Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 67 - Chapter 67: Sorting Out Skills and Divine Abilities!

Chapter 67: Chapter 67: Sorting Out Skills and Divine Abilities!

The message was actually very short but also straight forward.
- Inside the patriarch's residence, find where the medicine storage box is stored. Steal it if you have chance.-
'What? Medicine storage box? Inside Xiao Hei's house?'
Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment when she read the coded message she got from the butler.
She thought it was an important message like an order from the fatty uncle to poison Xiao Hei or something like that but it turned out they only wanted to steal some medicine box.
This was also the reason why Tang Li Xue did not tell Xiao Hei about the spies on his side before.
She was afraid Xiao Hei would not believe her words so she waited until the right opportunity come and she would have enough evidence to back her words.
'Oh, well… Though the information contained in it is not that important, I guess this coded letter could serve as evidence too…'
After she decided to tell Xiao Hei about the spies by his side, Tang Li Xue prepared a writing brush and ink then started her writing practice.
Unfortunately, her tiny paws can't even hold the writing brush properly so how could she write using it!
After trying a few times, Tang Li Xue threw the writing brush away in frustration.
Tang Li Xue pondered for a while and her eyes turned bright when she thought: 'Why should I use a writing brush to write?! Just use my finger…err… my claw to write!'
She started to dip one of her claw into the black ink then started to practice her writing skill on one of the empty scrolls.
Tang Li Xue's handwriting was like the mighty dragon dancing in the ocean and fire phoenix flying on the skies.
So mysterious!
Deep and profound!
Okay, let's stop being so poetic… To be honest and simple, her handwriting was so awful that it was completely unreadable.
'This is not my fault, okay?! Fox's paw is never designed for writing! Okay… maybe a little bit, but you can't blame me for this! I live in the slum before and never going to school! Although I am not illiterate in my previous life, you can't blame me to not be able to write in this life!'
Tang Li Xue threw away the writing scroll with her doodle… err… her handwriting in it and went sulking on the bed.
After thinking for a while…
Tang Li Xue slapped her own furry forehead and swiftly jumped from the bed then started to head toward the study room.
'I am really so stupid! It must be caused by my brain that shrinks because I reincarnated in this tiny fox body! I just need to tell Xiao Hei about the spies! So who says I need to write all of it down?! I just need to borrow some books in the study room and pointing it words by words to Xiao Hei later! Hehehe…'
She checked many books inside the study room and managed to find tens of books that could help her explain what she wants to Xiao Hei later.
Tang Li Xue put all the books she needs in her Space Pouch and went back to Xiao Hei's room.
She took all the books out from her Space Pouch and threw it onto the table at the center of the room.
'Now I only need to wait for Xiao Hei to return from work... I still have some time, let's use it to sorting my skills... Oooh, I almost forget it! I got a new divine ability from eating that Golden Bodhi Fruit! Hopefully, it is another OP divine ability!'
[Golden Body]:
* Increase physical defense and elemental resistance by 50%.
* Reduce any damage received by 30%.
* Reflect back any incoming physical attack by 25% (calculated before any defense or damage reduction)
* Increase health regeneration by 100%.
* Any damage you receive below 100 points would be nullified.
'Wooooaaahhh... OP defense type divine ability! This divine ability really came timely just as I need it! Now I really don't need any defense-type martial soul at all!'
There was no doubt that This [Golden Body] was the best one among the defense type divine abilities since it covered almost all every aspect from increasing physical defense and elemental resistance to health regeneration.
'The heck... it even returns 25% of the damage from physical attack! Sssshhhh... Fierce! It also increases my health regeneration by 100%... combined with my [Self-Healing] ability, it means I can recover 2% of my maximum HP every 10 seconds. AWESOME!'
As for 'nullified any damage below 100 points', it might sounds unimpressive but in reality, its usefulness was not less than any other OP effect especially when Tang Li Xue fought against many weaker opponents at once.
Imagine if she received 50 points of damage over one thousand times, it means her HP would be decreased more than 50,000 points!
Tang Li Xue nodded her head and her mouth curved upward in satisfaction. She immediately began to activate her [Golden Body] to test its effect.
Different from its name, Tang Li Xue's body actually did not change into gold but only a faint of golden light wrapped her tiny figure made it as if she was protected by Buddha.
But she was quite disappointed when she found out her current stamina was drained at the speed five times faster than when she activated her [Ethereal Body].
She can maintain her [Golden Body] for at least twenty minutes or so but unlike [Ethereal Body], she should use this [Golden Body] in the fight so her stamina may run out even faster.
If she used it in a fight along with her Flame of Pride, all of her stamina would be completely used up in only less than five minutes!
After mull about it for some time, Tang Li Xue started to open her skill list window and look at her current skills.
'Oooh yes... I almost forget that I still had not bought [Innate: Strength] divine ability yet.'
[Greater Strength (Lv3), Deal More Damage (Lv3), Strengthen Muscles (Lv3) can be combined into Divine Ability [Innate: Strength] with cost 4 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]
'Cheap! YES!'
[You have gained Divine Ability (Innate: Strength)]
[(Innate: Agility), (Innate: Toughness), (Innate: Strength) can be combined into Divine Ability [??????] with cost 300 Skill points. Do you want to combine it now?]
'WHAT?! Divine Abilities can be combined too?!'
Tang Li Xue ignored everything and quickly took out [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] from her system inventory to look at Divine Abilities information.
[Divine Abilities Tier and How to Upgrades it]
[Note: Please read this section FIRST! Because you reincarnated as a beast to avoid making a mistake since system Skill Point is so valuable and important to waste!]
Tang Li Xue: '.....'
'Let's pretend not to see this note section and continue...'
There were seven tiers of divine abilities. From the lowest to the highest were Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster, Divine, and God.
However, every divine abilities tier also divided again into three grades: low, mid, and high grade.
All the divine abilities created from ordinary skills were only Basic-tier divine abilities.
Divine abilities created from combining 2-4 ordinary skills were low-grade.
Divine abilities created from combining 5-8 ordinary skills were mid-grade.
Divine abilities created from combining 9 ordinary skills or more were high-grade.
The higher their grade, the stronger and the greater their effect would be!
However, no matter how high their grades were, they still basic-tier divine abilities in the end.
You would need to combine several basic-tier divine abilities to create intermediate-tier divine abilities and this rule would work until you reach grandmaster-tier divine abilities!
The divine abilities' grade would also work the same as before, 2-4 combination of basic-tier divine abilities would create low-grade divine abilities, and so on.
As for the divine abilities every beast got when they evolve, it depends on their beast grade since the divine abilities they got when they evolve into [Epic] grade should definitely higher tier than when they evolve into [Uncommon] tier.
In short, the Skill Point from the system was very crucial and needed at all times. If you want to create grandmaster-tier divine ability in the future, you probably would need several millions of Skill Points.
I personally suggested for you not to buy any ordinary skills randomly, choose all of it carefully so you can level it up properly and combine it later into powerful divine abilities.
'There are 7 tiers of divine abilities! Sigh... So all of my divine abilities still at basic-tier... and here I think that all of it already so OP.'
'So the combination of [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], and [Innate: Strength] would be the first intermediate-tier divine ability that I have! Muahahaha... YES!'
[Sorry, your current Skill Points are not enough yet!]
'GOD! SYSTEM! Why do you do this to me?! Gave me a choice but not skill points are the same as showing me delicious food but not allow me to eat it!'
While Tang Li Xue still crying for the system's injustice, Xiao Hei already went back home and entered the room.
"Xiao Bai, what are you doing? Rolling on the ground like that will make your fur dirty!" Xiao Hei said as he lifted Tang Li Xue from the ground and pats her fur to clean any dust that stuck on her body.
'Okay, that's enough... now what I should do first to tell him about the spies and traitors?'