Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 74 - Chapter 74: Phoenix Awakening

Chapter 74: Chapter 74: Phoenix Awakening

'And... Aren't these four guardian beasts strange? The heck is this Crimson Phoenix? It should be Vermillion Bird, isn't it? Azure dragon should have the wood element! While this white tiger should have the metal element! At least in my previous world's legend, it says so...'
However, it was all made sense because the fundamental elemental law in this Immortal World was already different from Tang Li Xue's previous world. Even the five basic elements in this world were not wood, fire, metal, water, and earth.
'What a complicated world... I should really try to learn more about this world later! Hmmm... Since I already have a support-type martial soul then I will choose a fire element first to increase my offense! I can choose the water element later when I breakthrough to Acupuncture Opening Stage anyway!'
After Tang Li Xue determined what element she wanted to choose, the fire elemental part of [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] in her mind immediately cleared and she can completely recall all of the Crimson Phoenix's part from her memory easily.
'Connect the fire element in nature with the energy of heaven and earth then start to accumulate it inside Dantian… Uwaaah… I can't even understand any of these things… It looks like I need to expend some Deity Coins to comprehend it as usual.'
[Do you want to comprehend Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art (Crimson Phoenix) with cost 210 Deity Coins? Yes/No]
'210 Deity Coins! It's quite expensive! I only spend 30 Deity Coins before to learn [Body Tempering Secret Manual]! Oh well, I have over 2,000 Deity Coins anyway… Yes!'
After spending 210 Deity Coins, Tang Li Xue instantly understood all the Crimson Phoenix part of [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] as if the fog covered that part in her mind has vanished.
Tang Li Xue took out Xiao Hei's tiny box from her space pouch and opened it.
'Qi Condensation Stage here I come!'
Tang Li Xue opened her [Shared EXP] window and set her cultivation percentage to 100%.
[Shared EXP Status:]
[Level: 0%]
[Cultivation: 100%]
[Martial Soul: 0%]
Then she held the mid-tier spirit stone with both of her paws and started to lick it like ice cream.
The mid-tier spirit stone was as big as a fist so she cannot just pop it into her mouth like low-tier spirit stones or she would be choked to death.
The steady stream of energy started to flow into Tang Li Xue's body and it immediately turned into EXP by the system.
Tang Li Xue did not idle either, she quickly began her cultivation according to the Crimson Phoenix part of [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] in her mind.
The Crimson Phoenix part of [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] can only be cultivated in a very hot place full of fire and Yang element but it did not apply to Tang Li Xue since she already assimilated with the high-ranking flame, the Flame of Pride!
When Tang Li Xue started to use the energy she got from the mid-tier energy stone to cultivating [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] while imagined the Crimson Phoenix majestic form in her mind.
The temperature around Tang Li Xue began to rise rapidly as she could hear some faint chirping sound from time to time.
The Flame of Pride which already laying dormant for some days starts to grow restless and excited.
The grasses and plants around Tang Li Xue started to burn and it kept getting wider every passing second.
Not long after the Flame of Pride inside Tang Li Xue's Dantian can no longer waiting and it also began to release some steady deep blue flame out to help Tang Li Xue's breakthrough.
Tang Li Xue's body has engulfed by the massive deep blue flames in an instant.
The crimson flame and deep blue flame started to rise out from her tiny furry body, the two kinds of different flames began to dance around. It was extremely beautiful and gorgeous but the extreme heat emitting from both of them was enough to turn anything near them into nothingness.
Tang Li Xue's [Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art] converted the crimson and deep blue flames into the string of fire elemental Qi and send them back to her Dantian.
She immediately used the string of fire elemental Qi to condense her own personal flame Qi inside her Dantian!
The process actually took a few days to complete!
Fortunately, no one dares to come to this ancestral hall without any permission from the Patriarch except on a special day like New Year Celebration to pray so no one notice what Tang Li Xue doing.
The loud phoenix cry resounded through the entire ancestral hall!
After almost a week, Tang Li Xue's flame Qi finally fully condensed in the form of Crimson Phoenix and she officially stepped into Qi Condensation Stage from now on.
Although the Crimson Phoenix in her Dantian was still very indistinct but it would become more tangible and her flame would also become even more powerful when her cultivation reaches the higher stage in the future.
However, when Tang Li Xue decided to end her cultivation session something unexpected happened!
The Flame of Pride inside her actually started to fly toward the Crimson Phoenix image and slowly merged with it!
'What the hell is happening here? What is this naughty little flame planning to do now?'
Tang Li Xue found it really baffling when she saw the Crimson Phoenix and the Flame of Pride merged.
Phoenix's crimson color began to change into deep blue color, its form also turned more and more distinct!
'Oh, my Gawd! What happen here?! Do not tell me the Phoenix in my Dantian would really come alive!'
The deep blue Phoenix's dull eyes also started to regain clarity and turned even brighter as if it gained consciousness. Its intelligence also began to shine from the deepest part of its eyes.
The long and loud phoenix cry echoed through the entire Asura Demon Sect as it flew out from Tang Li Xue's Dantian and soaring through the skies!
Ancestral Hall and all the buildings near it including its courtyard was burned to nothingness by the Phoenix deep blue fire as it flew out, the intense heat was engulfing the entire area fiercely leaving nothing behind but sandy soil!
Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and she also began to panic when the deep-blue Phoenix flew out from her Dantian and soaring onto the skies.
'I will be really screwed if that Phoenix doesn't come back!'
The deep-blue phoenix was not only representing Flame of Pride but also her Qi Condensation Core!
If it was missing then for her, it would be no different than getting her Dantian crippled since she was no longer able to cultivate!
Fortunately, the deep-blue phoenix flew back after ten minutes venturing on the skies and it entered back into her Dantian.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and she also started to observe the blue phoenix in her Dantian with her inner sight.
The Phoenix covered by the deep-blue flames, it really looks very majestic and gorgeous. It also still has some crimson flames burning on its long tails. The combination of crimson and blue color made this Phoenix looks far more powerful and imposing than the ordinary Phoenix.
Tang Li Xue swore this blue Phoenix snorted at her in disdain for a moment like how Flame of Pride did to her before.
The blue Phoenix no longer paid any attention to her as it immediately closed its crimson eyes to rest.
'Is it really merged? So this blue Phoenix is the current form of Flame of Pride? Oh well... At least it becomes stronger now so it also means that I also become even stronger than before...'
Tang Li Xue checked her current status
[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]
[Grade: Common]
[Level 17 (Samaritan)]
[Martial Soul: Flying Golden Fish (Lv1)]
Cultivation Level: Rank 1 Qi Condensation Stage
Cultivation Technique: Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art (Crimson Phoenix)
Elemental Spirit: Blue Phoenix of Pride (Embryo)
Martial Arts: None
Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon: Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)], [Innate: Strength], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form], [Golden Body]
HP: 58,200/58,200
Strength: 300 (+500)
Agility: 300 (+500)
Toughness: 300 (+500)
[Skills: Rip (Lv4), Sharp Claws (Lv4), Sprint (Lv5), Identify (Mastered), Herbalism (Lv5), High Jump (Lv3), Night Vision (Lv5), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Mastered), Shared EXP (Lv5), Climb (Lv4), Mapping (LV4), Self-Healing (Lv4)]
[Special Skill: Fire Breath, Fire Bomb, Flame Arrow, Flame Cloak, Fire Dash, Fire Claw]
Stats Point: 582
Skill Point: 114
[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 3XSubstitution Doll, 1XGreater Lucky Sticker, 1XRestoration Elixir, 1X Divine Ability Talisman, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 1XSub-Profession Package, 2,136 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]
'Not bad, all of my stats increased by 200 points! If I reach the peak of the Qi Condensation Stage I will get my stats increased by 2000 points! Uwehehehehe... oh wait... what is this? The Flame of Pride evolved into Blue Phoenix of Pride? But it still embryo though...'
Overall, Tang Li Xue was very satisfied with her power up this time.