Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: Unfit To Be a Demon Sect Patriarch!

Chapter 70: Chapter 70: Unfit To Be a Demon Sect Patriarch!

After repeating doing this for a few hours, Tang Li Xue started to feel bored and sleepy.
Even when the person entered Xiao Hei's office was not the spy, Tang Li Xue almost put her paw on the chair's handle out of reflexes.
Xiao Hei did not know whether to laugh or angry when he noticed her action. This kind of thing could easily decide people's lives and she almost several times gave a wrong sign.
Only after the sun almost set Tang Li Xue managed to finish her job and she finally could lie down lazily on the big pillow beside Xiao Hei's seat.
But it did not mean that Xiao Hei's job was also completed.
Several elders started to enter Xiao Hei's office after that and they discuss many topics.
"The resources supplies were almost completely exhausted. What should we do?"
"Two of our core disciples went missing in Dragon's Ravine. Should we send some people to search for them?"
"New disciple's recruitment this year will start in one month. In which cities we would hold the trials for the new disciples?"
"The Immortal Sword Sect already started their expansion. It would be bad for us if we keep a blind eye on this. Patriarch, what do you think we should do?
Tang Li Xue went dizzy when she heard all of their questions so she decided to stop thinking about it and lied down back on her comfortable pillow.
She also heard that Xiao Hei planned to send all of those spies back to his fatty uncle's place.
For this choice, Tang Li Xue could only shake her head in disappointment. It was not because she did not approve Xiao Hei's decision but because his decision was too soft for a demon sect's patriarch.
When Tang Li Xue was sick and forced to stay at the hospital, she already read countless web novels and understands enough that as a demon sect's patriarch, he should be cruel and merciless.
One of the main antagonists in the novel she read even cut all the traitors' limbs and hang all of them under the sun for a week while kept sprinkling salt onto their body every hour.
After one week the antagonist beheaded all of them personally and hanged all of their head on the sect's gate as a warning since then all the elders and disciples were so scared at him and no one dared to betray him again.
Of course, Tang Li Xue did not want Xiao Hei to become a heartless person like that and it was not like she can make that kind of cruel decision too if she was in Xiao Hei's shoes right now.
In short, Tang Li Xue was really satisfied with her current concubine right now but as a demon sect's patriarch, he was simply unfit!
He was decisive but completely lack the ruthlessness needed as a demon sect leader. He was also too conservative and lack of flexibility.
'Sigh… If Xiao Hei is in my previous world, he could easily become a successful CEO with his ability and judgment! But here in this demon sect… I don't know why but I feel it would not work for Xiao Hei at all… I feel sooner or later that cunning and ruthless fatty uncle would certainly take his place as the patriarch…'
Tang Li Xue started to think about some backup plans for her future.
Unfortunately, she still knew too little about this world and still did not know where she would be headed if she escaped from this demon sect.
She also felt that even with her current strength, she was still too weak to defend herself but at the very least, she still have some mean to escape right now with her [Ethereal Form].
'It looks like I should ask for some guidance from that fake dragon again tomorrow! At least I should know about some safe places where I can go and dangerous places where I must avoid at all costs.'
Tang Li Xue could only sigh in her own fate.
If she was reincarnated as a human, she can easily bid her time and become stronger step by step through normal mean like entering some sect when she reaches her adolescent and start to cultivate.
At least she could use the knowledge she got from her previous life to make her life easier.
But now she was reincarnated as a beast and she did not even know where to go!
Back to Moonlight Forest? She already saw some creatures at the depth of Moonlight Forest when she was flying with Xiao Hei. All of them were at the very high level and she immediately realized that she was quite lucky since she did not try to enter deeper into Moonlight Forest or she would definitely die without any of her bones left.
'Moonlight Forest is still too dangerous for me now! I already decided that I will come back there to conquer it after I reach [Rare] grade at the very least...'
Xiao Hei's work only finished after midnight while Tang Li Xue already fell asleep long ago on the top of a comfortable pillow beside Xiao Hei's seat.
Xiao Hei was smiling gently. He carried Tang Li Xue in his arm and brought her back with him to his residence.
Xiao Hei also slept almost immediately after he entered his room and lying on his bed with Tang Li Xue still in his arm.
The next morning, Tang Li Xue woke up late like usual and found out that her Xiao Hei was already gone to work like usual too.
After finished her roasted meat breakfast, Tang Li Xue summoned out her Golden Carp martial soul and made it use its [Refining Spirit Energy] to produce one low-tier spirit stone.
This already became her everyday habit now and she already managed to get 3 low-tier spirit stones so far.
'This thing can be used to cultivate faster, isn't it? Can I use it to increase my level too? How can I use it anyway? Just pop it in my mouth like a candy?'
Tang Li Xue tried to put one of the low-tier spirit stones into her mouth and it quickly melted on her tongue like ice cream as she started to feel warm energy entering her body.
[EXP gained!]
'Ooooh... not bad at all! I can use it to get EXP and raise my level too! Continue then...'
Unfortunately, she only had 3 low-tier spirit stones before so she consumed all of it in no time.
But now she can also feel the spirit stones advantage over pills after she consumed it.
In short, unlike pills where its efficacy would weaken every time she consumed it, every time she consumed spirit stones the EXP she gained from it was constant.
For example, if she consumed a type of pill for the first time she would get 100 EXP, the second time she would only get 90 EXP, the third time it would decrease to 80 EXP and so on.
But the EXP she got from spirit stones would always be constant at 100 EXP, no matter how many she ate it, she would gain 100 EXP.
Of course, pills also have their own advantage and that was the increase in her stats each time she consumes it which spirit stones did not give to her!
Unfortunately, her stats already reached maximum capacity for her grade so she cannot increase it anymore until she evolves!
The things she needed the most right now was EXP!
'I already decided! I will trade all of my pills for spirit stones with Xiao Hei tonight!'