Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: Choosing Cultivation Art!

Chapter 73: Chapter 73: Choosing Cultivation Art!

[Martial Soul: Flying Golden Fish]
[Grade: Common]
[Level 1]
HP: 1,450/1,450
Strength: 40
Agility: 40
Toughness: 40
[Unique Skill: Water Affinity, Refining Spirit Energy, Flight]
[Passive Skill: Water Sense, Lucky Halo, Recovery buff]
'What a low stats… when I evolve into [Common] grade even my lowest stats is 60 at that time! Oh well, let's see peek at its skills function…'
[Recovery Buff]: Increase overall recovery stats by 15%. (The effect would increase along with the martial soul's level)
'Eeh… only increase it for 15%? But overall… what does it mean? So it not only increases HP recovery but also Qi and stamina recovery?! Not bad a buff! If only its percentage increased by another 100% or 200%! '
However, Tang Li Xue was still severely underestimated this buff since 'overall recovery stats' did not mean only stats like HP, stamina, Qi, etc but she would find it out in the near future.
'Another useless skill! What is this [Flight] for?! Doesn't all martial soul can float on the air?! What a waste of skill slot! Sigh… But the good news is the [Swimming] skill evolves into [Water Affinity]!'
[Water Affinity]: Flying Golden Fish would become a lot stronger in the water (the effect would only activate in water).
*Increased movement speed by 3 times.
*Increased all stats by 2 times.
*Increased all of its water/ice elemental attack by 100%.
*Decreased all water/ice elemental damage received by 50%.
Tang Li Xue almost kneeled when she read this Unique Skill's effect. Her [Flying Golden Fish] martial soul was clearly a water-type predator!
'Ssshhhh… What an OP Unique Skill! No wonder this [Flying Golden Fish] has low stats so its true strength could only exhibit in the water! Eh… then what is this [Water Sense] passive skill's effect?'
[Water Sense]: Flying Golden Fish was not only capable of breathing underwater but it can also sense the vibrations in water made them capable to detect everything inside the water in radius 120 meters.
'Not bad at all! So it's underwater detection ability! Tsk… it really is a full-fledged water predator!'
[Lucky Halo] was still the same as usual but Tang Li Xue guessed that its effect should be enhanced.
The number of low-tier spirit stones that [Refining Spirit Energy] could produce increased to five per day now.
But Tang Li Xue faced a new dire problem right now!
'What a headache! My martial soul is a water-type! While I need fire-type cultivation art to continue to nurture Flame of Pride and make it stronger! Water and fire are two damn opposite elements!'
If it was other people, they would probably hit a dead end when they met with this kind of problem. In the end, they will decide to choose only one of them.
However, Tang Li Xue was different!
She has her [Premium Cultivation Voucher] from the system so she can choose one cultivation art that suitable for her the most from countless cultivation arts!
'Fuuuh… I hope I can find a fire-water elemental cultivation method with this [Premium Cultivation Voucher].'
[Premium Cultivation Voucher has been activated! You can choose any top cultivation/martial art manual you want!]
'Woaaahhh… TOP! It has TOP words on it so all manuals contained inside should be more precious than [Cultivation Voucher]! Okay… I would no longer hesitate then! Here I come!'
[Time and Space Emperor Scripture]
Just the first choice was already so good and made Tang Li Xue almost cannot hold her greed.
Tang Li Xue inhaled her breath deeply and continues to scroll down to see which cultivation method/art that suits her requirement.
[Divine Dragon Supreme Art]
[Celestial Emperor Secret Manual]
[Void God Martial Scripture]
[Nine Firmament Hegemon Body Art]
'Tsk, tsk, tsk… what the hell with all of these arts? Aren't they too powerful? Sigh… shows all of these arts to me now are no different from teasing me with delicious foods but I cannot even touch them!'
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and continues her searching.
[Nine Sun God Legendary Method]
[Heaven Shattering Spell]
After searching for a while, Tang Li Xue finally managed to find one cultivation art that suits her current stage and need.
[Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art]
'Honestly, I want to find a lower-tier cultivation art with only water and fire element but all of the methods in the list are too high tier! Oh well… whatever… this is the most suitable cultivation art for me now so let's choose this!'
The reason for Tang Li Xue's hesitation was because the higher-tier of cultivation art should be harder to cultivate than the lower-tier one!
Usually, people cultivate the lower-tier one first before changing their cultivation art to the higher-tier after they reached the higher cultivation stage to make it easier. The principle was the same as ascending the stair.
But Tang Li Xue did not have any other choice right now since the system list did not show her any lower-tier cultivation art!
[Are you sure you want to choose the Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art? Yes/No]
'Hopefully, my mind can withstand it… YES!'
Like before, all the information about Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art rushed into her brain like a broken dam.
Although this kind of knowledge injection was the most efficient way to transfer knowledge but the side effect if it failed was also horrible.
If the knowledge receiver mind cannot withstand the impact, their mind could become crippled, and they would become idiot for the rest of their life!
The amount of knowledge she received about [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] this time was surely many times more than before when she got [Body Tempering Stage Secret].
Tang Li Xue could felt her splitting headache becoming even more severe every second!
She could feel something inside her mind started to tear apart but she kept gritting her teeth and enduring it!
After a few minutes, her splitting headache finally started to subside bit by bit signify that the knowledge injecting process was already over.
Tang Li Xue's limp body immediately slumped onto the floor as she started to breathe heavily, her face also full of tears and snots because of the immense pain in her mind before.
'Hosh… hosh… hosh… That was crazy! The pain I felt is like someone opened up my brain, stuffed all the knowledge books inside it, and closed it back again!'
When Tang Li Xue tried to recall the [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] from her mind, she can only recall the basic information about it.
It looks like her mind was really not strong enough to contain all of [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] but for now, she can choose one part of it to recall and she can cultivate that part first before her mind gets strong enough then she could remember more parts.
[Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] have divided into four parts according to four mythical guardian beasts in legend: white tiger, black tortoise, azure dragon, and crimson phoenix. Each part divided again into 10 layers according to 10 ranks of every cultivation stage.
In other words, she could cultivate this [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] for four cultivation stages until she reached the peak of the Core Formation Stage later! Different from [Body Tempering Stage Secret] where she could only cultivate it for one full stage until she reached the peak of Body Tempering Stage.
Moreover, each mythical guardian beast also held a different element.
The white tiger has wind element.
The black tortoise has water element.
The azure dragon has lightning element.
The crimson phoenix has fire element.
'So I can cultivate 4 different elements now?! Woaaaah… so great! But the question now is… which element should I cultivate first?'