Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 71 - Chapter 71: Trading!

Chapter 71: Chapter 71: Trading!

After decided what she wanted to do, Tang Li Xue immediately put it into motion.
Although she trusted Xiao Hei but she did not want him to know her space pouch secret since this space pouch did not belong to hers.
She would feel bad if Xiao Hei decided to take it from her even though that possibility was small judging from her Xiao Hei's straightforward personality.
Xiao Hei's residence was so huge no less than Elder Lin's place but many his rooms were left unused.
Tang Li Xue started to load several empty rooms full of her pill bottles.
After working for several hours she managed to fill more than ten rooms full of her pill bottles.
'Now I only need to wait for Xiao Hei to go back home. Fortunately, all the servants are usually clean the room only in the morning or who knows if they will notice when I put all of my pill bottles in those rooms.'
Tang Li Xue waited until midnight and she started to felt very sleepy but when she almost fell asleep, her sharp ears heard the door opening sound from the entrance.
She immediately stood up and jumped on to the top of the table then took one of the books but Tang Li Xue frowned in an instant when Xiao Hei entered the bedroom.
The pungent smell of wine came from Xiao Hei's body was so stink that Tang Li Xue wanted to pinch her own nose so badly but unfortunately, her paws did not have any thumb.
'This bast*rd surely is annoying as hell! Why does he have to get drunk today? And when I filled all those rooms with my pill bottles today!'
"Xiao Bai~~ Let's sleep together now!" Xiao Hei said as he was staggering a bit toward Tang Li Xue.
Xiao Hei wanted to hug her but she immediately dodged him and jumped to the corner of the table.
When Xiao Hei closed enough to her, she jumped back and kicked a teapot toward him. The cold tea splattered to Xiao Hei's face and clothes.
"What are you…" Xiao Hei wanted to shout in anger to Tang Li Xue but before he could finish his words Tang Li Xue already held a book and show some words to him.
-You… stink… quickly… take a bath… first! I… have something… to discuss.-
Tang Li Xue did not want to hear his answer anymore and went out of the room since the room stank with wine smell so badly. When her sensitive nose that already augmented by her [Enhanced Sense of Smell] divine ability smelt that, she almost fainted immediately.
"You… You…" Xiao Hei completely dumbfounded and did not know what he wanted to say anymore. He should be the first patriarch in history that ever got scolded by his own pet.
After waiting at the living room for ten minutes or so, Xiao Hei finally finished his bath and came to met Tang Li Xue with a sulking expression.
Tang Li Xue has already prepared her book and started to point some words by words with her paw to Xiao Hei.
-I have… something important… to trade… with you… today…-
Xiao Hei chuckled when he saw Tang Li Xue's message and ask: "What do you want to trade with me? Roasted meat? Hahahaha…"
Tang Li Xue was too lazy to explain it to her dummy Xiao Hei so she only waved her paw to Xiao Hei, signaling him to follow her.
After walking through the corridor, Tang Li Xue pointed her paw to the first room after the long corridor.
Xiao Hei frowned while thinking: 'what kind of prank that Xiao Bai wants to play this time?'
But when he opened the room's door and spotted the pill bottles that filled the entire room to the brim, Xiao Hei could only drop his jaw in surprise. He even pinched his cheek again and again to certain that this was not in a dream.
Tang Li Xue nodded her head in satisfaction when she saw Xiao Hie's foolish expression as if she was saying 'this is how you should act from the start!'
Xiao Hei tried to open one of the pills bottles with his trembling hand then he sniffed the content carefully with his nose.
"How could it be?! It's real!" Xiao Hei screamed and looking at Tang Li Xue oddly.
Tang Li Xue put her smug face and looked back at Xiao Hei then pointed her paw to the other rooms where she put the rest of her pill bottles before.
When Xiao Hei checked all the rooms, he turned even more dumbfounded and almost stumbled silly when he saw these many pills in front of him. All of the rooms were filled with pill bottles to the brim, there were at least ten thousands of pill bottles in total.
Even Xiao Hei needs many spatial rings to store all of them in the end.
"Xiao Bai! You are really my lucky star! Hahaha... What do you want to trade? Just say it to me! I will do what I can to get it!" Xiao Hei was smiling ear to ear while kept petting Tang Li Xue gently in his embrace.
When they came back into Xiao Hei's bedroom, Tang Li Xue jumped out from his arms and took one of the books on the table.
After she flipped several pages, Tang Li Xue raised the book toward Xiao Hei and pointed 2 words from the book.
'Spirit... stones...'
"Spirit stones? Do you really want spirit stones?" Xiao Hei was quite surprised since the beast usually cannot use spirit stones to cultivate, only humans can use it to cultivate.
For the beasts, all of them were using vitality stones to increase their strength. Unfortunately, humans would not be able to buy any vitality stones at all since human and beast relationship was currently very hostile.
Hostile was actually an understatement to describe it since they basically kill each other on sight...
In fact, only a few demon sects like Asura Demon Sect was still using beasts as their mount.
However, Xiao Hei did not ask her anything about it since Tang Li Xue herself did not explain it to him.
Everyone has their own secret after all and Xiao Hei did not really care about them. He already filled with gratitude toward his Xiao Bai now since the resource problem already reached a critical state.
But right now with all of these pills from Tang Li Xue, Xiao Hei could resupply back the almost empty resource warehouses and last longer to find several new alchemists to join the sect. Xiao Hei laughed and took out a tiny box from his personal spatial ring then put in on the table in front of Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue frowned as she thinks: 'This box is so tiny! Are Xiao Hei try to scam me because he thinks that I am a beast and only give me one low-tier spirit stone?!'
Tang Li Xue's mood started to turn sour but she still gritted her teeth and tried to open the tiny box from Xiao Hei with her paw.