Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 72 - Chapter 72: Martial Soul Evolve!

Chapter 72: Chapter 72: Martial Soul Evolve!

The dense amount of spirit energy blew out from the tiny box the moment Tang Li Xue opened it, even Tang Li Xue almost pushed backward by it
'What is this? It looks like spirit stone... but why...'
This time Xiao Hei was the one laughing at Tang Li Xue dumbfounded expression as he explains it to her: "Surprised? This is a spirit stone too but a mid-tier one. The energy contained inside it has the same amount as 1,000 low-tier spirit stones. It should be enough for you, right?"
Actually, all of Tang Li Xue's pills added were not worth as much as even half of this mid-tier spirit stone since every spirit stones were very precious and rare after all but Xiao Hei did not mind it at all and still gave it to her.
Tang Li Xue did not know that Xiao Hei already ordered his people to find or buy vitality stones for Tang Li Xue since the first time they arrived back at Asura Demon Sect.
Unfortunately, vitality stones were simply too rare and humans have no way to buy it since only some special-type high-ranking beasts can condense it from their own blood.
At first, Xiao Hei wanted to use this mid-tier spirit stone for his breakthrough to Core Formation Stage later but he changed his mind after he found out that Tang Li Xue need it and he decided to give it to her in the end.
'The same as 1,000 low-tier spirit stones!!!'
Tang Li Xue was not a fool either.
Although Tang Li Xue did not know how much all of her pills worth but at least she knew that this mid-tier spirit stone worth should be far more than her all of her pills.
She believes Xiao Hei can also resolve his sect resource problem if he traded this mid-tier spirit stone to 1,000 low-tier spirit stones and used it to buy the huge amount of pills.
The reason Xiao Hei did not do it should be because he was also in dire need of this mid-tier spirit stone. Tang Li Xue guessed that most likely he planned to use this mid-tier spirit stone for his cultivation breakthrough.
Tang Li Xue was really moved by Xiao Hei's gift this time, she immediately jumped to Xiao Hei and licking his handsome face several times.
"Hahaha... okay, Xiao Bai... let's go to sleep! It's already so late now." Xiao Hei hugged Tang Li Xue and brought her to bed.
Tomorrow morning after Tang Li Xue finished her roasted meat breakfast, she took out the tiny box which she got from Xiao Hei yesterday and put it on the table in front of her.
'Okay, I am fully ready now! My target today is evolving my martial soul and breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage!'
But before that, Tang Li Xue took out her [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] from her system inventory and read all information about Qi Condensation Stage.
[Basic Knowledge about Qi Condensation Stage]
Martial Soul and Cultivation Art were actually closely related.
If someone had the flame-type martial soul then it means that person had talent in flame-type Cultivation Art. They can obtain a double result with half effort if he cultivates flame-type Cultivation Art.
On the contrary, if someone has the flame-type martial soul but he was cultivating water-type Cultivation Art, he would not be able to progress at all!
Tang Li Xue started to ponder deeply. She started to imagine if she chose [Venomous Purple Snake]…
'Isn't that means I have to cultivate poison type cultivation art later? No way! I don't want it!'
The first cultivation art was really important since it would make someone formed the Qi with an element according to the cultivation art they chose.
For example, when someone breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage with Lightning-type cultivation art then they would have formed Lightning-type Qi! They would be able to change their cultivation art but not their Qi element.
In short, they could choose another lightning-type cultivation art in the future but they cannot cultivate another element cultivation art!
'In Qi Condensation Stage, the cultivator can choose any element from 5 basic elementals: fire, water, lightning, earth, wind. When they reach the Nascent Soul Stage, they can choose one more elemental from the two balance elementals: light and darkness! Interesting… but it did not even say anything about poison elemental?'
What a headache…if she chose [Venomous Purple Snake] as her martial soul then what Qi element she should choose to form later? It looks like she really did not have any fate with this snake martial soul…
'Since I did not want to choose the defense evolution path too then I only have one option left… only this [Flying Golden Fish]…'
Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply, she gritted her teeth and chose [Flying Golden Fish] on her martial soul evolution list window.
[You choose support evolution path (Flying Golden Fish) as your martial soul development. Are you sure? Yes/No]
'Uh… this looks bad! I should choose the more secluded place next time!'
The bright golden light that was coming out from her Golden Carp martial soul started to spread to the entire residence.
Even some servants and maids that were currently cleaning Xiao Hei courtyard right now started to notice the blinding golden light coming out from inside Xiao Hei residence.
'Dammit! Quick! Please, be quick! This is really bad! Many people should already notice it!'
Fortunately, under Xiao Hei's command no butler, servant, or maid dare to enter his residence now. But some of Xiao Hei's personal guards still came in and started to check what happened inside the residence.
The dazzling golden light was getting more and more intense in every passing second.
It even made Tang Li Xue cannot open her eyes anymore to see it including all the guards that tried to check it, they also cannot see anything right now!
Only after ten minutes or so, the blinding golden light started to weaken signaling that Tang Li Xue's martial soul evolution process had already done.
Tang Li Xue did not want anyone to see her martial soul so she immediately unsummoned it back and activated her [Ethereal Form].
Tang Li Xue easily went out from Xiao Hei's residence unnoticed so when Xiao Hei's personal guards inspected the entire residence, they cannot find anything even after searching it for several times.
However, Tang Li Xue decided not to go to the fake dragon's place because even the fake dragon would probably find it strange if Tang Li Xue suddenly showed her martial soul.
Moreover, Tang Li Xue also knew that the fake dragon really hated all humans, who knew if the fake dragon started to suspect Tang Li Xue's identity as a former human.
So she only finds some secluded place near the ancestral hall and impatiently summoned her martial soul out.
Tang Li Xue started to inspect her martial soul's current appearance first.
It actually did not change much from before except it had a pair of pigeon-like wings but the color was golden too the same as its body.
It also has a small golden light with a ring shape floating on the top of its head.
Its golden color also turned even brighter than before and it even kept emitting out some faint golden light from its entire body.
Unfortunately, the martial soul size did not change at all. It was still as big as an adult palm.
'Is that an angel halo? Woah… It looks cooler than I thought! It also looks sacred and holy as I expect from priest type martial soul!'
Tang Li Xue immediately opened her martial soul status to check all of its new skills.