang Li Xue put down the book in her paws and took another book. She began to flip it open again like before and show it to Xiao Hei again.
-Your…Butler… receive it… from… chef…-
"...….. It's really hard to believe that I have so many moles on my side!" Xiao Hei frowned deeper when he remembered Feng Yi's betrayal since then he really hated the traitor very much and the trauma also made him much harder to believe all the people beside him.
Tang Li Xue took another book and pointed several words toward Xiao Hei again…
-Second wind… and… many… more… are… spices…-
Yes, you did not read it wrong. She really pointed at 'spices' words since she cannot find 'spies' words…
'You can't blame me for that, okay?! This is not in the modern world where you can find 'spies' words easily in detective or criminal novels! So this is not my fault!'
Xiao Hei thought for a while on what she means then he stared at Tang Li Xue weirdly and says with a serious tone: "Xiao Bai… Feng Er and the other are humans, not spices…"
Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes back and facepalmed when she heard Xiao Hei's words.
After thinking deeply for a few minutes, the light bulb on her mind flashed brightly. She took another book and began to show several words in it to Xiao Hei again.
- Second wind… and… many… more… are… the same as… First… wind… and… I know… all… their… identities…-
Tang Li Xue used several days to stalk them one by one before to level up her skills and combine them into [Ethereal Form] divine ability.
Xiao Hei stunned for a while, he closed his eyes while mumbling: "So even Feng Er had switched to uncle's side…"
Xiao Hei went quiet after that as his finger tap the table rhythmically with his eyes still closed…
Tang Li Xue could tell from Xiao Hei's usual habit that this means he began to pondering his next move carefully so she did not disturb him and wait patiently.
Actually, Tang Li Xue already tried to create a quest to tell Xiao Hei about the secret message and spies but who knows that the system did not respond at all!
It looks like the difficulty level to tell Xiao Hei about it and make him believe her words were really low for the system standard. That was why it did not recognize by the system as a quest since he already completely trust her even before she told him about it.
'But why?'
Before she could think of any reason, Xiao Hei already woke up from his deep thinking mode.
Xiao Hei patted Tang Li Xue's furry head gently the moment he opened his eyes and he asks: "How about this, I will bring you to my office at the sect's headquarter tomorrow and you will help me identify any spies on my side?"
Tang Li Xue quickly put an act as if she was pondering so hard about it.
"I will make you an extra portion of roasted meat from tomorrow onward! How about it?" Xiao Hei asked while playing with Tang Li Xue's furry chin with his fingers.
'So stingy! I only rewarded with an extra portion of roasted meat for my hard work and crucial information?!'
Tang Li Xue raised 2 of her claws on her paw…
'At least make it two extra portions!'
"Hahaha… Okay! Deal!" Xiao Hei laughed out loud while caressing Tang Li Xue's furry head with his wide warm palm.