Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 69 - Chapter 69: Living Like a Queen is so Addictive!

Chapter 69: Chapter 69: Living Like a Queen is so Addictive!

Tang Li Xue was also thinking of how to give the remaining of her ten thousands of pills she got from Pill Storage Room before to Xiao Hei.
She was quite disappointed when she found that after consuming 40-50 pills of the same type, that pills will no longer effective for her and it will not give her anymore EXP.
Although several ten thousand pills were sound so many, but all of those pills only had 10 kinds of pills, and Tang Li Xue almost consumed 50 pills from each kind of pills before when she had 32 times EXP buff.
But of course, Tang Li Xue would not give it to Xiao Hei only for roasted meat this time! She needs a lot of resources to level up after all.
Tang Li Xue planned to trade these several ten thousands of pills inside her Space Pouch with the other kind of resources to help her level up.
Moreover, this time she already found an easy way to communicate with Xiao Hei, and his performance this time greatly satisfied Tang Li Xue because he completely trusted her words without any question despite many vague parts in her explanation.
If it was someone else, they would probably begin to interrogate her in detail and ask her many things like 'how did you know it?', 'Do you have any proof?', 'Did you really see it with your own eyes?', and many more.
But Xiao Hei did not do it and he trusted her words easily.
'As This Queen expected from her handpicked concubine! Really trustworthy!'
After Xiao Hei playing around a bit with Tang Li Xue, they immediately lied on the bed and fall asleep together.
The next morning, Xiao Hei woke up very early like usual but he also woke Tang Li Xue up today since they already planned to go to Sect's Headquarter together.
As a late riser, Tang Li Xue found it quite hard to wake up as early as Xiao Hei so Xiao Hei could only helplessly brought her in his arm as he headed to the Sect's Headquarter.
Xiao Hei's residence and Sect's Headquarter was not that far.
Xiao Hei was walking slowly, enjoying the sunrise scene at Asura Demon Sect while his hand kept caressing Tang Li Xue's smooth soft fur in his embrace.
He felt strangely in peace and relaxed right now as if all of his burdens had been lifted from his chest at this moment.
Unconsciously, Xiao Hei's expression that always appeared cold and decisive softened a lot this time.
Even his lips also formed a faint upward curve enhanced his peerless handsome face to another level and make every female disciple that looked at him blushed right now.
After walking for half an hour, Xiao Hei and Tang Li Xue finally arrived at Sect's Headquarter.
Even the lazy and sleepy Tang Li Xue opened her topaz blue eyes and examined the majestic building in front of her.
'Woah… what a grand building! I wonder how much it cost this sect to make it?'
The building was actually even grander than Elder Lin's Residence with those golden dragon pillars that support the building and smooth white jade tiles on its floor.
Tang Li Xue also noticed that all the people from guards, disciples, even elders would cup their hands and bowed a bit to her direction every time he passed them but of course they were not bowed toward her but Xiao Hei.
Inside the Sect's Headquarter, there was a huge grand hall with gigantic Asura Demon Statue stood in the middle of it.
'Wow… That big weird demon statue is sparkling! Is it made from the pure gold? Ssssshhhh… If I can bring it away from this sect and sell it outside, I wonder how much money I can get from it… uwehehehehe…'
While Tang Li Xue still drowned in her own delusion, Xiao Hei brought her climbing up the wide stairs and they arrived on the second floor.
Different from the first floor where there were countless people come and go, the second floor was quite desolate since only elders ranking people have the right to access it.
Of course, the people that the patriarch called on to meet him can go up to this second floor but they must be escorted by the elder.
While Tang Li Xue still in awe on the luxurious things on this second floor likes the antique vases or the precious painting even the floor carpet was made from some demonic beast fur, Xiao Hei brought her to enter his office.
'Uwaaah… So this is where Xiao Hei is doing his work every day?! Did he call this his office? Calling this his court should be more appropriate!'
Xiao Hei's office was really spacious maybe as big as the basketball court!
Xiao Hei walked deeper inside the office and sat on his throne.
At least in Tang Li Xue's eyes, it was a throne judging from its luxurious material and gaudy design.
He put Tang Li Xue on his lap and says to her: "Xiao Bai, today would be a pretty tiring day for you but endure it, okay? But don't worry I will order people to bring food here so you will not hungry."
Xiao Hei instructed some people with his communication talisman to bring them some roasted meats, fresh fruits, and milk into his office immediately.
After that he also ordered all the people in charge of food, guarding, and cleaning his residence to come and meet him in his office soon.
"Xiao Bai, listen! I will call those people in one by one and all you need to do is touching the handle of this chair with your paw if they are spies as the sign, do you understand?" Xiao Hei watched Tang Li Xue solemnly and said with a firm tone.
Tang Li Xue nodded her head continuously like a woodpecker and thumped her furry chest with her paw as if she was saying 'leave it to me'.
Looking at how she acted, Xiao Hei once again laughed and said: "Okay Xiao Bai, I am counting on you! I will leave this in your hand… I mean in your paw this time! Hahaha…"
Xiao Hei petted Tang Li Xue's furry head and waited. Not long after that, some disciples entered the office with several plates of meat dishes and fruits in their hands.
Xiao Hei ordered them to put it on the table beside the throne.
After putting the dishes and fruits all of the disciples excused themselves and went out of Xiao Hei's office.
Xiao Hei began to feed Tang Li Xue with his own hand as the people that he has been waiting for coming in one by one into his office.
'Woah…this fruit is so sweet and juicy! Delicious! I wonder, what is this fruit? It is like a combination of grape and cherry…'
Tang Li Xue took a look a bit and put her paw on the chair's handle immediately when the first person entered the room.
"Pat… Patriarch…what would Patriarch want to ask from this humble one?" The person immediately kneeled and asked politely.
"Oh, nothing. I just feel that some of you are working too long at my place and need relocation to another place. I will tell you about it later. You can go out and wait on the first floor for now." Xiao Hei said coldly and chased him away from his office.
Just like this Xiao Hei begun to call them to enter one by one while his right hand did not stop feeding Tang Li Xue and his left hand kept stroking her smooth soft fur.
'Ummm… Chap~ Chap~ Delicious! Eating delicious food under the care of my concubine while lying on his lap! So this is how the Queen's live? Living like a Queen is so addictive!'